Must take our chances

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, December 23, 2018.

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  1. Big fran Guest

    Can't comment as I didn't get the watch game but by all accounts it said spurs were comfortable then played a dangerous game by sitting back. Hopefully end of the title talk nonsense. 3rd spot and some silverware.

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  2. That is about right- we were very static in the second half, I think they were believing the hype and just sat back thinking the job was done
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  3. Big fran Guest

    Too much title talk. Same other week being the best in North London and got battered.
  4. Peter reed Guest

    I could see this coming even against Bournemouth we could have conceded 3or4.I agree with felon time has come for Lloris to go and please get Davis in the centre of defence until Jan returns and get rose at full back.Trippier cannot defend and we need a leader on the pitch when things go against us to organise the defence and this is not harry Kane.we need replacements but poch has already said this won't happen and I wish he would say we are in the title race even if he does not believe it as it might give the players confidence
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  5. Genevaspurs Guest

    What a big big disapointment ! No team. No foot... nothing after kane's goal ! No MP reaction. No shoot on goal for more than 50 minutes .... it's a shame ! Lloris 5 Trippier 4 Sanchez 5 Toby 6 Davies 4 winks 3 Sissoko 7 Son 5 Eriksen 5 Dele 3 Kane 6
    Best wishes for a lot of Spurs victories in 2019. COYS !
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  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Other than a Leicester one off you can't win Titles without spending.
    Our squad is paper thin yet we still have GNK on the bench?
    It's completely unforgivable to hinder such a talented 1st 11 and manager with such sub standard and non existent back up.
    Today has now reaffirmed it to me this Team doesn't have enough, neither does the Manager unfortunately because they lack the Leadership needed and depth.
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  7. burnt Well-Known Member

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    "bossed Everton and showed that spending in the transfer window may not be all it’s cracked up to be "

    Well look at the Scousers , they were in a similar situation to us , they invested and built on their solid foundation .. They had a fair few holes in fairness , center back , goalkeeper , center mid . They went and at least tried to fill the holes they had and while in fairness it might not always work out , you have to try .. Surely most can accept that's more then likely why they are where they are right now and why we are where we are . That's the real frustration , we see the opportunity we had to really build something but we also see that oppertunity slipping away as time goes by ....

    Today was a disaster really , brutal second half performance .. We looked to have come out sleep walking after the break .. How does that happen , you'd imagine a team that's never won anything that finds themselves in our position would have an unquenchable hunger and while we might have a bad day or just get done by a better side we'd never get that kind of ineptitude . Really disappointing but in fairness our defending all year has not been good enough . Today it told I'm afraid . We have to pick ourselves up quickly and go again .... C.O.Y.S .....
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  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Whilst improving their Stadium also
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  9. Peter reed Guest

    Just watched Liverpool and they showed how to defend and attack without getting caught out of position like Trippier does regularly.Im still amazed he plays for england although he does have better defenders covering for him.Can anyone explain how Ali can be excellent one day and useless like today and although I like young winks going forward he does not defend very well which means our full backs are always under duress.I never thought I would miss Dier but he does defend better than the other midfielders and couldn't we do with a cante clone
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  10. Spurporter

    Spurporter Active Member

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    Spot on, Felon82! It is time to write an article for you with such a heading.
    Hugo has some good in him still, but he is no longer what Spurs need. COYS!!
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  11. Guesty Guest

    One defeat does not end a season
    Lots to play for

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  12. Big fran Guest

  13. palmover Active Member

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    The way spurs capitulated in the 2nd half is a concern. Wolves are a well coached football team and know how to play well against top 6 sides. Credit to the wolves coach he spotted spurs weakness at FB and put on a dangerous wide player who owned davies and changed the dynamic of the game. Apart from free kicks Trippier is not a good enough full back too slow and one dimensional. Wolves beat spurs 5-4 over the two games and i for one don't think it was a fluke, if MP goes to Man.u i would be happy for spurs to get the wolves coach.
  14. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Absolutely but frustrating when it happens like it did . It looked preventable to most observers but we seemed to do nothing to stop it . Try something for god's sake , it might not work but at least try .
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  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Spot on Burnt,

