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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, September 14, 2018.

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  1. Jose's Ghost Guest

    What on earth are you talking about son?

    You plainly stated upon your own volition that anyone who doesn't agree with Felon82 is stupid... a staggeringly mind bending declaration... honestly I thought you had more sense than that

    I simply countered your wackness by stating the bleeding obvious... anyone who does agree is a certified dumbass... why take offence to that?
  2. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    I am not your son don’t be so patronising Jose’s ghost and i was referring to you calling someone a dumbass nothing to do with what you post about me as I am too thick skinned to let a youngsters opinion matter.I do believe that any body who does not see this squad for the spent force it is does not understand football.But then at least I seem to agree with Conte and he is our manager
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  3. THFC Guest

    iPhones didn’t exist when we last won a trophy

  4. THFC Guest

    We cannot possibly change the entire squad so anyone that thinks that is on the wrong track. Realistically there are 8 players who we would want to keep with the rest a mixture of ok sometimes and dreadful others.

    The 8 include Kane but to be fair he should be punted for as close to £100m as we can get with 2 x strikers to replace him with the proceeds.

    We then need to sign and sell 5 or 6 which is what everyone seems to agree with on here (despite some saying it’s the entire squad).

    The coach can improve what we have but remember they have had over 2 years playing deep defensive puntball while having any team spirit sucked out of them.

    Conte can and will improve what we have and when we buy and sell what we need to in January and the summer, we will be a very different side.

    The important thing is to do as well as possible in the league to try and secure CL spot if at all possible and if that means letting go of the cack European competition, so be it.

    We still have some very good players who will get better now Conte is here…it’s not all or nothing as some would seem to think.

  5. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Game off today but team picked before postponement included Sanchez why.I don’t see Rodon in training but he must be bad if Sanchez is in front of him.The same Sanchez that cost us two goals in midweek.
  6. THFC Guest

    Really good first half, love the energy and press..really impressed with the effort when we lose the ball against the counter attacks
  7. Jose's Ghost Guest

    True THFC

    Conte's influence is starting to be felt... still some work to be done in fully implementing that... particularly in the final third where too many good opportunities are still breaking down

    Great shame about Romero... not only our best centre-back... but absolutely born to play in this system

    Hilarious how the reprobates around here who've been bleating these past two years about swapping our squad with (fill in the blank... Leicester/Wolves/Everton etc) completely disappear when we do well... no worries though... they'll be back just like clockwork when we lose a game
  8. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Spent force?

    Compared to what?


    You do realise that was the best Spurs side in close to 60 years don't you? And even that wasn't good enough for some of the absolute no hopers around here

    Yet apparently that's just all par for the course now is it? Laughable

    Just so you know... that historically top side came about as a result of an excellent manager and some extremely astute and fortuitous and ridiculously inexpensive transfers

    You're not going to get a Vertonghen... or an Alderweireld... or an Eriksen... or a Dembele... for 10 to 15 million pounds these days son

    So again... exactly what planet are you fools living on?
  9. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    This team beat the city first game but since then we have not beat a top 8 side and have been humiliated in Europe by a third rate team. Conte is a breath of fresh air and has improved our attitude and has a run of fixtures that could see us in the top 4 but don’t let that fool you that this is a good squad .If we want to compete on a regular basis we need recruitments asap
  10. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Already a good squad

    A couple of additions and it will become very good
  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    A draw with Everton (only team they've not lost to in last 7)
    A loss to Mura (only formed in 2012)
    Just about nicked a win vs Leeds B team.
    Beat an atrocious Brentford side (1 win in 6)

    Doing well ......

    Once again the permanently moist gets ahead of itself coz we've struggled n just about beat 2 woeful PL teams.

  12. THFC Guest

    Can you really not see an improvement in our fitness levels, pressing and general attacking play over the last few weeks?

  13. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Now hang on... didn't you say Everton... among a host of other mediocrity... had a better squad than us? so by your logic a draw away to a superior side such as them should be a good result... shouldn't it?

    You can't seem to keep up with yourself let alone anyone else
  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Saying that certain sides have players that would walk into our side or are very samey to about 85% of our squad does not = better, just how overhyped our squad is.

    I know it's hard for you to understand these things without it being 1 extreme to the other but il help you where necessary.
  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Not really, people are clutching badly.
    There's not really much difference in between Nunos start to what Contes done.

    If you're measuring against where it all fell off then improvement is getting a shot off which isn't exactly an achievement.

    All the games have been slugfests and if you're being honest with yourself could've gone either way. (And this vs 3 woeful form PL teams)

    So desperate for positives people kid themselves.
  16. THFC Guest

    I just don’t see that, in Nunos start, we sat deep, only pressed around our box and launched the ball long at the first opportunity.

    We are starting to press from the front, are using formations to make best use of the players that we do have and we actually look like we have the desire and effort to get results.

  17. THFC Guest

    I’ve just found this quote from Ben Davies that compares Conte with his predecessors -

  18. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Spoken like a true narcissist

    You're the only one around here who displays absolutely no subtlety of thought son... I mean you can't even differentiate between different styles of football... you really need to educate yourself because it's bleeding obvious to everyone else

    Spurs have a good squad... it's not among the top 4 this year but no Spurs fan in his right mind would wish to swap it for any of these dross clubs you've been suggesting have more talent these past two years... but I must say it would be very humorous to see your reaction after a couple of games if you suddenly got your wish and we had Leicester's lineup
  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Feel free to educate on the zero shots on target vs an Everton in woeful form again missing their main striker like Leeds were.
    Then the different style they employed vs Mura that brought us a better performance than pacos?
    Then getting outplayed by Leeds B team for 60mins, and scraping a win from a deflected free kick and rebound.
    We beat Brentford midweek, I was there it was a case of we took our chances we were by no way in charge of that game at any point.
    Like we've not been for about 3 years.

    Every game is anyone's guess whether wel nick something or get totally outplayed.
    It's mid table standard players hence every game being a slug fest.
  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    After Norwich are out the way depending on how woeful they are we might nick another win.

    But then we face Rennes Brighton Leicester & Liverpool.
    Some decent sides with decent players that will be more of a genuine leveller where we are at.

    Instead of wetting the bed over beating relegation fodder B teams just

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