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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, September 14, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Oh look, play a decent side and they don't even have to get out of 2nd gear to beat this "transformed" side.

    Some of you still don't get it yet do you, the last 3 matches have been a shambles n if previous managers had the same performances n same results they'd of been slaughtered.

    Just look at the stats today v Chelsea reserves.

    But Conte won't get any blame for the same players still dropping 3/10 performances.

    I'll say it again its the players
  2. THFC Guest

    Nobody has said that our squad doesn’t need investment but we have been playing better than that performance showed following Contes arrival. Our players are much better than the showing they gave in that game. Let’s put things into perspective with Chelsea, they are £1 billion in debt and are one of a few teams with genuinely better squads than us. That being said, we lost due to the deficiencies on our right hand side with both Tanganga and Emerson proving to be really poor. I don’t think Emerson was a good signing at all as he seems to be scared to get at players, with his final ball being appalling. Preed was right when he said we let the decent Japanese fella go to Arsenal…the promise of a Brazilian clearly blinded our decision making process.
    Our second half was a huge improvement on the first but still wasn’t good enough. Conte has yet again called out the quality issues with the squad so let’s hope we start addressing some of the problems in January or 4th place will be a distant dream.

  3. jose's Ghost Guest

    You sound like the guy who spends a few quid on a rump steak and then complains to the chef why it doesn't taste like an eye fillet... just because it did one night

    Chelsea are clearly a deluxe side... European Champions... and no it wasn't their reserves... we were missing more starting outfielders than they were

    Anyway its just the Carabao... the last guy to win that was the worst Spurs manager in the last 18 years... I couldn't care less

    We clearly should have buried Liverpool after 30 minutes... dominated Watford away... were cheated by the officials against Southampton... yet we played 5 games in 12 days and were undefeated... the manager is doing a good job

    Again... if you're waiting for a return to 2016 like it's our God given right to be the best side in England on a beer budget then you may well be crying for the next 20 years
  4. THFC Guest

    Son is out until February with a muscle injury…be interesting to see how we cope with his absence as he has been pretty poor for the last couple of games (the injury could explain why).
  5. Big fran Guest

    Very clever interview from Conte yesterday regarding his short contract situation clearly putting the onus on the club to match his ambitions, give him the tools and then he will extend his contract if successful obviously. Will it happen.?? I doubt it to be honest but he's been a breath of fresh air for me. You would have thought the club would have had deals in the fire ready to act decisively on the 1st of Jan giving conte the best possible chance of top 4 wouldn't you. Glaringly in need of a right wing back, centre half and centre mid creativity. I'd be looking to sign Kessie on a pre contract and then negotiate an early release fee. We are so so poor in centre mid hojbjerg is treading water and skipp playing far too much hense why winks has come back into the fold we are that threadbare. Get doherty, dele, gio, moura, sanchez/rodon winks out the door and off the wage bill and bring in 3 quality players and maybe another CF. Lamptey Kessie Botman.
  6. THFC Guest

    Couldn’t agree more with everything you have said

  7. Genevaspurs Guest

    What to say ... Gollini does not seem very serene. Only Rodon was good defensively. Tanganga and Davies are mediocre players. Just like Doherty. Sessegnon does not give the hoped-for guarantees. Winks made a decent match. Just like Ndombele who should not come out in my eyes ... Dele did Dele ... We expect so much more. Gil brings liveliness but is very messy and finally, Lo Celso is sorely lacking in playing time. Ditto, he does not bring enough in my eyes. He could have gone out before instead of Ndombele who brings a certain offensive vision that we miss. Good return from Lucas and Kane. If Levy and Joe Lewis do not see that it is necessary to invest quickly to hope to reach the top 4 then it is because they are nearsighted or even blind ... Wednesday will be another day .. COYS!
  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    There were only 3 Premier league level players on that pitch today, they started on the bench and even 2 of them are average at best.
  9. THFC Guest

