More bang for our buck: Pochettino’s Wilfried Zaha alternative?

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Josh Bolton, May 31, 2018.

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  1. voiceofreason Member

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    Well done Felon, you found the error in my post and managed to concentrate on that and find as much negativity as you could!
    If you asked all fans whether they would have taken 3rd place whilst playing away from home (remember some were convinced Wembley would be a huge curse) whilst also beating and “drawing” to the eventual cl winners , they would have taken that.

    But never mind let’s keep that glass half empty eh :)

  2. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    The Mighty Girona beat Real the same week we beat them in fact they beat them before we did, does that make their season a massive success?

    Gotta be put in context beating a team that is struggling in form and then lauding it as some sort of glory is finding positives in relatively nothing.

    Real Madrid were having a mid season blip- Zidane was being tipped for the sack , but as proper teams do they sorted it out got their act together and went and won the competition.

    We on the other hand did our usual totally clueless in how to win anything and then look for chinks of light in our failure.
  3. voiceofreason Member

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    Felon , are you not even slightly impressed (I won’t say happy) that we got third , retained champions league status which was ridiculously important in a year before moving to a new stadium whilst playing away from the Lane?
    Whichever way you look at it, any team would have considered that a hugely important feat! And most of the pundits and so called experts didn’t predict it nor expect it
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    From being 3rd/2nd back to 3rd is being consistent, is this such a great feat seeing as there has been an uncharacteristic collapse of the establishment?
    Utd may have spent 100s of millions but their overall brand of football and actual 1st team has a Mish Mash of top players and some bang average 1s yet they over took us finishing 2nd even though many would say they have been poor?
    Liverpool who spent the 1st half of the season with a creeking defence shipping goals and a Keeper problem all season were toe to toe with us till the end other than their attacking ability they're not a great side more a Wel score more than you to make up for our **** defence.
    Chelsea sold their Goal Scorer replaced him with a lesser player had a touch of their cycle of we're not gonna perform for this Manager now , they by their standards had a poor season? But still like Liverpool pushed us to the wire.
    The fact Arsenal have collapsed isn't even worth singing about from our perspective.
    So to compare our 'achievements' to sides who would generally be described as inconsistent by scraping in 3rd on the last day is more a balanced view to level how impressive our season was.

    So am I impressed that we limped into 3rd amongst 6 teams of which only 1 was outstanding , 3 are in a Transition and 1 has folded?

    Not really.

    If we wanna continue playing the plucky underdog role , fighting the mean money clubs , comparing how we were in the 90s then of course people will be ecstatic with 3rd.

    The way I see it is we basically delivered with 1 game left the bare minimum we could to say the season wasn't a disaster. From 2nd and in touching distance of the title season previous I don't see this season as some sort of Massive success because we beat Real when they were playing sh;te.

    Something that really irks me is fans that go scratching about for mini victories in the seasons to gloss over what is ultimately nothing any other top side's would even consider boasting about or scoring their season on.

    Until we shake the inferiority complex, the poor us underdog tag and stop finding the smallest things to be cheerful about the better.

    To win and be a serious outfit you can't happily settle for 2nd best no Champion/Champions have ever had that mindset.
  5. Cheshuntboy Guest

    There seems to be a huge hole in the logic of the 'In Poch We Trust - The Future Is Lilywhite' brigade, namely that they credit the current regime with a total transformation of the team since Pochettino took over (as if Redknapp's management was an unmitigated disaster), arguing that Spurs were the 'two season champions' of 2015/17 and thus the best team in the PL over that period, but then wheel out the 'overachieving/ahead of schedule in the project' case to justify the continuing absence of trophies - if we were/are such a great side, surely the odd piece of silverware shouldn't be beyond us? Three FA Cups in four years were good enough for Wenger's Arsenal, but not for Pochettino's Spurs?
  6. Jam Guest

    Who cares Felon? It wouldn't matter had Madrid lost to Hong Kong FC.. the fact is we beat and drew the team that's won the last 3 UCLs and 4 out of the last 5.. and we did it on the biggest stage.. clearly that is something that ANY English side would be proud of.. end of story

    Amusing how you always seek to lessen any success we might have with some diminishing caveat yet never once can I recall you similarly prefacing any of our failures in defence of the team.. are you sure you are a Spurs fan and not some Arsenal troll leading a double life?
  7. Jam Guest

    Clearly three FA Cups in four years was not good enough for Wenger's Arsenal

    Redknapp.. God bless him.. did a good job.. as did AVB his first year

    You will recall though that at that point we lost one of the very best footballers on the planet

    Pochettino was tasked with rebuilding the team.. which he has done.. moulding the youngest side in the EPL 3 seasons ago into a perennial Champions League outfit.. and all on an extremely limited budget

    Clearly he's done a good job.. while being mostly unlucky.. no doubt he will have to win a trophy to secure his legacy at Spurs.. if it is to happen I would expect it sometime in the next two seasons
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  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    It would seem Jam I am 1 of a minority of Spurs Fans that actually believes winning Trophies is success , to out weigh our severe failures in competition ties ie throwing away the lead Vs Juve in the knock out stages because we beat Madrid earlier in a group stage is just scratching around for something to make it seem more successful than it actually is.

