Our two-faced Tim's successor

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, April 11, 2014.

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    After the footballing world has come to the unified conclusion that Tim Sherwood will no longer be Tottenham manager next season, speculation on his successor was always going to heat up.
    To mention the words “Tim’s successor” to Spurs fans, you’d probably only get one unanimous response – Louis van Gaal.

    The Dutchman, who is to leave his position as Netherlands coach in the summer, has flirted with the prospect of managing us since AVB’s sacking, but reports have emerged that we, are not his preferred destination by choice.

    Talksport = Talknonsense?
    Earlier this week, Talksport were quick to break the story that LVG was to be announced as future Spurs boss within 48 hours of our win over Sunderland.

    Days later, the same radio show was keen to put this topic to Dutch football correspondent Marcel van der Kraan. When quizzed, van der Kraan’s comments added more fuel to the fire by suggesting that van Gaal is holding out for the job at Manchester United.

    With David Moyes coming under increased pressure from the United faithful, despite decent results in recent weeks, van Gaal is seen to be very much interested if the Scotsman is to be relieved of his duties.

    Double Dutch or the Torrid Truth?

    When asked where he thinks LVG’s future lies by presenters Hawksbee and Jacobs, van der Kraan stated - "He wants the biggest and the best because he thinks he is the world's greatest manager" and that “he only wants to go to England”.

    van der Kraan later added – “He [van Gaal] knows he can go to Tottenham, that has been dealt with in January. All he has to do is say ‘yes’ or ‘no’”.

    According to van der Kraan, van Gaal craves – “The status of the PL. The biggest question is why is he waiting? He wants to go to England so much, so why wait? In our opinion, there is another answer – he wants to join the Champions – Manchester United”.

    Waiting Game

    After managing footballing giants such as Ajax, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, it isn’t surprising that van Gaal would wish to wait in order to see whether one of the biggest and most challenging jobs in English football becomes available.

    It was reported back in the 2002/03 season, when Sir Alex Ferguson was on the cusp of retiring, that van Gaal was expected to take over at Old Trafford. However, with Ferguson opting to remain in the game, van Gaal was then left to ponder ‘what could’ve been’.

    Despite the footballing giants mentioned above that have been managed by LVG, one name that I have left out is – AZ Alkmaar., and this name could offer hope for Spurs fans!

    LVG managed this club, considered to be one of footballing minnows in Dutch football, to the Eredivisie title in 2009, subsequently making AZ the first team other than the “Big Three” to win the league in 28 years.In the same season, AZ also became the first club to have beaten Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV away from home in a single season.

    Not that we are footballing minnows, but could we be van Gaal’s English AZ? In a league dominated by Chelsea, Manchester City and even Liverpool, could van Gaal be enticed by the challenge of dismantling these teams and make Tottenham one of the greatest in the modern era?

    You’d like to hope so!
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    LVG could do a great job for us but I still think he could be a disaster. He comes to us for a season, Moyes gets sacked, LVG is gone and back to square one we go again. I hope I am wrong but I just think LVG is the wrong choice for Spurs and would cause yet more instability.

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