New Stadium- Next Step or Ownership Cash Cow?

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, December 18, 2017.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    So after a Sorry Team and Managerial display on Saturday showing us just how far we've gone backwards and how far Man City have catapulted forwards the usual excuses and ongoing saga that is Spurs call it a Learning Curve/Transition/Project/Stagnation/Treading water......

    Once again our fan base divides on the situation there are those that seem to have the patience of saints that don't see winning as a must, there are those that are quite happy trudging along as the nearly Men taking our little victories and improvements and being more than contented with it some even championing the Glory in Failure.

    Then we have those that want more from the club, they're tired of watching the inevitable every year, hearing every excuse under the sun of why we couldn't/shouldn't expect more, what they see as complete and utter disregard for winning Trophies in favour of making more money that's not being reinvested into the 1st team where it is needed.

    We lock horns and battle over who's right and who's wrong when we win/lose/draw an air of see told you so rattles through our fan base and is quite toxic at times.

    From ENICs point of view this is perfect (Divide and Conquer).

    We can all agree that to compete stronger we NEED more money, we NEED more investment so there is where we are all at.

    It seems a complete age since the plans were first laid out for a new stadium....... we've had Sainsburys/purchase orders/steel works/Stratford/MK/Wembley/54k - 61k/NFL/retractable pitches/skywalks/climbing walls/cheese bars......... completely bombarded with everything and seemed like an eternity to get anything actually happening.

    Then finally all of a sudden there is a huge construction rising, Promises of a Grand opening for the start of 2018/19 season the all singing all dancing new Stadium.

    A State of the art design with all the trimmings, to go with our world class training ground and what has been perceived and sold to the fans by Levy/ENIC and their band of fans as the final piece of the jigsaw. The piece that suddenly catapults us to the Big Boy status no longer the big 5s plucky little trier but a force to be reckoned with who can now challenge them for the best players in the world.......

    Sounds great doesn't it ?
    (oh how I want to believe)

    There are a few major snags in this current 1 league cup project, 1stly a stadium cost that seems to be rising with every article you read but a heavy increase from the original quoted 450mil into the 750mil- 1bn bracket. Eye watering stuff being covered by huge loans/debt being put on our club.
    2ndly having already suffered years of player sales to fund player purchases meaning a destiny to always sell our best with very little ownership investment in the club, we aren't even in the new stadium yet but have had it held against us for the past 6+ years at least which looks to be a Stone around our necks for the foreseeable.
    3rdly what have all the Extras cost us? Is the NFL franchise/retractable Pitch/hugely corporate sell out of boxes/executive suites etc of any actual benefit to our 1st team and product on the pitch?
    4thly the extra matchday revenue - is it going to be pumped back into the 1st team at a proper level for us to return more than a good try?
    With the spiralling costs to cater for all this how much longer will it be used as a shield to protect the owners from putting some proper funds into the 1st team and competing for the best players?
    For many the answer has been the New Stadium all along , but just look at how its helped the Scum down the road- huge turn over a couple of FA cups not a lot more.

    What do others think about this?
    Are you happy with all the extras and how do they benefit anyone other than ENIC?
    Are you expecting us to Challenge straight away?
    If not how long does the patience last- once we start approaching 12/15/20 years of 1 League cup and a bunch of excuses?

    Personally I'm not interested in the NFL nonsense and the extra cost/time that we will be saddled with when its a money spinner for the owners and will not see our 1st team.

    This Stadium to me unfortunately looks to be built in mind of maximum returns for investment for owners over club.

    Anyone actually think it will be open in time ?

    Interested to know what others think surrounding the New Stadium -

    Next Step or Ownership Cash Cow?
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  3. Unfortunately we have heard the same story since Mr Sugar held the throne. Nothing has changed in 30 years so we either stop going to the games (which is what everyone has always said we should do but never done) or put up and shut up. Until Levy and co get out of town nothing will change.

