'New John Terry' set to join 'new Frank Lampard' at Spurs

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, July 31, 2014.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    "Paulinho is like a black Lampard, but also makes headed goals.. He is a phenomenon."
    -- Juan Roman Riquelme

    Whilst the ' will they, won't they ' situation surrounding Schneiderlin and Rodriguez trundle on, three of the main sports papers in Portugal are today reporting that Spurs next signing will actually come from Sporting Lisbon in the form of centre half, Eric Dier.

    New John Terry

    The papers also refer to Dier as being the ' new John Terry ' for for his brave and powerful playing style. Although I would prefer a new ' Ledley King ' to be honest. Dier is an English born player and is said to be an exciting prospect.

    Under 21

    Dier has played five times for the England under 21's to date and looks accomplished on the ball and he would seem to fit in with Pochettino's ideal of nurturing young talent and he would also seem to come at a price tag that better fits with Tottenham's budget for the new season, unless sales are made.

    Big names

    Whilst wanting the biggest names is understandable, maybe this is the type of player we can expect to see Pochettino want on his squad. He already has exciting young talent with the likes of Lamela, so I think the focus will very much be on squad development this season.

    As ever, COME ON YOU SPURS!!!

  2. Bobo New Member

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    Dier was born in Cheltenham, but moved to Portugal when he was six and spent his formative years in an English speaking international school until he was 12. After a PE teacher recommended he go for trials at Sporting, he eventually joined the club's academy where he also learned to speak Portuguese.

    His grandfather is former FA secretary Ted Croker, who held the position between 1973 and 1989. He died in December 1992, just over a year before Dier was born.

    Dier is comfortable with the ball at his feet and can play at centre-back, full-back or in a defensive midfield role. He spent time on loan with the Everton reserves in 2011 and at the start of the 2012/13 season, he was playing for Sporting's B team, but was then handed his first team debut in November. It was an excellent introduction to the senior game as his cross set up Ricky van Wolfswinkel who tucked away the winner in a 1-0 win against Braga. His first senior goal came in his second outing with the team in a 2-2 draw at Moreirense.

    Despite growing up in Portugal, Dier still classes himself as English and made his England U18 debut in a 1-1 draw with Slovakia in November 2011. He has made further appearances for the U19s (eight), U20s (three) and earned his first U21 cap in the recent 6-0 win against Scotland. Dier was also part of England's disappointing U20 World Cup team, which crashed out of the group stage in Turkey without winning a game.

    1st goal

    Previously linked with Arsenal
    and Newcastle
  3. stevethespur Active Member

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    Think poch will look to play a high energy pressing game and that you need young legs. Hes said to like a couple of 'stoppers' as CB this move fits that profile. Coys.
  4. big fran Guest

    Very left sided I'm hearing so probably long term successor to JV rather than the new JT. Probably get loaned straight bk out! Don't solve the current ride sided central vacancy. Promising news tho nonetheless.
  5. TP Spurs Guest

    His highlights all being from the right side says he the successor to Dawson and Kaboul not Vertonghen. Am still hoping Milos gets a shot. Looks composed and strong.
  6. big fran Guest

    Even better then just read that he also plays left full bk. Could be a signing for the now then maybe!!

    Stand corrected yeah he can also play right full bk and central mid so covers a few bases
  7. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    Well, there's that 4th choice CB I was talking about to ultimately act as cover for the like of Younes, Vlad and Jan.

    I always felt it was going to be either a youngster with promise, or an experienced performer (alla Gallas) that came in to feel that role, and so it has transpired that it is, indeed, the former.

    Never seen the kid play, so I can't claim to know what kind of skill-set he will bring to the club but I DEFINITELY think that bringing in another young, talented, British player, alongside Ben Davies, is a good thing.

    Spurs could do with a bit more young, talented personnel in that CB position and therefore this is a move that I welcome. Milos seems like a decent young player but I doubt very much he has what it takes to be a regular (quality) performer in the EPL ( in any position) so the signing of Drier is an important one, imo, providing he is any good.

    Looking forward to seeing the kid play!

