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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, September 14, 2018.

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  1. Jose's Ghost Guest

    For the filthy rich perhaps... PSG are a special case though... have never won it and have no domestic rival
  2. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Another 3 points thanks to son.Kane scored but his hold up play was naff.How can Conte keep playing Emerson and Sessengon at wing back when they are not any where good enough.Surely if you don’t have the right players for the system you change the system. Come on the hammers this afternoon although he is playing a weakened team to save players for Europe
  3. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Don’t think he has much choice with other injuries. Changing a system would be an error at this stage, better to have a couple of weak links in a system they know than get them to play in a different one they haven’t practiced as much.
    I think Ryan can be ok, Royal is a waste of space and needs to go as soon as possible Although Doherty was absolutely uselesss and he turned him around, so you never know
  4. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Thanks David Moyes
  5. THFC Guest

    Couple of things from the game today.

    Romero gave the most complete CB performance I have seen from a spurs player for as long as I can remember. Aggressive, calm on the ball, timing, passing, heading…he literally had it all today.

    Kulu changed the direction of the game today and his introduction was key to the win.

    All in all great performance and result again and hopefully we can maintain this for the final few games of the season.
  6. THFC Guest

    Tough one for Conte, he can only pick from the players he has available and the power of the squad playing to a system is greater than the individual performances from players we know need replacing in the summer IMO

  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Decent result against Leicesters C team those 2 utterly dire performances vs Brighton & Brentford have fvcked us for top 4 barring an absolute miracle.

    Not that we deserve to be anywhere near in contention considering how abysmal we've been over all, just so happens the league is a complete shambles from 3rd down.
  8. There’s only one side in the top half of the table who are a complete shambles… United

    Considering the sheer amount of money they’ve spent on transfers and wages they’ve been utterly hopeless… if you were a United fan I imagine your head would have literally exploded by now

    As for Arse-nal… I don’t follow them but from what I’ve seen… true to their name… they’ve arse mastered quite a few results the second half of the season

    They’re not superior to Spurs… but if they win out then you would have to accept they deserve it
  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Interesting read for those that want to deal in reality and facts.
    All this pretence that we're transformed is just that.
    Barring a miracle we've blown our strangest chance of top 4 coz the team couldn't be bothered to roll it's sleeves up and get results against Brighton & Brentford, while the "inferior" scum have just beat Chavs Utd & Spam on the bounce.
    These players are so dusted it's beyond comprehension how anyone still thinks many of them are good enough or worth another year of time wasting at Spurs.

    Romero Hojbjerg Bentancur Kulu Kane & Son are the only 1s worth keeping around beyond that we need major reinforcements if we wanna be a serious club.
  10. Jose's Ghost Guest

    This article was from a month and a half ago... just before Spurs went on their best run of form for the season... but even then no matter... from the numbers at that point in time...

    Nuno 10 games... 1.50 points per game... -7 goal difference... -0.7 goals per game

    Conte 17 games... 1.76 points per game... +14 goal difference... +0.8 goals per game

    And just for good measure...

    Jose 2020-21... 32 games... 1.56 points per game... +17 goal difference... +0.5 goals per game

    I would also strongly argue that Spurs had a better side last term... Gareth Bale anyone?

    So you've tried to fudge the numbers to your advantage... and still came out looking like a clown

    So what exactly is your point you utter pillock?
  11. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Why is it that Jose’s ghost must use personal insults when trying to prove a point.I don’t agree with all his views and say so often but don’t ever feel like using personal insults as it’s an opinion about football and nothing more
  12. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Don't be a snowflake... you dish out more than your ample share of abuse here to the club and all those associated with it

    Some... like the previous poster... make a living out of it

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion... but when a supposed Spurs fan just wants to continually dump on the club then they should be held accountable for all of the uninformed rubbish they spout
  13. Jose's Ghost Guest

    And just for the record... Conte's results as of today...

