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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, September 14, 2018.

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  1. Guesty Guest

    sadly Preed these days football is only in the results industry.
  2. Guesty Guest

    and there's a JM result.
    Performance somewhat irrelevant after a 1-0 win to go top
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    3 points, Clean sheet, Top of the League .....
  4. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    can anyone say they were entertained by that or are you going on the result only as you were unlike me not fooled in paying 14.99 for that rubbish.Nobody can be not pleased with the result or our league position but the level of performance compared to city Chelsea and Liverpool is like chalk and cheese..We defended a lot better but still West Brom could have scored a couple.Are we going to be remembered like the George graham team 1.0 to the Arsenal who I know won the league but nobody liked watching.Son having one of his mares and Bale looks yards of pace at the moment.At least we did not have to suffer Winks
  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    It's interesting because we've played a lot better n have been at this stage already out of touching distance of the top 2 not even in the top 4.
    It's not been easy on the eye but u can't argue with the stats the crucial 1s that is.

    We've also been through a tougher game schedule than anyone else but currently across all comps it stands

    Played 15
    Won 10
    Drawn 3 (1 which won on pens)
    Lost 2
  6. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    The really good thing is the bile coming from the arses and Chelsea sites because we are above them long may it continue
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  7. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Gooners won’t be saying much tonight - 3 down to the Villa in added time and at home.....sweet.
  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Good old Arsenal :D:D:D:D:D:D
  9. THFC Guest

    It still seems to me that we are missing something and that something is a decent midfield play maker.

    Results wise, great...performance wise, meh...sometimes brilliant and sometimes not but that’s what gets points so we can’t complain.

    We really should go all out for Grealish...watching the way he picks the ball up, drives forward and sneaks a pass is the missing bit of our otherwise excellent attacking line up (IMO).

    Oh and Arsenal....bahahahahahahaha
  10. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Well, Baggies parked 2 and a half buses in front. Plus, up until Bale was pulled out, Spurs were playing with 10 men, practically.
    Everyone and their mothers by now know well how to play against JM teams. Slaven must have looked Antwerp tapes up as well. But he couldn't coach his goalie, who made a mistake that was enough for Harry to head the ball in.
    Good result, much more entertaining to me than, say, Haifa visit or trashing the Manure.
  11. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    On the playmaker theme Felon I keep watching Ndombele nearly falling over every time he tries to break away, head down, and absolutely agree. I thought that the early form that Lo Celso showed, taking players on and beating them was a good sign, but he’s not fit, neither of them really are. I’d like to see the pair of them start, but that would need a formation change, and Jose is risk averse. We’ve not had a player who could pick a decent pass since Eriksen’s early days.....’oh for a player like Glenn. Not getting Grealish when he was going for a song.....mmmm.
  12. Guesty Guest

    we had Son...... so if we had got Grealish we would have changed his position and changed him as a player.
    Not sure he would have been a replacement for an early central position Erikksen. different players for me.

    Hojbjerg has made a difference playing in his role.... which has allowed unfit players like LoCelso & NDombele to get pitch time in he protects the defence.
    Sissoko gets pitch time as he runs all day.
    But certainly a good central midfielder with passing ability would benefit the squad
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  13. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Spurporter you carry on with your criticism of Bale so come clean and admit you think we made a mistake in buying him.I have my reservations about him after nearly 2years without much football .He has a great football brain but will he ever get back his pace I doubt it but he still is the best dead ball kicker we have and I would expect a few free kick goals and decent delivery which we don’t get from anyone else
  14. Guesty Guest

    ....... and its a loan deal........

    Lots of money for someone to pay when he does finally leave Madrid
  15. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Seriously you doubt Ndombele? the boy is patently a cut above as clear as night follows day... he would be an absolute standout in a Madrid or Barcelona shirt so we're very lucky to have him. Just as an example, he would have had the most brilliant assist yesterday had Son not faffed about as he is often prone to do when not sticking it in the net.