    Though the last 2 seasons have been amazing and left us all bathing in a constant Tottenham glow. 6 weeks ago we were the best team on the planet. I do think there is a massive over reaction. Our fans do like to turn on our managers and players very quickly. Half of them are team are kids so maybe if we get behind them and encourage they might find the confidence to get us back on track. COYS
  4. Kaizad Guest

    Hey, to start with, revenue is revenue. Dividends to owners are paid out after aaaallll expenses, taxes, repayment schedules have been catered for.

    The thing is, we can't be compared to arsenal in terms of their stadium and their transfer market presence since.

    Today it is a very different market. Today the revenues that can be earned simply through solid league positions, the champions league, sponsors, and branding would far outweigh the comparatively piddling amounts reinvested to maintain a top quality team.

    One thing we do know is, Levy is a marketing and financial genius. He knows the value of reinvesting when the money is available, even if purely from a revenue generating perspective. Big players and club presence generate huge amounts of money. What he won't do (as history has shown us) is risk everything when he sees a steady path to the ene goal.

    This works for us. It's been a frustrating ride at times. But a club with no ambition won't have a fan base to fill up that gorgeous stadium. Or the draw to grow its fan base globally. Or to draw in the big name sponsors.

    Furthermore, with respect to the stadium cost, a debt of 500 mil five years ago was a far more significant repayment than 800 mil today. League incomes have soared across the board. And not just from the boradcasting deals.

    We won't be hung out like arsenal. This is a very different beast today. You can see how levy is squeezing every ounce of revenue juice by simply creating revenue streams out of nothing. I'm not worried.

    That said, it's imperative we finish in the top four this season, and do decently well in the champions league. We have to remain up there in the interim.
  5. Finish top 4?? I don't think I see us in the top 6. The wheels have well and truly come off. If 1 or 2 were performing badly I would understand but it looks to me that the players don't believe in the system they are being told to play. Neither do I.
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  6. H Spurs Guest

    Go to the games but dont buy the merchandise. Another DVD? We've become laughing stock to the scum. "You getting a new DVD out?" They ask.
    Sadly behind all the loyal fans, there are thousands who are ready to take our seats at the new stadium and buy the merchandise. All I'm hoping for is they don't screw the loyal fans by charging them extortionate prices for season tickets. I for one am worried I won't be able to afford the new prices of seats I waited years to get and only just managed a few seasons before I'm back of the queue again.
    I hope we buy well in the January window and get back onto the top. For the first time ever I see it inconceivable not getting in the top 4. My mind set has changed. Hopefully "the project" is now at a point when it also sees that and makes sure to do the right thing by the manager. He is the best we've had since Burkinshaw.
  7. Big fran Guest

    Think the answer to your question mate is a bit like the chicken and the egg one . Nobody really knows. It's more questions than answers isn't it?
    Will the ground bring the revenue to invest into the side to move on a level and compete or do the club pump money in and invest into the team to bring about success that will win prize money and fill the stadium to pay for it in any case?.
    Option b is certainly more proactive,risky but puts it in our own hands much like city and Chelsea have done.

    Option b is a more cautious risk free strategy that means we hope the money comes in that can propel us but depends on the loyalty of the fans and they will ultimately have to no doubt dig deeper into Thier pockets. This is much more a Levy style method and that's where my money would be at.

    Personally I'm hoping there is a third scenario whereas the club is gearing up to be sold to owners whether it be lifelong spurs supporters or rich Russians or arrabs who want instant success.

