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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, September 14, 2018.

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  1. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Pochettino finished top 4 and made the Champions League final in his last full season at the club... are you aware of that son? certainly doesn't appear that way

    The manager was self-admittedly done... replaced by the Special One. Same Special One who left a Chelsea side in 16th place one December... same Chelsea side which would go on and win the league the very next season. Where's the upswing at Spurs?

    Now you've clearly lost your mind over Jose... aren't you the fellow calling Leicester and Wolves quality sides? ffs there isn't a manager on God's green earth who would take either of their squads over ours even if you put a gun to his head. Do you actually know what disingenuous means?

    By all means back the manager to the hilt... there's something admirable in that... but you've really got to stop putting lipstick on that pig. Jose's screwing us in what is a very average league this season.
  2. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Could you please walk us through each of those moments when Fulham didn't score?

    If we actually made some consistent effort to kill games rather than defend slender leads we wouldn't need a coroner's inquest every time our opponent scores a single goal.
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Son shouldve had a hatrick , we created 7 big chances to score.
    Don't let these things get in the way of the blinkers tho......
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Who were current Title holders
  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Leicester are in the top 4 currently and had Covid not struck would've qualified last year, Wolves have some very good players to and will make a game of it with anyone.

    On your point of did I watch Pochettinos last 2 years yes I did and we eeked 4th having lost 13 games in a season, we were without an away win in antire calendar year, we only won 9 league games in his last 11 months with us 'son'

    So how about you take the blinkers off n see it for what it is we were dross under Poch way before he left , the only thing that's changed in that time is the loss of CE & Jan etc and the dismal downward trajectory of players stealing a living at the club.

    If you can't see or accept these facts then that indeed is being disingenuous.
  6. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Split possession and 15 shots apiece at home to one of the worst teams in the division. Fulham could have easily won the game in the second half. It's a recurring theme but don't let that get in your way.
  7. Jose's Ghost Guest

    That is not an endorsement you realise?
  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    And the players are completely not responsible for their own lackluster performances?
    On the 1 hand you are telling me we have brilliant players on the other you're saying how terrible we are against the worst team in the league?
    If you believe they're under instruction to draw with lesser sides, share the possession out fairly, give away a customary sloppy goal then you've lost it , u truly have lost it.
    It's down to a better player to assert their authority in a match not watch an inferior player boss them.
    That's to do with character n pride nothing to do with tactics or instruction.

    Pure delusion
  9. Genevaspurs Guest

    At Spurporter & Felon, I completely understand that you want to support your manager and that is very commendable, especially when you support a football team. However, you should know that in Europe, Mourinho's philosophy is hated all over the continent. Whether the character is liked or not, it doesn't matter but his tactical choices dating back to prehistoric times are not bringing anything good. Neither to the club he manages to his supporters. His record speaks for himself but the current results and especially his choices leave us all perplexed ... In order, he prefers to keep Hart as 2nd goalkeeper instead of Gazzaniga which is a mistake in my eyes! He insists in every game with Dier when he's really not good as central back. Choosing Sanchez or Dier is the same for you... Except that Sanchez is a natural central defender and the associate to Toby would be in my eyes a much better solution. Dier can't make any long passes which Toby can do. So why line up Toby against Marine and leave him on the bench yesterday? To make Winks play from the start is a professional fault in my eyes! This player does not have the Premier league level and he insists that each time, he brings nothing. Neither defensively nor offensively! Aligning Sissoko, Winks and Hojberg from the start is another heresy, especially if it is against Fulham! Who brings the balloons to Kane or to Son ? The game system he advocates does not bring any ball through the wings. Apart from the magnificent 1-0 goal offered by Reguillon, our full-backs never or almost never bring danger in the opposing last 25 meters. Things that we have always known at Tottenham with more or less success because the full-backs have not always been up to it ... But yesterday, who on the rightwing allowed to set some fire in the defense of Fulham? Who ? Nobody while on the bench, there was Lucas, Bale (why bring him to not give him minutes of play and therefore confidence ?!), Lamela or Dele ...! Bring Vinicius in 10 minutes from the end with Son leaving his left lane and Kane coming to look for balloons at Hojberg's level and who when he retrieves him, he does not have the capacity to bring him the ball correctly up on the ground ... Especially since it is no longer there to set the goals because he isnt there...

    This recurring error of going through the center to bring the danger into the opposing defense rarely leads to anything, especially at the end of the match or the opposing defense is repplie ... And that is working every day for hours in training and who gives them these trainings? The Manager and his assistants! The goal of a professional club like Tottenham is to win titles, of course, but its supporters who often spend a lot for their club want to see shows, wins with goals and players who take pleasure in scaring their opponent. This is never the case (except at United ...) and it is only Mourinho's fault in my eyes. He is highly paid for mediocre results. He must take responsibility for these choices ! Good or Bad ...!
  10. Jose's Ghost Guest

    As I said... not a single manager in the world.

