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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, September 14, 2018.

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  1. THFC Guest

    Nice to see you back...not sure the rhetoric has been of anyone being too stupid to see anything about Poch or Lloris....that’s certainly not the intent.

    It’s more about comparisons being made between managers with the former being roasted for his lack of back bone/skills/commitment and the latter being defended in the exact same circumstances especially around squad quality.

    The meltdown is going to continue this season for sure..maybe when Kane, Son, Regy & Ndombele decide enough is enough, JM will get the full funds to spend and will prove Felon right. I would much rather eat my words and enjoy us playing good football/challenging top 4 with intent under JM’s watch than suffer what we are being subjected to now.

    in reality though, I don’t think it matters how much money you give JM, our style will be exactly the same...we will just execute it better with a player refresh. Do we really want another few seasons of watching us defend deep, concede possession and break for the odd goal or two, I’m not sure...

  2. Jesper Active Member

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    About the recent Man City match:
    The most likely ways of scoring against Man City might be counter attacks and corners. I like Lamela and his energy but his reliance on his dominant foot makes him slow things down thus slowing down the counter attacks. Possibly his energy and corner-taking were the reasons why he was picked ahead of Bergwijn. Might have been better to have played Bergwijn.

    First goal, stupid penalty given away. Second goal, normally Lloris would save that. Third goal, Sanchez might have done better but if he had used more strength against Gundogan then there might have been a sending off and/or penalty. I think I'd preferred that than the goal scored.

    The pivot of Höjbjerg and Ndombele looks good but if either is injured then the bench-options are a lot weaker. Not much rotation options there. Too many rotation options for CB, not enough rotation options for CM - too me that is clear indication of an unbalanced squad.
    Moura looks better as CAM than as winger. Am happy for Winks as if he had played even one minute the haters would do what they do, spew hate in copious and unreasonable amounts.

    & I can't help but wonder if Son had taken the corners instead of Ericsen then maybe a trophy would have been won.

    There are some claims that Spurs are lucky to have as many points as they have this season, I'm more of the opinion that the luck has more often been bad than good - luck have changed wins to draws, draws to losses and even wins to losses. Possibly it is better to be lucky than good, in the short term then that might be true but over long term then luck changes.
  3. Hilarious post from the Don of Spurs

    He loves to throw shade and in a most prejudiced way yet folds like a cheap lawn chair should any criticism come his way

    Sure Felon82 and Preed may be a few sandwiches short of a picnic but at least they’ve got backbone. I respect that.
  4. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Jose ghost you are at it again .where in your world does the comment a few sandwiches short of a picnic not constitute a personal insult.I think Cheshuntboy has hit the nail on the head about your arrogance and belief that you are the font of allknowledge
  5. It’s all good banter Preed... I wouldn’t take it to heart

    More than a little ironic though don’t you think?

    Perhaps those who are forever moaning about how our lily-livered lads need to toughen up should begin by following their own advice
  6. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Maybe our players should also toughen up by believing in their ability like you believe in your opinions
  7. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I seriously wonder about our friend's mental state - one post is nothing but bile and venom, the next is 'just a bit of banter, old chap' - his medication is either too strong, or not strong enough, but either way it needs adjusting, and quickly!
  8. Good to see you have some fight in you Cheshuntboy. I was worried about your fragile ego

    Still crazy as batshit though it seems

    Pochettino inherited the best Spurs squad since 85?

    Brilliant... you’re always good for a laugh.
  9. THFC Guest

    This is the squad he inherited....brilliant...

    Hugo Lloris, Michael Dawson, Paulinho, Mousa Dembele, Roberto Soldado, Aaron Lennon, Kyle Walker, Andros Townsend, Christian Eriksen, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Nacer Chadli, Jan Verthonghen, Danny Rose, Kyle Naughton, Emmanuel Adebayor, Sandro, Vlad Chiriches, Nabil Bentaleb, Jermain Defoe, Lewis Holtby, Younes Kaboul, Etienne Capoue, Harry Kane, Erik Lamela, Ezekial Fryers, Milos Veljkovic, Alex Pritchard & Brad Friedel.

  10. Yes we had some real luminaries on board when Pochettino stepped through the door

    Best squad since 85/86 apparently

    God even AVB’s inheritance just two years before would have wiped the floor with this lot
  11. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Yup - 25 full internationals and all rubbish, obviously. Adding Stambouli, N'Jie, N'koudo and Janssen improved them hugely, didn't it?
  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    From that time to this if possible all of Walker Jan Rose Dembele Eriksen walk immediately into the current 1st team

    Then players such as Dawson Lennon Defoe Siggurdson even Holtby Friedel Chadli Capoue & Townsend would improve some of the dross we stockpile.