    If Levy and co do stick around which I suspect they do if they really do want to compete regularly for major honours then this is the window that it must start. We have to dig our heels in with wantaway stars. Give Toby his contract followed by the other major players.
    If there really is a first option on Bale let's activate that clause what better time ? Otherwise what was the intent of that agreement in the first place?
    If van djke is available for 60m let's have it then. Let's have a go for aubamayang someone who is good enough to not only partner Kane but actually push him for a start.
    Can you see it? I for one cannot.
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  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    We all know that aint gonna happen, all the club is interested in is buying the kid from Fulham and turning a profit on Rose in the process.
    Will that help the out put of the 1st team? Course not but who seems to care, as long as ENIC are making money we can all sleep sound because we are the only club in the league that cant put money into its 1st team for a hysterical fear of 'doing a Leeds'
  9. Dace Member

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    Just about sums it up, sadly .
  10. guesty Guest

    have the wheels come off?? ...or are other teams just playing better than last season? ...perhaps a bit of both
    yes we lost at City....but lots of teams will. They are a good side.

    We always, on here, seem to hear lots when we lose and not much when we win
    ....we are still a very decent squad!

  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    If the Club gave us something Tangeble to Crow about then i'd be all over it.

    But there seems to be a lot of people that want to Dig a 'pessimistic' writer out but dont want to write 'positive' blogs themselves.

    Id be quite happy to read these and have said before many a time ive looked on here hoping someone has picked up the mantle but no- Nothing.
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  12. Cheshuntboy Guest

    There are some Spurs sites that don't seem to attract regulars - the blogs tend to be more about news than opinion, and mostly seem to be written by kids who just want to see their names on the screen. Then there are the sites run by people with obvious agendas - 'Harry Hotspur' is the prime example, while 'Spooky' from 'Dear Mr Levy' is clearly a very troubled soul who needs a vehicle for his inarticulate ramblings, and has attracted a fan club of woolly-minded 'loyalists', who cling to ENIC and Levy in the belief that it could always be worse - 'at least we haven't done a Leeds' is their proud motto, and woe betide anyone who takes issue with the group think that dominates that site. I'm not going to run through the lot, but 'Tottenham Live' certainly does veer towards the cynical end of the spectrum, and why not? We've had a lot to be unhappy about, and the cracks that seem to be appearing in the shiny new edifice look like more than settlement to me - urgent underpinning is required, and Pochettino is yet to show that he's got the necessary qualities to prevent the whole thing collapsing about his ears and ours.
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  13. Big fran Guest

    To be fair this site gives a broad spectrum of our thoughts. Some maybe considered over pessimistic and some maybe be blindly loyal. However in general I think most of us are reactive as to what is going on at the club.
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  14. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I think it's inevitable that doubters and cynics (like me, obviously) will gravitate towards sites where the prevailing tone is neither happy nor clappy - we won't believe that Spurs have genuinely been transformed until there are trophies in the cabinet to prove it - there've been far too many false dawns under ENIC to think anything else. Equally, the true believers, the loyalists, the 'yids', those who honestly believe that Lloris is the best keeper in the PL, Pochettino the best manager, Levy the best chairman, and Spurs 'by far the greatest team the world has ever seen', will seek out fellow cult members on sites like 'Dear Mr Levy', and reinforce each other's fundamentalist beliefs, furiously attacking doubters and critics in the process. It's clear which side I'm on, and I honestly think that the aggression and intolerance which invariably arises when the two sides clash stems from the inability of the true believers to consider, let alone accept, that they might be wrong. It's a religion for them, and the heretics must be silenced!
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  15. guesty Guest

    I read that Madrid are...if you believe reports....going to offer £150m for Alli
    what do you think will happen? (if it were to be true)
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  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Sell sell sell
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  17. Gordon Mc Guest

    As Felon says but AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE before they change their minds. Hold on Dele - Here's yer coat and I'll pay for the taxi.
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  18. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    Felon 82 keep blogging my friend. Your voice needs to be heard alongside others. We all want the same thing...long awaited continual success. ie. Top four PL and semi's at least in domestic cups, and quaters at least in CL......oh yes and pay our players their bleedin' market value and keep 'em.
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  19. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Good Evening All. Been busy with seasonal matters, so have just read the responses to Felon's latest blog. Lots of concerns being aired above.