    The issue is not the lack of a number 10... remember we have Dele gathering cobwebs as well. It's purely a matter of style. The football is far too direct... whether in transition or playing from the back. We play it forward quick and/or play it forward long. No number 10 is going to change Jose's philosophy... certainly not Grealish.
  16. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    How about we see how Ndombele does against Chelski’s midfield, then I’ll be more convinced. One nearly assist does not a player make - even if Sonny wasted it totally....and I’d compare Grealish favourably to Ndombele this season based on what I’ve seen.
  17. THFC Guest

    We must be watching something different...Ndombele has improved no end and is 100% better than last season. That being said, he still turns into trouble and gives the ball away near our goal a little too often and he still holds it for a split second too long on occasion. He is looking like he could be great but he isn’t the world beater that you are suggesting yet.

    Dele is not the type of player or the quality that I’m referring to so not sure why he is mentioned and with his work rate and attitude he is sat exactly where he should be.

    Eriksen was the nearest to what we need but thanks to a terrible attitude and a lack of ability to kick a corner above knee height still wasn’t it.

    Onto Grealish...we won’t get him however how have you managed to decide it’s Grealish or Son? Bit random as his best position is on the left side of 3 CM’s not left side of a front 3.

    I’m also unsure your being direct/quick transition observation makes any sense as well because the reason we need a Grealish (Or Tielemans) is because we don’t have anyone who can make ground with the ball at their feet and choose an effective pass on that quick transition? That’s exactly why we need someone who can make some yards and slip a through ball or pull a pass across to on of our own players (like a Grealish or Tielemans).

    I personally love Sissoko for his powerful runs and drive to go forward but his passing often lets him down. He at the moment should sit next to PeH until we can find a suitable replacement for him but should then remain as cover for the 2 x CDM’s.

    I am not convinced with Lo Celso who again can be great but can do nothing and have already mentioned Ndombele.

    That is why we need another creative CM IMO to help the front 3 score more in tight games where the opponents sit deep (Brighton/Burnley as examples). It’s a different story against teams that push high and press us.

  18. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Ndombele lit up City's midfield in the Champions League a season or two ago so I doubt Chelsea's will hold any fear. As for one nearly assist? well I guess you didn't see the exquisite back-heel last week either which could have been stuck in the net (and at the very least should have earned him a free kick at the top of the box).

    I'm not sure what you've been watching but I haven't seen a Spurs midfielder with such a natural flair and skill since... well... Glenn? And sorry Bazza47... no major European club would ever take Grealish over Ndombele given the choice. Perhaps in England... where there is a natural bias towards English players... but certainly nowhere else.
  19. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Grealish or Son? where on earth did you get that comparison? that is indeed random.

    Your description of Ndombele belongs to Lucas... a highly skilful player but one who in contrast often makes the wrong decision. You shouldn't conflate the two. Ndombele has been exceptionally good this term... as he was before we payed a record sum for him... really it should come as no surprise.

    I mentioned Dele because he is a natural number 10... and was a damn good one (who contributed plenty of assists) until two seasons ago. The boy has lost his mojo... something is not right with him (time will tell). But what is also clear is that this is not the system for him.

    Playing direct bypasses the need of a quality number 1o... as does playing quick. The idea is to create space so the passing does not need to be super precise. Yes when teams (such as Newcastle) play completely limp it is most desirable to have one... but most sides (even the bottom feeders) press high these days. Jose's solution will always be to play over the top.

    We definitely need another CM... we only have 5 and one of them is Winks. Grealish is good enough to play for us... the point is rather that he wouldn't change much at all.
  20. THFC Guest

    Sorry, just realised I responded to your earlier post....Son/Grealish was mentioned by someone further up the thread.

    Ndombele has been exceptionally better than last year but I’m not mistaking him
    For Lucas (who has been exceptionally rubbish apart from the CL semi final.

    Dele can do amazing things but his attitude is terrible and he has never been the player that we need for the JM system, he was more a Lampard style late arrival to the box which will not help create chances against 10 man defences such as Burnley and Brighton.

    Our MF (especially Winks) can’t thread a pass forward which is what players like Grealish and Tielemans can do which is why we need one of them. I read that Eriksn is being linked with a return, he can jog on too


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