    We can put some blame onto Gollini for the goal but the real question is why did Tanganga let Rudiger have a free run and unchallenged header?
  10. THFC Guest

    So Tanganga is losing Rudiger on every corner and free kick which is a real problem….I have another question…why is Kane our nominated free kick taker? Other than a fortunate one for england, when was the last time he scored a free kick?
  11. Guesty Guest

    sadly we still have 11+ sh1te players...... and no amount of polishing will help them

    I said it a while ago....... but if Conte isn't given freedom to buy the players he wants....he will be Man U manager next season
  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I thought these players just needed coaching?

    I was told that we're transformed.

    I was told that we had a style now.

    Play anyone decent we get exposed.

    Why are we playing Matt Doherty LWB?

    Is Conte being nasty to Dele & Tanguy?

    Why can't Tanganga defend anymore?

    If you jumped on the see we're going places now train coz we struggled to beat cannon fodder you've fell asleep n missed your station.
  13. THFC Guest

    Second half was a lot better than the first and on another day we could have pushed a lot closer on the result.

    We are way better than our previous 2 managers showed and Conte has openly called for changes (which is more than Nuno managed in his short time). JM was afforded some signings and look how they worked out…he is performing similar miracles at Roma now and has alresdy started blaming his players so don’t expect him there for too long.

    For the players you mentioned, have you seen the interview with Conte? It may give you some insight to Ndombeles absence but at least he isn’t throwing everyone under a bus. Alli is cack and rightly wasn’t playing. Sess is just back from injury so who else could play at LWB? Tanganga is having a mare….not much else that can be said.

    If you can’t see the improvements from the players we do currently have, IMO, you have been missing something but yes, we do need some players this month to help make sure we get to 4th place.

  14. THFC Guest

    Agree with that…if we don’t back him, there is only Levy to blame and not sure where we would go if we lost him to United

  15. Dreamz Guest

    You are totally bias to tell us Conte is disgracing Tonguy and Delle whiles every coach present complained about their sluggish performance whiles spectators too have see their lazy approach to every opportunity give to them to prove their worth.
  16. Guesty Guest

    I've seen Conte to Man U odds at 40/1.......might be worth a flutter

    I used to say we needed to replace 14.......
    but Doherty, Sanchez, Davies, Dier, Royal, Winks, Lo Celso, Alli, Ndombele, Bergwijn & Gil...... 11.....need replacing.....
    too many of them on the pitch weakens us hugely. most of them don't know when to stay... when to go..... how to move into space.....

    I read an article where Barcelona paid £8m for Royal..... and a short time later we paid £ who is in charge of this nonsense??
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  17. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    We are now into Jan the 13th and no moves seem in the pipeline.Is this going to be another Levy masterclass on how to **** up the transfer deadline
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  18. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Will the league be fooled by Arsenal request to suspend Sundays game.Don’t know how many Covid suspects there are but I suspect not enough to stop gameThe Arse are more worried about injuries and players at the Africa’s cup and that is the norm and should not let them hide behind the covid rule.Remember the league making us play with food poisioning
  19. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Is anybody else worried that we seem to be throwing everything at a second rate Moura from Wolves while the arse seem to be at the front of signing vlahovic a striker we could do with .Is this Paratici really a good thing or not I am not impressed so far
  20. THFC Guest

    He had a stinker with Emerson and I’m not convinced with Gil yet. It’s tough to judge test but the next couple of weeks could be really telling. If we don’t go for Vlahovic then we really do have huge problems ahead. We absolutely need a decent striker and he is the only one that seems to fit the bill (although I’ve never actually watched him). There are 3 key positions that Conte has called for along with the 2 x FB places which we all know need fixing. If we get Vlahovic, Kessie and Bremer/De Vrij/De Ligt then Paratici is quality. If we don’t then we can be forgiven for being worried, especially if it means it risks Conte staying.


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