    From the heady heights of finishing Runners Up to Chelski, and the best, most attractive, best defensive side in the PL these last two seasons, we seem to have lost all of our energy, our focus, our form....and possibly more.

    So what appears to have changed, based on what we see, what we read, what we hear, and what we think we hear.

    First thing for me is that we've stopped being a team - all for one and one for all - it no longer feels that way, doesn't look that way. Why. Wembley, possibly. We've played poorly in a number of games against "lower" teams - Burnley, Swansea and the Albion - something you just cannot do in this league. Dressing room unrest, I think so. So Walker gets left out of the Chelski semi, falls out with Poch, who decides one player is not bigger than the Club (always true), so he lets him leave, to a close rival, doubling his wages in the process. Then there is the matter of one Mr. Rose, enough said. At the end of the day these players are professionals first, Spurs players second. Some, like HK might be loyal to the shirt, but when you see a player leave, for close to £4m more per season, and win a league medal after just one season, it's going to be difficult for that not to have a negative impact on the Team.

    Secondly and linked to the above, the loss of form that is spreading through the team is another concern. A player here - Dele - a player there - Dier, you can cope with that, but then when player injuries get mixed into the melting pot, you have a materially adverse impact on an already thin squad. Dele has been dire, and Dier has too.

    Next to me comes the matters to do with our financial position. Well run to a fault, we now find ourselves facing two major £note challenges ahead - Player Wages and New WHL Cost. Can we really hope to keep the existing policy of an uncompetitive (compared to the other top 5) wage policy, at the same time looking to finance and repay the stadium build cost. Whilst there would never be a good time to have such a financial Tug-O-War such as this, we could have done with it occurring in the summer. By then, with the stadium finished, a better revenue stream, money from naming rights flowing in, then I feel we'd be better equipped to move forward, and even better if we've got a CL slot in the bag.

    So you can tell from my tone that I'm feeling a tad nervous. We are not going to see vast sums poured into new players in January would be my view. Big names won't come without CL, so will wait until the end of the season. It's going to be money spent on "the project", so yep we might see Sessingnon, with Rose moving elsewhere to fund it.

    There is the matter of the new TV Rights deal being put out to tender by the PL. If the big global media players get in amongst Sky and BT we might just see another hike in the price, so improving our future revenues, but that's not until 2019.

    Some of these questions will be answered in a few short weeks - like January transfer spend. In the meantime I, along with all the other Yids, will be watching intently on Saturday night for any signs that we've started to get our act back together. We need a win. It's more than 3 points, it proves we can come back from our worst defeat in three seasons, to prove that we have an ability to perform as the professionals we know they are, despite distractions right, left and centre.

    As Matt used to say, as ever, COYS.
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  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    A draw between Pool and Scum was the best result we couldve hoped for, we have 4 to play that we need maximum points from to start the new year in the driving seat for top 4.

    On paper our next 4 is easier than Pool & Scums so must capitalise.
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  21. Big fran Guest

    The two Manchester clubs have the two top spots sealed up and Chelsea starting to hit clinical form.
    I feel three clubs will battle it out for the remaining fourth spot. Hopefully we can be in that spot after the festive period going into the window moving two or three on and strengthening with a centre mid and attacker.

    On ENIC they are clearly an investment company as the name suggests and are clearly in it for the money rather than glory. Hopefully they are gearing up to sell up and some serious people come in who want to win major silverware.
    Let's be honest Joe Lewis is 80 yr old with Over five billion pound in the bank. He rarely attends games and I'm not sure if he is even a lifelong spurs fan. If he wanted to bankroll a league title he would have done it by now if he wanted to see it happen in his lifetime he isn't getting any younger. In the grand scheme of things if he were to say put a war chest together of around 200m we wouldn't be a million miles away would we? And he wouldn't be on bread and water until his next pay day... If the investment brought about success his money would be recouped no doubt.
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