Out Foxed again

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, November 28, 2017.

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  1. Spurporter1 Guest

    Felon82 reminds me of the man who asks the creep on crotches "Why, the ****, you do not run? The others are getting ahead of you!"
    Spurs are depleted at the moment. We, like Bazza correctly pointed out, missing Toby and Vanyama. Those are impossible to replace.
    Spurs are not wealthy. Our pay structure is not attractive. No serious player will come to us to sit on the bench, like in in both Man clubs, for the money THFC can offer. That is the main reason Poch has no depth to rely upon. We can't sit Dele or Eriksen to either send them a message or simply to rest them. It is what it is. Blame Levy or whatever to let the frustration out. We all feeling so. COYS!!!!

  2. Gordon Mc Guest

    With you Bazza47 - and only 3 years off you too ! However, I'm seriously pained and worried (although it is only football after all, let's keep perspective here) and I feel there's something underlying the whole deal. Not offering line-ups, tactics, buy him, not him, slate the Owner/ Chairman solutions. Just well puzzled at what has become a sudden slump in a team, not a player or two out of form. Are our heroes not bothering for some reason ? Well ?
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    So we've slotted into 7th now behind even the might of Burnley
    Spurporter1 -

    You can do better than that surely?

    Simple fact of the matter is we have 1 win in 5 and are playing very lacklustre.
    If we carry on on this trajectory the Top 4 will drift away and then we'll see how sold on the 'project' our top players are.
    (Some look like they're already looking elsewhere)

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