    In fact feel free to combine those two squads because you still wouldn't find any takers worth their salt. The reason those clubs have over achieved is because they're led by very capable managers who aren't specialists in parking a bus.

    You best check the record book. Seasons don't run by the calendar year. Spurs finished top 4 and played in the Champions League final in Pochettino's last full season... and all without an established home ground. Now that's what is known as a fact.
  11. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    It seems we are going round in circles just as we were when Pochetino was failing.I agree we have some brain dead players but don’t tell me they are worse than Fulham and they outpassed us and I might say we’re tactically better.Kane and Son are not bad players but we get one decent performance from them followed by 2 or 3 very average ones.people were saying that the last transfer window was a good one I am still waiting for the good to appear apart from Hojbjerg.I think Jose had some input into the disaster buys .I cannot understand why international managers continually pick our deadwood. Ie winks and Dier for England Sanchez for Columbia Sissoko for France Bergwin for holland Rondon and Bale for Wales plus we have good internationals like Kane Son Hojbjerg not many of the teams we have surrendered against have that many in their squads but still out play us.The only good thing about the Fulham performance was Hojbjerg after match anger with the teams display.Maybe we should make him captain
  12. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Seriously you're on this merry-go-round again?

    You're honestly under the impression the most tactically obsessed manager in the world is doing his best 'Arry impression now that he's at Spurs?

    Have a listen to what Sissoko said as to why he was in the box for his goal following the FA Cup tie... I'm not teaching Football 101 this term
  13. THFC Guest

    I respect the loyalty towards the current manager but can’t understand how the comparisons to previous managers is so deeply distorted from the truth. The same goes for the players with the truth being our squad really is not as bad as some have insinuated. Yes we have a few terrible examples (Sanchez, Dier, both RB’s & Winks) but we do have options available who are not playing that are an improvement on them. Why persist every week with Dier when you know you have Sanchez and Aurier next to him? Why not bring on Bale? Do you really think the “special one” has developed confidence in the squad, especially given the way he has picked out individual players and destroyed them publicly? No wonder Lloris is refusing a contract extension and there is no progress with Son. I fully expect all of our best players to leave because their workplace is tarnished by a toxic environment currently. It seems to me that JM is the kind of boss that would be impossible to play for and the reason I say that is, he comes across as a funny, nice guy but his actions then seem like everyone treads on egg’s almost how people describe victims of bullying when describing the warning signs. Our performance is the responsibility of the manager and despite saying he doesn’t tell the players to defend/drop deep/play long balls etc he picked a side with 7 defensive players against Fulham which shows if his words are not saying it, his actions are. We play that same way week in and week out so he must be coaching them some kind of philosophy. I don’t believe our entire squad decided that since JM was appointed, they will no longer bother playing football (which despite anyone’s opinion as to if they were any good or not, they tried to do in each of the seasons before) and will instead focus on defending for the entire game with the occasional punt. I am struggling to see how even lifting a trophy is worth our current predicament. Due to the current situation no one has actually tried to win the Carabao Cup so if we win it (which is still a big if) then what does it show really, we won something that every other team in the premier league sacrificed this season by playing reserves or kids? I simply cannot accept JM has improved us in any way, shape or form. We have gone from being a side that people actually feared playing to being a side that is ridiculed as the worst team to watch who everyone feels they have a chance to beat.
  14. Guesty Guest

    we have Hojbjerg..... we don't need Winks anywhere near the team. that was a huge mistake against a bottom 4 side. 3 defensive players at home is a joke.

    Dier and Sanchez for me are poor. putting them together makes it worse.
    Toby sadly is getting on but is above them. Rodon has to be given PL game time.....but if he can't start against Fulham he isn't starting any PL games.
    I'd even look at Rodon & Tangy together.

    But... ...we should have enough to beat Fulham

    I'd play Bale up top on the right. Kane & Son. front 3 done.

    Bale in the team asks questions of the opposition defense that sadly Lucas, Bergy or Vini never will.

    I'd replace all 3......and Lamela, Gedson, Winks, Sanchez & Dier. simply not good enough to wear the shirt.

    Sissoko is okay alongside Hojbjerg if the other player is offensive. Dele maybe. or Lo Celso. although to be honest I'm not sure about either.
    would I take a fired up CE back?? ....sadly the way we are playing.... Yes I would
  15. Cheshuntboy Guest

