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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, September 23, 2015.

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  1. Jonesy

    Jonesy Well-Known Member

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    Yes it was the league cup; yes the other competitions carry greater importance... BUT for Poch to set out that defence was a joke against "them". It's clear Lloris, Vertonghen and Alderweireld should of played - too late now.

    Vorm is poor and Fazio is a complete disaster. How many times does he pass to the opposition FFS; tool. The sooner Levy ships him out to the Baggies (or whoever) the better.

    Let's see if "resting" the players works for the City game eh Poch....
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  2. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Wen you look at recent times weve not been that far off top 4 wot 1-8 points? Does it take a 10yr building project and 400mil investment to over turn this? Or a bit more investment in the 1st team to reap the rewards of CL money & extra sponsorship to go towards the stadium etc?

    Speculate to Accumulate

    My original posts also havent been soley based on top 4 if you read through im talking more about delivering viable cups to a club of our size n stature in the present.

    But there is no drive from the top down to obtain this. Theyre happy delivering nothing and taking the money and your happy giving it to them.

    And can you answer me the 2 questions i asked you earlier?

    Once we have our increased capacity and cant offer CL football or out bid Chavs, Citeh, Utd, Scum how do you propose we are going to kick on?

    And with both Chavs and Liverpool increasing capacities it further decreases what worth this stadium will be for delivering success.

    So once were at 20+ years with only a lg cup to show for over half a billions worth of transfers and 400 million stadium will you still be claiming patience were growing its a transitional?
  3. Thomas Guest

    Yes, money should be common sense but unfortunately lacking in some of these blogs.
  4. Thomas Guest

    When you have increased your ability to compete, more players will BELIEVE in your ability for success and you stand a better chance of recruiting better players with more resources. Players are more multi-dimensional than just wanting CL or money. Other things such as playing time will also affect their decisions. The more the club has, the better its chances of attracting the the players it wants.

    The worth of the stadium is not decreased just because others have similar plans. Is falling behind a more viable and attractive option to you? Based on your reasoning, should Chelsea and Liverpool drop their plans because we are building too?

    Most of the trophies are won by the those in the Top 4 including league title, FA cup, CL berths with the exception of the league cup. Should we compete just for the league cup or the Europa League? Remember even for the Europa League, you have to compete with teams who have dropped off from the CL.

    Strengthening your team so that you can play better football and compete effectively on more fronts is a better strategy than just trying to win the league cup. Is that your ambition for the club? If it is, it is cowardly and you have no right trashing other teams above us.

    Can you also explain how you think the club can progress given your fatalistic view that we cannot attract players because we do not have CL football. Should we then recruit players that are good enough to win the league cup and focus on this competition year after year?

    If ENIC is happy taking your money and making no attempt to deliver anything, can you explain why they are spending 400 million on a new stadium and reinvesting the Bale money being the blood suckers they are?

    Hope you can answer my questions too.
  5. Thomas Guest

    You said that it doesn't take a 400 million dollar stadium but more investment in the first team to reap the rewards of CL football. Given your fatalistic view that we are unable to attract players because we don't have CL football, isn't the reasoning circular and flawed?
  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Again youve asked the same question i answered earlier- 400 mil on the stadium is to increase revenue for their investment its not going to be pumped back in anywhere near the rate we would need to really compete. Keep up will you?
    Levy squandered the Bale money through his own ideas of investment to make more money from, ie buy mainly prospects and sell them on for more money which was the biggest problem.
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  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Again if you read whats said- does it take 400million and 10 year building project to over turn whats recently been 1/8 points or a LITTLE more investment in the first team to achieve the riches and status to attract even more revenue or better players?
    But as the current top 4 pull away from us over the next few years because our 1st team is a training project while theirs are top quality and we begin to lose our best players by the time were in the stadium we will be miles from being near top 4 sides. Which will take even more investment cant you see that?
  8. Thomas Guest

    Why don't you attempt to answer my questions directly rather than throwing a smoke bomb.
  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Couldnt be more clear with the answers, are you refering to the buy Cap 1 cup caliber of players to concentrate on?
    Given the fact we cant even win that would be a start no?
  10. Thomas Guest

    I am not sure how you can even determine the rate at which the money will be reinvested will not be sufficient. I can only say that some of it will be reinvested which will make us more competitive.

    So we purposely acquire players we don't need, pay them salaries and when these misfits are sold, we will make money? That's very nice and every club should headhunt Levy.
  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    And most people have written off us ever achieving top 4 without a bigger stadium (especially Levyites) so in the mean time why aren't we trying properly for any cups, Dnipro were in the final of the EL last year so we cant make it?
  12. Thomas Guest

    Another smoke bomb. Visibility only a couple of centimetres ahead but I will go to bed.
  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Ok lets take the Scum with their Shiney stadium theyve won exactly? 2 Fa Cups in 10 years, this is a side that still cant challenge for the title or CL, they have had constant CL football the whole time, a bigger international fan base/sponsorship etc .
    What makes you think we will be out spending them let alone Utd Citeh n the Chavs?

    Is that clear enough for you?
  14. Ramos , you might be right in all respects, but as soon as I saw Fazio in the lineup, my hopes and expectations dropped. This guy should be told to clean out his locker, and we'll let him know when we find a sucker team to take him. He almost makes Kaboul look decent.

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  15. Thomas Guest

    Building the new stadium stadium by ITSELF will guarantee us as much success as building an Eiffel Tower.

    Increased revenue gives you more financial cloud which again by ITSELF doesn't guarantee anything. You still need a shrewd manager who can assemble a team capable of challenging for honours. It just bridges the gap. It doesn't guarantee anything and I'm not mistaken that it's a miracle potion.

    Having money and not spending it is the same as not having it. Arsenal have the MEANS to acquire better quality players but it's pretty clear that they have not done so in the past. Don't you know Wenger is a miser, who's very much appreciated by his shareholders? They haven't really splurged till two or three seasons alone.

    2 FA cups in 10 years. Constant CL, wouldn't you want that? Is it better than not having CL since they have won a CL title? I thought it would appear decent if you swoon over a league cup.

    How do you think we should compete based on your thinking? Invest more in first team instead of building stadium since we are only a couple of points off. But then we can't get the players we want because we don't have CL football. This is the part that's really not clear to me.
  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    To your last part- last 4/5 seasons a bit (note i say bit) more invesrment in the 1st team and we couldve obtained CL football.
    With that CL football and greater revenue we couldve then put aside what we are now and actually invest in the 1st team (not Rob Peter to pay Paul) this would have stopped us stagnating and put us in a much better position to keep/attract better players.

    And with regards to trophies imo if were not investing enough im our 1st team to finish top 4 then we should damn well give the cups some respect.
  17. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Id rather a trophy than 5th/6th any day of the week wouldn't you?

    Or are you a spread sheet enthusiast?
  18. podspurs Guest

    Felon you are like chicken little with your little egshell on your head waiting the sky to fall down have some faith in your club we are a young and improving team.
  19. guesty Guest

    we will have a bigger stadium but we still won't get any real top quality players.
    bigger stadium...same performances....just more of us in pain watching it!
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  20. podspurs Guest

    We already have young top quality players kane alli lamela son eriksen mason dier these will be the best team of the future in the best stadium in the country by the time that it is built some patience and some self believe is needed.

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