    This is a big gripe I'm developing with Pochettino , the second half was like Ground Hog day to every other capitulation we've had in the last 3 years.
    All of a sudden our forwards all go missing and we can't keep the ball, then the other team starts to play and we just freeze and watch it all unfold.
    I said to my mate yesterday before Wolves scored that it's only a matter of time before they do, it was so obvious anyone with half an understanding of football can see it - yet once again (not a one off) Pochettino stands there bemused, not a single formation shuffle , a change of tactic, just glumly staring into the abyss.
    Don't get me started on the Bench, I've seen more talent at a Bus Stop.
    The same non existent leadership from any players in the Team persists especially the pissed mime artist posing as a keeper/captain glaringly obvious for all to see.
    Where are the battlers?
    Where are the Organisers?
    Who's rallying the troops/Marshalling?

    Yesterday confirmed for me this is gonna end fruitless and at least 2 of our best players will be following Pochettino out the door in the summer.
    And I actually think Pochettino will still have such massive flaws to his game even at a club that has limitless funds because he's too stubbornly 1 dimensional and doesn't learn.
  16. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Over the past decade or so, we've become a team that can dish out thrashings when everything clicks, but backs to the wall, hard-earned victories, especially over our top four rivals, remain rarities, which is why defeats like yesterday's are so costly; we've got to beat the Wolves and Watfords if we want to stay in the CL places, since we're unlikely to get anything from our remaining games against Liverpool and City, at least to judge from their straightforward wins at Wembley.
    Although he continues to be praised to the rafters for his supposed transformation of Spurs, Pochettino still hasn't succeeded in instilling a true winning mentality into the team; we (mostly) beat the sides we ought to beat, but all too rarely do the business in the big games against the best sides, and the impending league cup games with Chelsea (and the CL tie against Borussia Dortmund) will show whether we've really improved over the past four seasons, or continue to talk a better game than we play - I'm not optimistic (but then I never am).
  17. Big fran Guest

    To be fair we've been on a very good run of form and we are going to drop points over the season here and there as we have never been realistic title contenders given our lack of investment.. Hopefully we can put together another impressive run together and see where it takes us. It's just the timing and manner of defeat. Over and Xmas period the games come thick and fast and I'd be happy with our points return if we get a win at Cardiff but I think that's a big IF. They will be a tough nut to crack given our injuries causing poch finding it hard to rotate especially in centre mid. When wolves were pushing he was looking to introduce Skipp to tighten up and get control of the midfield back then they scored meaning he kept Son on in turn to find a goal. Perhaps that was a mistake and should have made the sub anyhow. In a few games such as Everton and Bournemouth Southampton Kane could have been removed much earlier as coukd one or two others. The squad looks desperately thin now with limited forward options hence the inclusion of the less than useless GKN on the bench. Llorente looks to be on the way out and God only knows the situation with janssen. Dembele and wanyama can't seem to get fit. It needs a clear out ASAP to capitalise on our surprising position in the league and city united Chelsea arsenal all struggling for form and put what little funds that brings into maybe one if not two signings. Liverpool are out of reach but I believe we can get 2nd or 3rd.
    Id gladly lose GKN llorente Dembele janssen if we could add callum Wilson Cengiz Under.
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  18. Spurporter

    Spurporter Active Member

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    No, you are mistaken, Felon82. I am sure Poch told them to kill the game in the second half. They just failed to do it against Wolves, while having started doing it against lesser clubs. Mistakes from Sanchez, Tobi and Hugo, a key players currently, just killed an effort. The team is tired and overused. Lack of depth is where I agree with you is due to lack of signings in the summer and poor sales of the dead wood.
    Even a clear Arsenal supporters among pundits do not dare to call it capitulation or spursiness.
    Gazzaniga must start against Bluebirds.
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  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    1-0 up with 20 to play at Home to a newly promoted side , lose 1-3 it's a capitulation.
    We had no reaction or answers to any of it , just fell apart.
    It was a real chance to give us some breathing space and at least be taken seriously but what happened when the pressure was on ?
    Ground hog day again
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  20. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    They were knackered, for me. They must see and understand what we do - thin squad, too many games, lose a goal and can't raise the energy because they are cream crackered.
    Also if you look at their achievements over just the period from the Inter win, it has been exceptional .....and you can't win them all, at least not with a thin and weary squad.
    The key games will be the first Chelski game and Manure....they will test our ability to bounce back.
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