    All I want now is to get that deep-lying playmaker that I've been harping on about ALL summer and I'll be happy/ happier. ;)

    On a side note though, I'm DELIGHTED with the news that Danny Rose has decided to stay and fight for his place at Spurs.

    The reason I thought moving for a player Ben Davies, as opposed to a genuine, established, top-class player, was such a clever/smart move is because I thought it would be a move that would NOT alienate Rose in anyway.

    It was a signing geared towards finding COMPETITION for Danny, rather than replacing him, and I'm pleased that Rose has seen that too.

    Will be interesting to see who ends the season as 1st choice LB. I don't think it's as cut and dry as many others seem to think!
  8. patnevin Guest

    The Left-Back position has to go to Davies! Rose should only be used in the early Europa and domestic cup games. He's not good enough to be our Premier League fullback. If he shows significant improvement in those games he'll warrant a chance but going on last seasons performances, Davies is way ahead of Rose.

    It pains me to say this but....The fact that Dier has played most of his football outside of this country is a good thing. His technical level is probably way above players at a similar stage of development who've been here all that time. I've read we'll be loaning him straight back to Sporting but that contradicts the piece i read that he wanted out of Sporting because of "lack of playing time". I'd keep him at the club and see if he can earn a place.
  9. Jim c Guest

    Danny Rose was probably our worst player last season and I and I think the majority of spurs fans won't believe this latest master stroke by Levy . After the Southampton debacle I expected him to come up with some good news like signing a much needed Striker like Bony. Now I expect us to sign someone like Emile Heskey on a free
  10. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Sounds like Rose wants to fight for his place but I fully expect Davies to be first choice at LB. This player has the potential to be a very good FB and wouldnt be behind Rose in the pecking order for long, or if at all. To be fair to Rose I dont think he was as bad on tour as some others have seen him. It remains to be seen if Poch can make something of him but for me he's a squadie only.

    Dont know much about Dier but he does sound promising and could be a good bit of business at 4m. Ive also read that he will go straight back to Lisbon on a loan this year.
  11. big fran Guest

    Personally I can't knock players that
    want to stay and fight for their place. Fair play to the kid but can't see him improving but refreshing.
  12. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    True, Rose struggled in the 2nd half of the season but before that he was performing well.

    The WHOLE team struggled for large parts of the season, but fans being fans they choose to discard all of that and simply look for the easy/most dispensable player/players to blame.

    Jan Vertonghen was SHOCKING for most of the season, and yet how much stick does he get?
    At times he seemed more concerned with messing up his hair than winning the ball in the air.

    Personally, I think it's possible that Jan might, simply, be too pretty to play, and be a REAL success, as a CB, in the EPL (specifically).

    Lets be honest here:

    Where was/ is the captain that led Ajax to a number of consecutive league titles?

    Where was/is the authoritative displays befitting of the title 'leader'?

    Because all I saw last season was a player whose attitude, was the ONLY thing worse than his performances!!!

    Look, I know there is more than one way to lead a team but top class CB's, especially in the EPL, are required to make certain demands of those around them.

    Now, I like Vertonghen, even though I believe his reputation is slightly inflated/bloated by the fact that he is 'good on the ball' - but I DON'T believe he is in the same class as Kaboul.

    In fact, I've been more impressed, on the whole, by the displays Vlad Chiriches has given during his short spell in the EPL than those of Vertonghen (at CB).

    I am actually of the opinion that Vertonghens best performances in England have been at LB.

    I mean, has anyone bothered ask themselves why Vertonghen is CONSISTENTLY played at LB for Belguim, with managers, past and present, preferring the likes of Vermaelen and Van Buyten at CB? Doesn't that say something?

    Lets face it, NO manager is going to play a 'world class' CB frequently out of position are they? Regardless of the issues they might have a FB.

    Now it seems to be a common trait amongst Belgians that the majority of them seem like pretty laid back, easy going guys, right.

    Dembele, Chadli, Kompany, Vertonghen, Courtois, Lukaku etc.

