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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, September 14, 2018.

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  1. Jose's Ghost Guest

    So refreshing to have a top top manager at the club again... 352 (or some variation to that effect) is the way to go particularly when you have good ball playing centre halves... typical Spurs finish though after an entertaining and dominating start but a win is a win is a win... the future suddenly looks good

    Let's not let them entirely off the hook of course but you have to give the board some credit for owning up to their mistakes these days... whether that be furloughing staff... signing up for ill advised super leagues... or hiring a homeless Santo

    Fans deserve much credit too for making their displeasure clearly known and eliciting the change
  2. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Why on earth would you frame anything Jose has to say (particularly about Tottenham Hotspur)? his good quotes... just like his best days... are well behind him

    Nuno is his bud... his compatriot... his ex player... Nuno also made Jose look half decent

    Conte is a bitter rival whom Jose had a very lengthy public spat with not so long ago... Conte is also not going to make Jose look good... much like he did at Chelsea
  3. THFC Guest

    Everyone on this site, in the press and even Conte himself all think the squad needs some changes but we will not be changing 22 players. The current squad should and could do much better, the shape change against Vitesse with press far further up the field shows that it’s possible and the change actually made use of the players we do have (for 30 minutes at least which given it was the day after his arrival is a good sign). An extra hours training today is the start of some major changes that Conte will implement and if we can swap out 6 players for 6 that suit Contes systems we will be in a much better position. That being said, we will be keeping some DF and MF and Conte can absolutely improve them with his coaching and formation/tactics.

  4. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Mourinho is more accomplished manager than Conte, like it or not.

    Since most supporters not knowing any better judge the managers by number and quality of trophies, Mou is standing higher. Yet, both are/were the WIN NOW couches. Spurs are not ready for winning anything. Not now not any time soon. You are high on sugar, forgetting of being a diabetic. There will be point in time when Conte results will be better, yet very much comparable to that of Mourinho. We could be the first club with no trophies for Conte.

    Yes, he can make Levy to spend, but we need 4-5 windows to get what Conte wants. By that time there will be openings at better clubs.

    I predict Spurs will get Roma at some point in UECL and will lose to Mou and his Giallorossi. Hope, I am wrong, but... UECL is the only realistic thing to win.
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  5. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    At least Conte seems to have got more running out of the team but he will now know that he has a desperately poor squad.I did believe that he would get Kane performing but once again he was spurs poorest player.Levy will come to regret not taking the money from city because on current form no club would buy him.It seems that Conte is prepared to use all the squad before he knows his best team but he will do it in stages and not by making 10 changes all at once.I suppose we would have lost that game under Nuno.long road ahead roll on january
  6. Guesty Guest

    surely he'll never play NDumb again? (he's like a sad old uncle getting up to dance at a wedding.... and someone saying "he used to be a dancer in his youth". does he do anything? NDumb is sh1t end of. )

    surely he will never play Doherty on the left?

    both teams today desperately short of anyone really creative.... or anyone who could carry the ball and beat players......
  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    If Nuno or Mourinho dropped that performance they'd get slated.

    If they'd made them subs they'd of got slated.

    Another 90mins zero shots on target other managers would've been slated for that.

    BUT we have to pretend coz it's Conte that it's different.

    (This isn't saying Conte is poor)

    But as I've said all along unless you have capable quality players it doesn't matter who's in charge, and that's the biggest problem with this squad.
  8. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Wackiest post I've seen in awhile... and that's saying something

    So let's see if I follow... Ndombele played a whole 5 minutes today and for that performance he should never play again... and then in the same breath... we were desperately short of anyone creative today... anyone who can carry the ball and beat players. In other words... we were desperately short of Ndombele

    Hard to argue with that logic... lol
  9. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Jon Moss saved us from the loss. It was a penalty, Hugo!

    Two midtable teams going against each other. That what it was...
  10. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Okay hard to believe but somehow things just got a little wackier

    Clearly not a penalty... VAR suggested the referee review it... referee watched the replay and overruled himself
  11. Guesty Guest

    If NDombele is the answer it is a fecking stupid question
    The bloke will never be good enough for the Prem league.
    He is sh1t
  12. THFC Guest

    In their first week? That’s not true is it….
    The performance was better, the pressing was better, we played football rather than hopeful punt ball. We played compact but higher up the field which is an improvement to watch at the very least.

  13. THFC Guest

    That was never a penalty, hand to ball first then one of the premier leagues most renowned divers doing his thing

  14. THFC Guest

    I have to say, I do think Ndombele needs to go but he should have been given longer and can’t be judged on the few minutes he played. Doherty shouldn’t get near the team full stop but there are a few players that will quite possibly be offloaded in January and he is one of them so a few minutes here and there to help a sale isn’t all bad (especially given how many times Regy gave the ball away on the left).

  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    You can kid yerself it's better it's not.
  16. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    It’s only 5 days how can you judge either way
  17. Guesty Guest

    me...... I'm not judging Conte
    ..... the players...... yes......
    we only have a handful that are good enough....... and hopefully Conte will see that and replace the waste. (I've said 14 for a year or more..... but maybe now only 11)
    For Conte to join he must have said to DL that he needs to bring in a number of players....... otherwise why would he take over this shower of sh1te. (especially with Manure almost likely to replace OGS..... and him apparently keen on that)

    NB...... for the hard of understanding I asked what 'does' NDombele do......not what 'did' he do..... meaning always..... not just in the 5 minutes yesterday.
    We cannot carry players. And if some think he is our ball player....... he needs to work more, defend more and create more...... because he does none of those.
    A couple of good things is not good enough.
  18. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Whether you like it or not Ndombele is the best midfielder at the club... and no disrespect to Hojbjerg... but by a country mile

    Ndombele would get a game anywhere except at Spurs... yes apparently we're that good... let's just wait and see where he goes when he inevitably departs

    You can question his engine... you can question his motivation to play for us... but frankly he's been so poorly managed here in London I wouldn't blame him at all if he wanted out... sitting him in favour of Winks or Skipp? give me an effing break

    Until then... given that a midfield pairing of Skipp and Hojbjerg offers practically no threat going forward then I would think it obvious that Spurs absolutely cannot afford to NOT play him if we are to have any hope of making top 4
  19. Guesty Guest

    I didn't say anyone else was better than him.......I don't believe we have a good enough creative midfielder at the club.
    Hojbjerg is good at what he does but we need an 'Eriksen in his prime' type player if you like.
    NDombele has been here a while but looked tired in the 5 minutes hec was in yesterday.... 5 minutes!
    Poorly managed probably..... but his lack of fitness is shocking..... and in the Prem you need that.
    He might be fine in a European league.

    'IF' Conte can get him fit enough to be a box to box 90 minute player who can consistently impact the game I will happily change my view
  20. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    It will be interesting to see which players can buy into Contes fitness regime before any tactical changes.I am afraid that I fear for Ndombele who does not seem to have the metabolism for an athlete.I don’t doubt his talent which would probably flourish in the more technical leagues like Spain or France but the premiership is too quick and robust for him to thrive..We desperately need a proper midfielder and I suspect that Conte knew this before he came which makes me think he is already planning for January.Interesting that he tried Doherty but all that did was show how useless he is.I suspect that the players who need the fitness the most are probablyKane and Dier who are painfully slow.Won’t be surprised if he gives Winks some time because he can run although technically he is useless.All in all he has a huge job on his hands but his after match comments made it very clear that he knows the weaknesses which is refreshing to hear instead of the patronising ******** that we got from Mourino andNuno

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