    24 games... 1.92 points per game... +27 goal difference... +1.12 goals per game

    So that just smashes either of his predecessors these last two years

    Enough of this nonsense
  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Haha fudge the numbers just popped up an article.

    None of the numbers were fudged all fact.

    And 1 calls others pillocks ......

    You can chirps all you want about .this & .that the fact of the matter is we only beat shite teams that are struggling n we lose to everyone else.
    We struggle to score more than last season and also to concede less by the looks of it but people like you will have us believe we were awful last season but brilliant this.

    All of the rationale was based on feelings over fact.

    This year we nose dived out of all comps under Conte with a whimper and because the league has been so **** we've found ourselves in the top 4 mix, but when it came to crunch time n we were in the driving seat we bottled 2 piss easy matches n have completely failed this season.

    Now had this been other managers you wouldn't be crowing about what's happened you'd be spitting feathers.

    And that's what I'm happy to point out on here because the double standards have been outrageous this last few years.

    And that's not me hating on Conte it's just pointing out the truths because he is working with the same dregs that Nuno & Jose were n hardly getting anything more out of them.
  15. THFC Guest

    As has been pointed out far too often, that’s not true though, is it?

    Both you and Preed seem like decent people but the levels of negativity that you bring is quite random.

    According to you, we have gone from having a squad far worse than all of the top half (and many of the bottom half) to being part of a league where only 2 sides are good.

    On multiple occasions, the “facts” you have given have been proven to be inaccurate (yet again today by Jose’s Ghost but that’s not the first time).

    Nino and Jose were both terrible for our performances and style of play and as has been shown not that great for results (In terms of numbers) either.

    Conte in a very short space of time has turned us from a team of international individuals with no real idea on how to collectively play to a team of players reaching their potential more often and gettting results from both better performances and by grinding them out. Yes we have had some slip ups but some of the teams that beat us put in the best performances of the season against us then rolled over against our competitors for 4th (Burnley, Utd, Chelsea, Southampton and Brighton to name a few).

    It’s very sad that despite our position and potentially for this season, you continue to drive the narrative of how terible we are all while mocking others for mentioning Poch (for bringing up the past) then continually doing the same with Nuno and Jose.

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  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    You're happy stuck in this charade that we're a great but misunderstood team.
    Punching above our weight plucky fighters.
    The truth is we were 3rd in a Europa Conference League group, we got humiliated 4 times by Chavs n with a whimper to go out the LG Cup, then we got totally out played by Middlesbrough to dive out the FACup.
    Now you can find comfort in saying none of this matters because we've been so starved of any success but the fact of the matter is this has been a tragic season.
    Even more so when out of sheer chance rather than being good we blow top 4 too.
    And that's not coz we've been quality it's because the rest of the challengers have been awful.
    You n Jose's Ghost can cosy up together with your holier than thou opinions of how you support the team but you're just living in pure denial.
    Once we lose to Liverpool the season will be done another complete and utter waste of time.
    Like I say if it makes u happy good luck to ya but trying to make out this season has been anything than a farce you're desperately clutching.
  17. THFC Guest

    Just opinions….they just differ to yours

  18. THFC Guest

    100% agree
  19. For those who want to deal in reality and facts you say?

    You then link an article that’s 6 weeks out of date

    The most amusing part is that the numbers you present don’t even support your argument

    So yes a post well worthy of ridicule
  20. Who ever said we were great? who ever said we were even very good?

    A great season? even if we finish 4th I wouldn’t consider that a great season… but apparently it’s all a farce now if we don’t get Champions League?

    You know when Pochettino did very well for a few seasons there you said it was only because the league was ****… now Conte has us in the race for 4th once again… it is again… as you say… only because the league is ****

    If we beat anyone it is because they’re ****… if we lose to anyone it’s because we’re ****

    So according to you… everything is ****… which really just suggests one thing… you’re a miserable git

    So enjoy that bed you made for yourself while the rest of us appreciate Spurs for exactly who they are… a good side but not the best

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