    Well that's great, and they all seem like decent fellas who you wouldn't mind sharing a pint, or two, with down the local too, but on the field, ESPECIALLY at CB, that 'laid-back' approach just does NOT work in the EPL.

    When Kompany, probably the best CB in world football today, gets on the pitch he changes, because he knows he has to. He knows, regardless of the opponent he faces, that he is going to be in for a battle and therefore he adapts accordingly.

    His laid back, and charming persona, is replaced by a steely determination, fiercely competitive streak and an authority that none of his team-mates dare question!

    With Jan I just don't see ANY of those things, on nearly enough occasions.

    He appears, to me at least, as someone who just gets on with his own game, and concentrates on his own displays.

    I only know this, because I am constantly waiting for him to organise, encourage andreprimand those around him, on a consistent basis.

    When Glenn Hoddle flagged up Jan leaning on the wall in the tunnel AT Anfield, it was no surprise to me! Perhaps that was a slightly exaggerated version of how I deem Vertonghen to behave before matches, but it is only slightly. That was a MUST-WIN match that day, for crying out load!!!

    As I said before, there is more than one way to lead a team, but at the heart of that defence, where points are often won and lost, you NEED good communicators.

    Utd at their pomp had Neville, Vidic, Ferdinand and Evra. Chelsea have got Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Caesar. Everton - Coleman, Jagielka, Distin, Baines.

    What do those teams all have in common? They all have talkers/organisers in the CB positions (at least). Spurs best communicators, Dawson and Kaboul, NEVER play together.

    Honestly,I struggle to recall Vertonghen ever opening his gob (unless it's to confront an opponent of referee)!!! No wonder Danny feels, at times, he can get away with murder. It's because he can.

    Listen, there is no doubting Vertonghen's ability as a PLAYER, but as a DEFENDER (at the very highest level, in England), for me, the jury is still VERY much out!
  13. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    Let me just make myself clear....I do think Jan CAN raise his game to great heights. But I also believe he can also improve massively, too.

    Danny Rose has been made a scapegoat for his inconsistency towards the back end of last season, and yet he was not the only member of the squad to struggle.

    For me, Rose has already passed the first test by agreeing stay and compete for the no1 LB slot. It shows guts, and a self belief that at times Danny looked like he was lacking at times last season.

    I think communication is a issue for the defence though. Drilling that into the team is going to a LONG way to improving Tottenham's poor defensive record last season.

    Part of the reason I like Vlad so much is because as soon as he arrived, he let his team mates know, by the way he attempted to take control of the back-line.

    If more of our defenders show that same sense of responsibility/accountability, then I believe the whole defensive unit, as well as certain individuals, would only benefit as a result.
  14. big fran Guest

    I actually thought that rose was pretty consistent last season but unfortunately the level he maintained was of a very poor standard. I agree that the side as a whole lacks leadership particularly the defensive unit.. Hopefully this can be addressed by poch. Jan needs to be made an integral part of that unit and given a prolonged run as a centre half where he plays and his most comfortable. There are now 3 other guys who can operate at left full back so utilising Jan there should be a last resort.
  15. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    What Jan has to do is put the club/team first, and exercise any altered ego he may have on the field, when facing his opponents.

    Can you imagine Terry, Ferdinand, Vidic, Adams, King, Campbell, or any other Top/world class CB there has ever been, standing in the tunnel like Jan did before ANY game, let alone a season defining, on one of the biggest stages in English football? Answer me that seeing as though you've managed to side-step all the other questions I raised in my post.

    I think what Jan 'needs', is to feel he has to fight for his place in the team. He needs to be forced/challenged to make improvements in a skill-set that looks to have stagnated over the last 2 years.

    Of course Jan has had good games in a Spurs shirt, but has he ever managed to maintain the kind of form befitting of a top class CB, let alone a world class one, over any length of time?

    Positioning, awareness (of off the ball runners/tracking) , communication and weight transferral (from one foot to the other) are all areas that Vertonghen MUST improve if he is ever to fulfil his potential.

