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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, September 14, 2018.

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  1. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Vinicius is a loan no fee for him
  2. Guesty Guest

    Yeah I keep forgetting that.
    Mainly because he is sh!te and we haven't sent him back.
    He's still here so I think he is ours.
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Looking for Jose's Ghost, has anyone seen/heard from Jose's Ghost ?????
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I spose last night's enthralling encounter was much better than served up by the previous dud?

    So far result for result the only thing that's been improved is beating Wolves who are safe and trying out squad players.
    Every single other department has been inferior.
    We thumped Saints, beat SheffUtd, put 3 past Leeds, beat Villa all under the dinosaur.
    Now the shackles are off and on the front foot they're doing worse.

    As I said they would.

    And it's the players that are the problem.

    As I said it was.

    But you can continue to pretend it's much better now and we're playing good football if it makes you feel better.
  5. Guesty Guest

    Transfer Market Value has the following 'guide'......

    £1.8m - Hart
    £16.2m - Doherty
    £22.5m - Reggie
    £31.5m - Sanchez
    £22.5m - Dier
    £19.8m - Winks
    £14.4m - Lamela
    £11.7m - Sissoko
    £27m - LoCelso
    £28.8m - Alli
    £22.5m - Bergwijn
    £18m - Aurier
    £22.5m - Moura
    £45m - NDombele
    £14.4m - Davies
    £3.6m - Rose

    getting rid of all is clearly mad.... but hopefully we can move some on and get others in who are top4 material
  6. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Agree that the football has not improved but don’t use that as a recommendation for Mourino.He was the a big mistake and even levy knows that now.Wouldthe results been different if he had stayed to the end of season? Who knows but one thing is certain they would not be worse than with Mason in charge.Is there any other club that would put a29 year old player development man in charge of a dispirited bunch of has been.The very title of his job tells you he has not been very succsessful in developing this lot and where are the great academy products.I said that I would not criticise him but his team selections defy logic and the reappearance of Winks and the complete shunning of Rodon and Ndombele tells you he is so out of his depth.His game management last night was non existent .I dread what he will do at leicester and expect to finish the season with a hiding.By the way Jose’s ghost is very quiet on all fronts
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  7. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Just seen guesty post on transfer market values.If correct then we should get rid of all of them.who would pay20 mill for Winks and31 mill for Sanchez
  8. Guesty Guest

    my guess is DL wouldn't sell for less... unless in their final year of contract
  9. THFC Guest

  10. THFC Guest

    No one expected anything from Mason as far as I have seen on here? We have had a couple of games where we seemed to play with a bit more attacking intent but then we revert to performances that have been typical of the entire season. Based on Mason and JM, I don’t see a great deal of difference between either in terms of improving the squad or performances. Yes we need to sell players and yes the remaining ones need to improved but neither JM or Mason are capable of doing that job well, so it will be good to get the last game out of the way and start again.

  11. Jesper Active Member

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    It is not like we've not seen this before.
    Three huge individual errors leading to two goals, I am not sure how Lloris didn't give away a penalty and it could have been worse. Regy has been lucky, his mistakes hasn't been punished as much before but this match the mistakes caught up with him.
    Midfield not controlling the game. Grealish is good so seeing him get away a few times was expected but the movement of the ball and the movement off the ball are not up to standard. CM can't make themselves available to receive a pass without dropping down to be almost level with CBs?
    Great finish by Bergwijn.
    Son invisible when playing out wide.

    Team-selection looked a little odd. The position where Alli played could be played by about 4-5 players, other positions might barely have one good enough (unbalanced squad).
    The formation... The best one for me with the current group of players would be 352.

    The key to getting consistency is often practice. Possibly the defenders haven't been practicing defence enough as they seem inconsistent.
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  12. enic out Guest

    Winks is the worst footballer i have ever seen. Cant tackle (gives away fouls constantly), offers no cover for the defence, cant read the game and is constansty out of position, cant play a pass into a teammates stride, under hits passes no long range passing, no pace, cant run, physically very weak and easily brushed off the ball, has poor shooting technique, turns slowly, passes the ball backwards unnecessarily, starts no attacking moves, unfit and not able to keep up with the pace of the game, lacks conentration, shows no fight or courgage, aimlessly wonders around the pitch, plays walking football, sulky demeanour. Even Southgate has realised he is a waste of space but Mason plays him for 70 minutes yesterday. Obviously Winks is just one of a number of players who need moving on but he is oftern a common denoninator in the very worst performances (west ham 3-3, zagreb, villa etc etc).
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  13. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    I would not say he is the worst I have seen as we have Dier and Sissoko who run him close.But why if we can see it did Mason bring him back for our most important game in the final.Surely Levy saw this and must have wondered what he had done by letting him loose to pick his mates and should not have left him in charge.Goes to show that the first thing we must do is remove levy from all things football
  14. Jose's Ghost Guest

    For you Felon82 always
  15. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Levy is foundering no doubt...

    From becoming the first chairman in EPL history to not purchase a single player in a summer window

    To unceremoniously sacking Pochettino 12 games into a new campaign after he had led Spurs to the height of European football on a shoestring budget some months before

    To hiring the excruciatingly antiquated Jose Mourinho... the worst Tottenham manager in over 10 years

    To furloughing staff during a global pandemic

    To signing onto a European Super League (a good idea but poorly implemented) and then humiliating reneging after just two days

    To firing Jose and replacing him with an equally bad 29 year old youth academy coach

    To all but showing Harry Kane the door

    Did I miss something?
  16. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Now now I can't be here all the time... I have this thing called a life (particularly after a **** show like yesterday)

    Rest assured though I try to contribute something after every game rain or shine... which is more than can be said of you

    The positive from yesterday? we controlled the ball well

    The negative? without the ball our midfield and backline was as stout as a turnstile
  17. Jose's Ghost Guest


    We have played better since as the statistics reflect

    Let the record show... Mason will finish his Spurs career with a better win % than Jose (not by much you would think after yesterday)

    The fact that a 29 year old youth academy coach (who is frankly quite clueless) compares favourably with the previous dud says all you need to know about the great Jose's time at Spurs
  18. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Reads like hyperbole but in fact all entirely true

    I have zero sympathy... absolute zero... for any manager in their wacked out mind who could ever play Winks (a certifiable paperweight of a footballer) over a naturally sublime talent like Ndombele

    Then again Winks is what I'd call a rich man's Mason... an ever so slightly more skilful English blowhard who attempts to make up for his glaring lack of talent by trying almost embarrassingly hard

    Given the current manager it all makes perfect sense
  19. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Jose’s ghost what match were you watching if you think we controlled the ball.If as I expect we get stuffed by Leicester then Mason will have 2 wins out of 6 not even Jose was that poor.We do agree that Mason is clueless and only increases the horrendous decisions that the bald idiot has made.I wanted the worlds greatest coach gone but not to be replaced by a schoolboy who picks his mates.I expect him to complete the farce on Sunday by picking Sissoko?Only joking I hope
  20. Guesty Guest

    ..... maybe a back 6 of... Aurier, Sanchez, Dier, Davies, Sissoko & Winks.....

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