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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, September 14, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    According to rumours Levy wants the next manager to be more in the Pochettino mould.

    Why sack him then in the 1st place?

    Levy has to be the biggest Charlatan in football. How anyone can support that absolute ***** still is just a glutton for punishment.

    Just watch us get a younger coach in to try and emulate what Poch did but minus a younger more quality spine of a team to build from and it fail miserably.

    This team needs a lot more than just a coach and it will be proven as it unfolds.
  2. Cheshuntboy Guest

    According to the BBC website, Levy is 'in no hurry' to appoint a new manager, which is pretty much what he said after sacking Hoddle back in 2003, and look what a mess he made of that. Pleat as 'caretaker' from the September right through to the following summer, at which point the barely-known Santini took over (purely because he was in dispute with the French FA, and wanted to give them two fingers), introduced 'bus-parking' to the PL, and then resigned after eleven games. Yes, Jol was promoted to take-over, so it ended relatively happily, but what kind of chairman stumbles into his three passable managers (Jol, Redknapp and Pochettino) only because he needs someone to sort out the mess left by his carefully planned disastrous ones (Santini, Ramos and AVB/Sherwood)? At least Gerald Ratner and Robert Maxwell had the decency to jump ship (literally in the latter's case) when they'd destroyed their companies' reputations, but nothing Levy does seems to threaten his position, and we can no doubt look forward to ENIC's twenty-fifth anniversary in 2026 without the silver polish making much of a dent in the club's budget, or Spurs figuring more often in the sports pages than the cartoons.
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  3. Genevaspurs Guest

    Hello from Geneva ;-)
    I have enjoyed reading your exchanges for 4 days. We can talk for hours on end and that won't change a thing I don't think. I believe the only and best solution is for Enic and Levy to get off the boat now! May someone powerful redeem our beloved Spurs and put new blood and quality on all floors. In the management team, in the technical staff, in the scouting, in the coach who must feel supported and dana young quality players who believe in a project over 2 to 4 years minimum! I can't come to England to support a demonstration that would push Enic and Levy out, but if anything needs to be done ... It's now and by you who are there. All the supporters of the big clubs who are not happy with the turn of events with their club show their deep disagreement and demand sanctions and actions! Now is the time to act ... COYS!
  4. Guesty Guest

    I've been critical of Aurier so only fair to say he had a decent game tonight.
    don't think Sheff Utd really asked him any questions defensively but on the ball he was positive and he made good runs without the ball.

    4 great finishes

    Kane looked a little disheartened. hopefully only because he didn't score!
  5. THFC Guest

    I know the opposition were poor but we look so much better presssing to win the ball back as it’s so much more positive in terms of helping to create chances and limiting opponents to chances.

    Bale and Alli looked decent, always wanting to get on the ball and the more game time they get, the sharper they will be (just hope in the last few games Alli has a decent attitude as when he is chasing and trying he is a good player).

    Chelsea have a tough run in and along with CL means there could be some points dropped. If Liverpool drop some as well we could still make top 4 which would be a miracle.

    The 3 starters to focus on replacing would be Aurier, Dier and Lo Celso - Aarons, Andersen and Bissouma get my vote.

    Roll on next weekend...
  6. THFC Guest

    I agree, fair play to Aurier this evening but they were awful and he still leads the way for needing replacement for me.
    You are right about Kane, he didn’t look himself at all but fingers crossed it was just an off day

  7. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Let’s wait till we play Leeds before judging .But it was an improvement although Sheffield really are one of the worst teams in recent memory with 27 losses.Just hope Levy does not see this as a reason to give the job full time to Mason who still keeps putting Winks on.
  8. THFC Guest

    I think Potter would do a decent job and they have a couple of decent players in positions we need...surely Mason can’t get it no matter what he does

  9. Jesper Active Member

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    I was a bit surprised by the starting line-up with Alli preferred over Moura. Didn't matter in the end and there were some comment about Moura not training? so probably the right call.

    Lo Celso showed for the ball and suddenly Spurs could play using the midfield. He might be better further up the pitch but he might be the best one currently at the club for doing the tidy work.

    Sheffield U were really really poor in the first half. Some of their players seemed lazy and not caring about the match. To some extent understandable but seemed unprofessional and might not get them bought by anyone or much playing time.

    Really happy about not doing the classic mistake of trying to defend a lead by putting in Sissoko. Seen it too many times this season, what happens is that the midfield is lost and Spurs being pushed down so deep that the threat of counter-attacks is almost gone and the pressure on the defenders might lead to a mistake and conceding.

    Kane was not good, hopefully that is not an indication of anything like him thinking about requesting a transfer. Hopefully he'll lift his form again and hopefully he'll decide to stay where he is the main man and might still win trophies. Might be too much of the main man at Spurs, he's playing every minute when he is fit to play and form does not matter.
  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Southampton 2 - 5 Spurs
    SheffUtd 1 - 3 Spurs

    Spurs 2 - 1 Southampton
    Spurs 4 - 0 SheffUtd

    "See the difference when you play on the front foot"

    Spurs 3 - 0 Leeds
    Leeds - Spurs next .....

    Just a bit of perspective to the 'resurgence'
  11. Guesty Guest

    I have agreed with your previous posts about JM and the lack of ability of the players.......
    And have actually said that 14 can be replaced......
    but perhaps for the remaining games this squad & manager could seek to find some positives
    We all want the club to succeed after all

  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    There's absolutely nothing negative about that it's just stating facts.
    We were led to believe by the media and the anti José agenda fans that we just parked the bus never scored or attacked.
    And now that we've beaten a safe nothing to play for saints side and a relegated SheffUtd it's all being painted as a relief or massive turnaround, when the actual results show what the reality is/was.

    Just pointing it out for perspective & reality purposes, and just how over egged n disingenuous it's all been and will continue to be.
  13. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Have to agree with felon we played Southampton and Sheffield with Jose and won 8 for 3 against with Mason 6 for 1against so can’t really say that we are on an upward curve yet
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  14. Guesty Guest

    Yep agree with both of you.
    I was just suggesting that we all think positively for the last few games.

    I thought the mindset was better yesterday. Yes we played an awful side...... but we have sat back previously against 'lesser than us' teams. We needed to be on the front foot and I think we were.
    I've said before if your LB & RB can get square, or just in front, of you defensive midfielder (rather than your CBs) it shows a positive mindset.
  15. So refreshing to see Spurs assert themselves with a commitment to the full press and playing the ball to feet

    Haven’t seen us play like that in close to two years

    Bale’s played the equivalent of 8 games now and scored 9 goals

    A great signing as initially advertised that’s been criminally misused this season
  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Everything literally everything had to be painted negatively before.

    Yet similar results are now different?

    What happens if we don't beat Leeds convincingly?

    Will all those who lambasted the last manager for any result that wasn't a big win be piling in again or will that be different too?
  17. Exactly
  18. Barring a miracle now Jose blew Champions League... it’s as simple as that

    Notwithstanding results there was absolutely nothing else redeemable about his time with us

    And no expectations aren’t overly high for an interim youth coach but to his credit he at least knows how football should be played particularly at a club like Spurs
  19. Guest Guest

    Can't plot a curve with 2 points. Not sure if it's even meaningful with six. Could just be a temporary turn either way.

    When we played Southampton beginning of the season, we weren't negative like during the last days of JM's reign. We went all out instead of trying to defend a narrow lead. So we are comparing similar style of football with similar results. That's how I see it. I don't think there's a contrast in attacking mentality.
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  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Of course this has/had nothing to do with the players they're completely absolved of their utter shambolic bordering on negligent performances?
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