    Add to that the easiest FA cup run in a long time that we made the biggest pig's ear of then declared B4 kick off it doesn't mean much and then ducked out with a whimper.

    These are NOT huge successes and until these ultra positive happy clappers get a grip and stop excusing this and dressing up failure with this inferiority complex where we punch above r weight nonsense Wel continue in this Trophy Drought yet people seem to think is the best it's ever been?????

    Which is what the Jam tomorrow Brigade forever do, find something to champion that doesn't really mean anything.
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  9. voiceofreason Member

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    You are answering questions that you want to rather than those I am asking

    Specifically , we had to play home games away from home in a place that we had terrible results the previous year, on a pitch that was a different size from the one we had just gone unbeaten on and most, if not all pundits, supporters and I expect you included, didn’t give us much of a chance of getting back to Europe

    Do you not think that is a huge success?
  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Like I said with all taken into account it's consistent.
    From a comfortable 2nd place finish to just eeking 3rd.
    It's not a Huge Success it just means we've stayed relatively samey.
    And this was down to a severely lackluster uninspiring window.
  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Tell me Voice of reason how do you rate the Utds Chelsea's Liverpool's Arsenal's of the last 3/4 seasons???
    Do you honestly think they've been anywhere near the quality of the 10years prior???
  12. Jam Guest

    No Felon.. you are one of a very small minority that believes anything besides winning a trophy is failure.. there is quite a difference

    Success in football is relative.. that is obvious

    You would not find a Spurs fan anywhere that does not want to win silverware.. however the majority are realists..

    Wishing something does not make it so

    Spurs are a top club.. but we are a distance from being the biggest.. and there are others in between.. that has long (if not always) been the case.. that's not inferiority.. just reality.

    We are never the favourites.. so as a proposed fan of the club I'm not sure where your sense of entitlement comes from

    To be certain recent history has been far too lean.. on that we can all agree.. but lesser sides than us have lifted cups in that time.. clearly fate has not been with us.. that will inevitably turn

    The club now has the infrastructure in place to consistently perform going forward.. world class training facilities.. world class stadium.. a starting XI worth over half a billion pounds.. revenues are increasing and thus so will investment

    It would be foolish to not hold some optimism. even if only cautiously.. for what is to come
  13. Jam Guest

    Yes.. consistently good
  14. Jam Guest

    Again who cares Felon? Are those clubs concerned where we've been at all these years?

    The failure of some to manage their club/invest their copious amounts of money wisely is no indictment on our success

    If anything it is further evidence of the fine work that has been happening at Spurs in recent years
  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Because it means it's been easier to get into/crack/remain in the top 4.

    It's not some mammoth achievement

    Seasons previous to 3/4 years ago there was only 1 top 4 space realistically up for grabs now there is 3 it's all relative so don't dress it up like we've leaped forward
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  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Your point about the Madrid win is Akin to West Brom Beating Utd this season it means relatively nothing.

    Again it's finding/searching for things to cling to
  17. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    So if they're doing so badly but still Winning more than us what is the success you talk of?

    Surely if we are doing so well we should be cleaning up ???
  18. Jam Guest

    As it was for them when we were faffing about for all those years

    We're not faffing about anymore
  19. Jam Guest

    Man Utd are not Madrid.. and the EPL is not the UCL

    The result is what it is.. no one here is suggesting it is something more.. just yourself suggesting it is something less

    Ask the players if it meant nothing to them
  20. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    The only true knock we can put on the club this last two season or so, is not winning at least a cup competition. The consistency Poch has achieved of champions league football, especially having to play away from home this season; that is impressive. Clubs don't go from not winning trophies in 50 years to all of a sudden winning all the top trophies. There was a time that Spurs were a stagnant club, mid table finish over and over.

    Starting under Redknapp (firing him was a bad mistake on DL), AVB was a step back, but now under Poch; we all can see the progression and this is an exciting time. If Poch gets the backing he has been promised and doesn't deliver or if DL doesn't give the backing, then we can start complaining about a team that's not going anywhere. THIS is not that time, Spurs have been constantly good and still improving these last couple of seasons!!

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