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Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, February 4, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    So after a good performance vs Utd to get our tricky run off to a flier up next is Liverpool.


    Anfield is not a place we've faired well at since I can remember really so that's going to have to change today and that's gonna need to come from a Big Game Maturity from the players and from Poch.

    Liverpool are quick starters at home and they do boast a quality attack in numbers, Klopps main stamp on their side has been quick buzzing movement from his forwards and if your not careful with this you can find yourself 2-0 down with a mammoth task ahead very early.

    Now the 2 weaknesses in this Liverpool side is you cant keep that high energy football going for 90+ minutes , so Spurs job has to be to get into the game and settle Keep things tight , close down the ball make the space tight and weather the storm as the saying goes.

    Secondly their defence is suspect and the tighter we keep it and the longer the game goes on the cracks will appear at their end. I think it needs to be a professional smash and grab job from us today. And with Kane/Son in the side there's no reason we cant do that.

    I think we have a far more balanced side throughout and if played sensibly it should have enough to take the 3 points here.

    Its a huge game in terms of top 4 aspirations Liverpool have to be our target to reel in at the moment a loss would be damaging, a win would be excellent , a draw keeps us in touch.

    Lets hope for the win.

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  3. johnnyhrvat Guest

    Agree with everything, except that a point keeps us in touch. We have to beat our main contenders to deserve a CL place - we cannot rely on them tripping up against 'bottom-14 teams'. So far we have 6 points from 6 games which is not good enough. This is a simple game of kill or be killed.
    We were worse than awful in the corresponding fixture last season and, you are right, it comes down to mentality. They were good against Man City (who were inept that day) but also showed their vulnerable side.
    We come from a game where our mentality was excellent, we were positive, made our own luck, and always seemed to be picking up the loose balls, now we have to take that mentality to Mersyside - the onus is on Poch to maintain it.
    The same XI as last week have to start, and I can only see us winning if we do all turn up.
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  4. Pickleman1967

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    Our record at Anfield is so poor after so many years, I would gladly take a draw. We look a different team at Wembley now, we have made it ours, but away to the "top" teams our record is poor to say the least. I remember reading an excellent analysis by Jermaine Jenas before our caning away to Man City. He made the point that we look like a team that lacks belief away to the better teams, and as much as I hate to admit it, he was spot on. For whatever reason, especially at Anfield, the players do not play with the same crisp accurate passing, or with the same pace, that they show on their best days. I really do think it is a mental thing; of course it is always more difficult away from home, but teams like Leicester seem to have the knack of turning up away to the "big" teams, and show them scant respect. They play their game, they demonstrate belief in their ability to cause upsets. Tottenham away do not, it is my only criticism of Poch as the manager; he seems unable to instil a determined and defiant spirit in the players when on the road. You cannot argue with the facts, our record away to the top teams is awful.

    I really hope I am entirely wrong with the above, and come 6pm tonight I am doing somersaults as Spurs smash the Scallys on their own patch. However, my expectations are low. If we get beat today I just hope it is after giving Liverpool a real game. Let's get into their ribs from the kick off, let's test that shaky defence. COYS.
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  5. burnt Well-Known Member

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    " Wanyama,s not going to change a game in a million years "

    Take that burnt ya know nothing ...
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