    As things stand, I rate him as the clubs 3rd choice CB. So while I agree that he could do with (ideally) playing exclusively in the middle of a back 4, I am also of the opinion that playing in the heart of a defence for a club like Tottenham, is something he should have to earn.

    Spurs have the kind of squad which should dictate that ALL the players are required to CONSTANTLY fight to merit a place in the starting line-up. Vertonghen should be no exception.
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  16. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Ramos - Jan third choice CB ? cmon, look he had a very average to poor season last year and deservedly copped his fair share of critisism for it, however before that he was outstanding and without doubt one of the best CBs in the league and can/will be again. And even after a poor season where he looked at times very frustrated he has still signed a new contract and commited himself to the club for another year or two. Im not sure how you rate a player like Vlad Chiriches who comes across as a complete mercenary above Jan.
  17. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    3rd choice/joint 2nd, call it what you want, but, for me, Vertonghen isn't the world-beater many have portrayed him to be.

    If were being completely honest, the guy is only slightly quicker than Dawson on the turn. He struggles just as much whilst coming up against quick footed attacker and pace. And he isn't the most commanding in the air either.

    Why does Vlad come across as a 'mercenary'? lol...Bit harsh don't you think.

    I think Vertoghens biggest strength is the way he times his challenges, as well as his ball-playing skills. These are two qualities which aren't that unique anymore in the modern game.

    Personalities aside, I believe Chiriches is a better ALL-ROUND DEFENDER than Jan, even though he still has plenty of room for improvement.

    If Spurs hadn't of sold 2 of their best players over the past 2/3 season, I would be very tempted to court interest in Jan from Barca suggesting that a fee of £27m would be enough for me to drive him to the airport personally.

    Last season SHOULD of been the season where a player like Jan should of grabbed the bull by the horns and LED the team. It's easy to perform when the team your playing in is winning every week, but it is after a few defeats that you learn the characters you have in your squad.

    What did Jan do when things got tough last season? Sulked.

    What did Jan do when asked to put the team 1st and play out of position for a spell? Sulked and spoke of his dissatisfaction to the media.

    Are you not seeing a pattern here?
  18. big fran Guest

    Looks like the mussachio rumours are true with the players coach saying he expects the deal to be done. Looks a great signing and a signing by poch himself. I expect Schneiderlin deal to be completed soon also and that will be the business conducted for this window I'd imagine... Been a steady rebuild for me. Still would love konopkplanka thoooooo
  19. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Calling Vlad a mercenary a tad harsh, hmm, well maybe. Maybe it has more to do with his agent and all this talk of Spurs being a stepping stone for Vlad before his big move to Chelsea. This is a player who has done nothing in the EPL and even his own agent has come out and said that he hasn't been able to settle in English football and would prefer to lay in Italy instead. We haven't seen enough of him to really be able to judge him yet, or to compare him with Jan who is much more accomplished and proven in the EPL. So far from what ive seen of the player he is good on the ball bringing it out of defence but then often gives it away without being under any pressure whatsoever, Also when he is under pressure he looks a bit lightweight to me, not so much with his size, just his strength in defence. Anyway if he stays im happy for him and hope he has a good season as third choice. Personally I prefer him on the right side of defence as I don't think he looks as comfortable on the left, he's also poor aerially and will be targeted in that area, so is Jan which could be part of the reason he plays LB for Belgium so I don't know if they would be effective playing together against certain teams I still think our best CB pairing will be Jan and Kaboul.
    As far as criticisms of players go, is some of it OTT ? Well that a fair call and in some cases its probably YES. Players like Rose and Jan copped a lot of criticism last year and I believe a lot of it was fair and justified, I think both players had poor years and also showed poor attitudes, I would like to see Jan in particular lift his game and play to the level that we know he's capable of. We can debate all day to whether he's world class or not but he's the best CB at this club by a long way. Rose on the other hand well he's not world class and he's not even a real LB, but im happy for him to fight it out for the first team spot with young Davies, they look like good competition for each other and who knows maybe Poch can do something with Danny's positional awareness and attitude. As far as im concerned, New year, new manager, clean slate for the players.

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