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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, September 14, 2018.

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  1. Hurrikane Harry Member

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    I care, proud Spur for over 60 years, but take your point :)
    So much apathy and negativity around the club. So many of our so called supporters are a mixture of the tepid and the toxic.
    For so many years now, we've had one of the worst home supports in the top flight.
    Someone on another site said noone hates Tottenham more than Tottenham fans, theres a salty portion of truth in that.
  2. Guesty Guest

    ......and still people pay to watch this sh1te
  3. The Conte Guest

    I would think many are fed up with the owners of the club… so you can count yourself among the apathetic if you have a problem with that
  4. Hurrikane Harry Member

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    Im definitely not apathetic about Spurs. I have been ENIC out for many years, even when most were defending them.
    The problems with the Spurs fanbase lack of support for the team go back many years, even before ENIC.
  5. Difference is now it's not a football club.
  6. Genevaspurs Guest

    People pay to support the team ! Not to watch this ****.... It's the role of any Supporter. If you are not happy you can show your displeasure inside the stadium, outside the stadium and at the training centre.
    I won't renew my membership to show my sadness but I will always support Spurs till I die. Regardless the owner
  7. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    What a joke Levy is .Last week he said spurs had no interest in Nagleman now the Sunday times reports that the talks are back on.I have no reason to think the times are lying so what was Levy doing.It is now 55 days since we had a manager and in that time we have gone from 4th to 8th.,At what point does he realise that we need to clear out the dross before next season.This is fast becoming the joke of the year and as a spurs fan I am embarrassed
  8. The Conte Guest

    I’ve cancelled my Premier League subscription… only bought it for Spurs… I cancelled my UEFA subscription last year… as if we were ever going to do anything there

    Not being in England these days that’s the best I can do… I certainly don’t buy any f*cking merch

    I love Spurs… but under this ownership this club is a steaming turd
  9. The Conte Guest

    No one likes Spurs except for the people who do

    Sounds trite but that’s the truth

    I don’t see a problem with our fan base… just a problem with the ignorant greedy fools who run the club
  10. Hurrikane Harry Member

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    And yet so many defended ENIC for so long. Didnt want us to do a Chelsea or City, how many of them been cheering for City this season?
    When did we stop being a football club. Are City a football club, do their fans care, do the media care
    For me we're still a football club, just one with relatively unsuccessful owners, who have been holding us back for twenty years or so.
  11. Hurrikane Harry Member

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    Fair enough, I disagree and think our fanbase are a massive part of the problem. Both fanbase and our owners hold this club back. Probably the players and recent managers too, but ultimately their disappointing performances reflect on the owners who employed them
  12. Man city are a football club. Their aim is to WIN everything in football.
    English National Investment Company want returns on THEIR investments i.e. Djed Spence and other players who the managers didn't sign. They could spend more and compete better than we are but they know they won't get a big return on that investment by finishing second (aka arsenal) so they prefer to float around 5th or 6th and occasionally finish top four. This gives them the biggest bang for the buck. Meanwhile they can focus on everything but football to maximize profits but without further outlay. Taking punts on second /third tier big names such as lo celso or ndombele at 50 odd million is not worth it as it will needlessly eat into the NFL Beyonce profits, hence the change to "shot for nothing" buys such as Danjuma.We don't shop in the top tier of transfers as ENIC will not pay the wages required to attract the top players plus the top players know that the club has no intention of competing for trophies. levy does not understand football but he is a greedy narcissistic dictator and will cling to the relatively substantial profits he can make from minimum investment.
    Quarter of a century of failure on the pitch but a club they bought for 20M is now worth several billion. This is why I've stopped going (was an east stand ticket holder for 10 years) and stopped buying merchandise etc. This club need whatever it takes to get rid of ENIC starting with the relegation it deserves. Kane is only playing the loyal clubman narrative because his plastic agent brother signed him into a ridiculous 7 year deal.
  13. The Conte Guest

    Brilliantly said
  14. Guesty Guest

    I agree with you.....and did the same...... but ENIC have enough supporters who won't make a stand.

    Also....I have said Kane should go.....mainly because ENIC do not deserve his loyalty.

    (as Shearer said......he's top England scorer..... he will be top PL goalscorer..... and may well get a statue at Spurs.....which is maybe enough for him to stay at Spurs)
  15. Hurrikane Harry Member

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    Interesting so Man City are a football club
    Yet so many have told me over the last twenty when Ive wanted us to do a Chelsea or City, no we do want to be like them
    Fascinating how the times change, yet the morality situation remains the same
    Are the legions of previous naysayers changing their morals or by their silence tacitly admitting they were wrong sll around
    Anyway Im delighted that so many now are joining my previous minority view of ENIC out and billionaire benefactors in
    Trouble is, IF FFP is getting tougher we won't be able to benefit to the extent Chelsea and City have.
    All those naysayers and silent ones are a bit late in their conversion, but better late than never.
  16. I think the willingness to spend millions/billions to compete is just one aspect of it. Even if ENIC had a budget of 10 billion to focus solely on football they would still get it wrong because they do not understand football.
    I think fans saying they do not want to be like a Chelsea/City was just a coping mechanism to justify being stuck with ENIC and convincing themselves that the club is somehow sustainable and taking some kind of moral high ground but knowing deep down that ENIC will never deliver even close to minimal expectations of a "big club"(i.e. sign occasional star player at their peak 27/28 year old (not a Gil or a Perisic), win a trophy every 2-3 seasons). ENIC's business model is based solely on taking part and dropping just enough breadcrumbs to keep the fanbase believing that next year if could be different. The semi-fluky run to the champs league final 4 years ago only further encouraged them to believe they could paper over the cracks with minimal investment leaving us with some of the worst players in league.
  17. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    How's the attacking free flowing football going now that the shackles are off and 2 absolutely clueless managers Jose & Conte have buggered off?

    I've been telling you all for years now this squad is **** full of horrendous players with awful application/attitude etc and if it weren't for Kane we'd be in the relegation conversation.

    We were in 4th a point off 3rd when Conte told a few home truths, now we're free falling towards 9th.

    This is what happens when you keep putting plasters over massive cracks which is all we've done since Poch ran this club into the ground.

    The worst defence we've EVER had statistically in the PL.
    Yet what's the answer? Davies new contract, Dier new contract, Lenglet getting made permanent.

    With securing these dickheads along with Sessegnon Porro & Romero (Aggressive Dier) the next 2-3 managers are doomed before they even start at this diseased club.

    But as long as there's attacking football this fanbase would clap us into the championship instead of listening to serial winners making the best of a championship level squad.
  18. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    we will not get free flowing anything with this rubbish.Dier Lenglet Peresic Porro sessengon Porro and even Romero not good enough .We have no chance who ever comes in because we won’t be able to replace the past it players or unload the vast rubbish we have on loan.Be prepared for a battle to stay in the division next season,Maybe a relegation is the only thing to get Enic out.I think Kane deserves to try elsewhere and wish him well
  19. Guestu Guest

    Are you asking us to say you were the first to out ENIC???

    Sorry Hurrikane..... never heard of you 2 odd weeks ago
    or are you under a new name?
  20. Hurrikane Harry Member

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    I agree about the coping mechanism of many fans in nay saying of Chelsea and City. But that just highlights how hopelessly embarrassing their stance was. But what made it pathetic from some wad the righteous indignation they pilloried people like me who openly stated they would prefer City and Chelsea model
    There they stood on their moral high ground throwing rocks, while behind them glinted the huge glass houses they lived in. Every month more and more of these frauds are being exposed.

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