    If everyone's repeating themselves, it must be my turn, so here goes. One, Pochettino left us in a mess; we stumbled into the CL only by the skin of our teeth (Arsenal's last-minute missed penalty against us at Wembley to be precise), we embarrassed ourselves in the final with an absolutely abject performance against Liverpool, and were playing like relegation candidates for the whole of 2019 - facts!
    Two, Mourinho has not carried-out the transformation that I for one certainly hoped-for (if not expected), and I'm as baffled by our relentless defensiveness even against the PL bottom-feeders as anyone, and to say that the players are choosing to concede possession and allow the opposition to take the initiative is patently absurd, when it's the manager who invariably reduces whatever attacking threat we possess by bringing-on yet more defensive players when we're under the usual second-half cosh.
    Three, the players are certainly very far from blameless, even Kane and Son being guilty of missing golden chances in recent games, and the rest barely offering a threat worthy of the name, even when they're not injured. Most of our pre-Mourinho signings have been more or less duds, with Sanchez, Aurier and Sissoko leading the parade, while Lo Celso and N'dombele get lavish praise for a few worthwhile moments out of the ninety that they're paid to play for, and the continued presence of Winks and Dier in the England setup shows how desperate Southgate must be.
    I remain convinced that the acquisition of Mourinho was a rather desperate gamble on Levy's part, followed by the pointless re-signing of Bale, the idea being to maintain the illusion that Spurs are still on the up, fighting for the big prizes, when the team really peaked almost four years back, and has been in increasingly steep decline ever since. I still think Mourinho COULD bring real success to Spurs, given some time and a lot of money, but whether he'll get either or both is anyone's guess, and Kane and Son aren't getting any younger. Always interesting times in London N17.
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  16. THFC Guest

    I agree with almost everything that you have said.

    The only thing I would say is you have the lavish gamble and the pointless addition the wrong way around.

    Bale was a lavish gamble that has failed. I don’t know what we or the club were expecting based on his last few years at RM but any hope of us re-kindling his top form vanished along with his pace.

    The pointless addition was in fact JM. Most of the post JM signings have also proved to be duds (Regy and PEH aside). JM signed an agreement, knowing that he would not get a lot of money spend with a job to coach what we have and that is a direct contradiction of how he achieved success anywhere else (except Porto which probably doesn’t count). He has not improved any of them and by playing 7 defenders and stealing points does not make us any good.

    If we are making comparisons, yes we had poor performances and lucky points towards the end of Pochs era but that is no different to this season. In actual fact about 4 performances aside, we have stole/been lucky with most of the points we have picked up. That is all while playing the style of football that you would expect a league one side to offer against PL opposition.

    I think we will lose several top players, Regy will go back to RM and we will be left in a position where we need to pay JM off to leave and with no decent players for the next manager to start with which I really think is inevitable given our players performance and managers impact both throughout the season and during games when their choices really matter.

  17. Subjective opinion doesn’t equal fact Cheshuntboy... I would have thought you of all people would understand that

    By all means write yourself a fantasy novel... I wouldn’t mind reading that... but don’t act incredulous when they refuse to put it in the history aisle

    Again... in Pochettino’s last full season Spurs finished top 4 and in the Champions League final... best European finish in the club’s long and glorious history I believe... and all without a home ground

    I’m still looking for someone to correct me on this... or perhaps it is an actual irrefutable fact? Wow fancy that
  18. Guesty Guest

    Poch has gone..... let's all get over it

    Good luck to him at PSG.....but in my opinion he hasn't won a trophy. leading a team in a final that some other manager got the team to......doesn't really make it his success.
    especially a multi million pound team.
  19. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Can’t believe that Felon does not see anything wrong with the Mourino method.Can you say that you enjoy watching the dull and boring tactics and as much as you blame our lack of quality players it does have something to do with the way he sets the team up.He has changed the way Kane plays and don’t tell me that he has not and it’s all down to Kane being a poor player.Newcastle play like spurs and defend at all costs and that is down to the manager and he admits it.We could probably sign someone like Saha but we won’t even if we had the money because he does not defend enough.I am afraid that we are stuck with this boredom for a while yet and it may even bring a cup but the league will still be a million miles away.Maybe a cup might persuade Son andKane to stay but I have my doubts and if they leave we will be back in the pre Harry era god help us.Only a complete change of ownership will bring any thing different
  20. THFC Guest

    Haha the facts are indeed the facts and they do indeed speak for themselves despite some serial denial...give it a few years and there will be a feature on Mythbusters covering “the predicament of Tottenham Hotspur”.

    Myth - Poch was a terrible manager with no spine to challenge Levy for money to spend and did nothing with the best squad we ever had that he inherited from predecessors and did nothing to improve during his tenure leaving the worst side in PL history at the end of his reign despite all of the transfer opportunities afforded to him while not having a home ground to be based from (following the payment of a new training centre). Jose came in under the impression he would have a huge war chest (like every other role he has had) to replace all of the existing players that are not PL quality and are too old to play football yet will deliver trophies while not upsetting anyone in the team and despite the fact the players are completely ignoring his philosophy of attacking football by sitting deep and giving the ball away constantly and not defending for 90 mins with the players selected actually deciding on their own formation and tactics at kick off and choosing to defend on the edge of their own box to launch long balls for quick counter attacks to take advantage of Kane and Ndombeles pace. Also to improve Sissoko by using him as RCF, CAM, CDM & RB in the space of one season (especially with the attacking prowess he shows when shooting).

    Will make an interesting watch...


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