    From what JM inherited Dier Davies Sanchez Winks Aurrier Sissoko Moura LoCelso wouldn't get in that earlier squad factor the aging/form dip of Alli Toby Lloris aswell

    Then what's been acquired Doherty Vinny old Bale Hart Gedson don't get in that side either.

    So not sure what the confusion is?
    Poch inherited a better side than what JM did
  13. Why are you confused that this has something to do with Jose?

    Your bedfellow made the most absurd statement about the squad that the previous manager inherited

    THFC kindly offered a list which while not completely exhaustive is very close

    16 senior players from this uber squad were jettisoned before the end of the following season

    But since you were wondering... that alone should answer your question of which manager inherited the better squad
  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    As usual a lot of words but of very little content or counter argument.

    Not really enough to work with.

    Have a good day JG
  15. 16 players cut in 18 months... really what more be said?

    Two theories debunked with one post

    Enjoy your day
  16. Cheshuntboy Guest

    What can you say to someone who thinks that Pochettino improved Spurs by swapping Siggurdson for Davies, or Bentaleb for Sissoko? Even the biggest Pochettino lovers normally accept that his transfer record was iffy at best, but not this clown. Don't waste your time responding to him - I don't any more and perhaps he'll eventually clear-off. Didn't he used to call himself 'Flawless'? Misnomer if ever there was one.
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  17. What windmill are you flailing at now?

    You espouse one ridiculous theory and when easily debunked you just move onto the next?

    With all due respect I don’t counter your arguments for your response... I couldn’t care less

    Rather I do so for those others who might happen upon them whether they post here or not

    You’re welcome to dislike Pochettino... who would ever deny you that? But when you dress up your bias with hopelessly false narratives pretending they’re facts then you should expect your arguments to be thoroughly quashed

    Enjoy your day
  18. THFC Guest

    Who said poch’s transfers were any better than iffy and wanting someone to clear off because they disagree with your statement is a bit strong....why don’t you get the site closed to guests then the 3 of you can moan until you heart is content about how hard done by the current manager is by the owners/chairman and how different he has had it to all of his predecessors. You can also claim just how terrible the squad is that he inherited and despair at despite him signing 11 players, them all ignoring him and not following either any of his instructions or coaching methods on match days, all unchallenged by anyone else.

    If you think that original squad is better than the one of 15 months ago then there is no point in anyone wasting their time responding. Maybe put the two squads down on paper sided by side and have another look without any prejudice to either manager to see if you are right with your clown claims.

    I’d also love to know, based on your logic, how has swapping anyone for Doherty, Gedson, Vini, Hart, Bergwijn, Bale and Rodon improved us? Even the biggest JM lovers should normally accept, that transfer record I s iffy at best but not these clowns.

  19. THFC Guest

    Are you not the one to make comment on Dembeles qualities as a footballer regularly (which I happen to agree with) can’t use him for and against in your arguments. That leaves Walker, Jan, Rose and Eriksson as immediate first team members but then we have at least 5 new signings now that can’t or shouldn’t make the bench so that really negates that point.

    The other players that you listed, aside from Sigurdsson & Defoe would add nothing to us now so I think that’s clutching at straws a bit to use them.

    I still agree with you on Dier Davies Sanchez Winks Aurrier Moura LoCelso but not Sissoko but that is far less than what needed replacing from the 15/16 squad to improve them.

    As has been stated on multiple times, I’m not sure anyone has a dislike of JM, the dislike is the football we are playing and the fact that the man who is touted as being guaranteed to get results by forsaking style, is not really getting results and that’s not acceptable without any style.

  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I've never questioned his quality, you can look back over the archives if want and see I've always said he was great at keeping possession and could ghost past players.
    I've even said he had all the attributes to be a top top player.
    My only criticism of him has always been he never used it to influence the scoreline would always choose safe pass and never did it in dangerous areas.
    I believe he wasted his talent.

    How some people can read that and think I didn't think he was a good footballer and can't understand it is beyond me.

    He would walk into this midfield and improve it instantly because he knew how to control a midfield much like Modric & Carrick before him , I'm sorry but until I see anything more than a flick/trick from N'Dombele n him missing for another 85plus minutes with Hojbjerg who's no better than any half decent DM then I'm not gonna believe either of them have improved the side from Vic & Dem in their pomp.

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