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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, September 14, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Since 2019 between MP & JM Spurs spent £233m on players.
    Not 1 player has been a genuine success.
    Chairman/Manager/Scouts all culpable such p;ss poor recruitment.
    In the same time Chelsea have only spent £29m more.

    1 looks stocked for the future the other an absolute circus.

    Pure and utter incompetence
  2. THFC Guest

    In the spirit of fairness, let’s include the last 3 seasons as the bulk of their “future” signed in that period.

    18/19 - €208m
    19/20 - €45m
    20/21 - €247m
    Total - €500m

    18/19 - €0
    19/20 - €148.50
    20/21 - €110.50
    Total - €259m

    That’s €241m more.....add to that they paid €64m for a striker that can’t score and €81m for a non starting midfielder who have both pretty much added zero to their future.

    Equal levels of incompetence that has only improved since changing coach...

  3. Wormtongue has emerged from his cave... good to see

    Still ever so bitter about Arsenal missing a penalty as if the fate of the universe depends on what those dogs are doing

    A very odd Spurs man is he... a proper masochist no doubt... never content unless he has something to complain about

    I’m happy to oblige
  4. THFC Guest

    I don’t think anyone disagreed that we were running on empty, including Poch and despite his requests to improve things he was not backed and according to some, that was his fault and he was spineless. I’m pretty sure debate about the penalty miss being the only reason we got 4th has raged too.

    When JM was not backed (which he wasn’t) everyone is saying how poor he is and how hard done by he has been by Levy? I can’t understand the massive difference as they both were inadequately funded. The problem with JM which has bounced around was the lack of any kind of improvement in the football we have been playing or the individuals.

    Hopefully the next coach, whoever it may be, will be backed by all and can improve the players that he will need to keep.

  5. THFC Guest

    Guesty, Geneva, Guest (if it’s the same person each time) Jose’s Ghost and Preed (unless he is trying to incite a row over comments that are misunderstood or incorrect) have pointed out the incontrovertible fact that Spurs were punching well above their weight with Poch and his results dipped along with his belief that the club were backing him. I believe that they all also have pointed out the incontrovertible fact that Spurs were playing a far more negative and unwatchable style of football under JM and were desperate to see an improvement in confidence and performances to have him deliver what he was brought in to do. The facts don’t interest some that seem to have very different opinions of both previous managers who appear to have suffered the same lack of support from the club which makes any criticism of one over another a little hypocritical.

  6. Guest Guest

    Guest is not Geneva or Guesty. Never once suggested that Poch was overachieving with Spurs.
  7. Jesper Active Member

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    Might be two parts to that.
    When Spurs had its best squad then I believe that Pochettino under-achived by not winning a trophy. Impossible to know if another manager would have lifted the squad the final little bit to win a trophy. Possibly a bit harsh but in some crunch-matches then the boost from a great manager wasn't there.
    When the squad had run its course then maybe he over-achieved. The football when the squad was bad was also bad, almost unwatchable.

    On balance then maybe he was lacking when the squad was great, maybe he learned from experience and improved but by then the squad was too poor to seriously compete.
  8. THFC Guest

    Not you then...

  9. THFC Guest

    That’s a fair point

  10. THFC Guest

    Sorry Felon, I forgot to include, I absolutely agree with you on the culprits and quality of recruitment

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  11. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    See Kane has started preparing for a transfer request .The Times reports him saying he wants to win trophies which he is not doing at Tottenham.Can’t blame him.See also 2 German candidates for manager job have turned it down as well as Rodgers.Here comes Howe god help us.Just an aside how nice to watch a proper football match tonight .
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  12. Guesty Guest

    I don't think we fans can complain about Kane wanting to leave to win trophies. He isn't going to win any here.

    If City win the league, Kyle Walker will have picked up his 8th trophy. Kane must want some of that.

    Kane must also look at the team behind him and think replacing the sh!te in order to get a top squad will take too long.

    And any top manager will look at how Levy manages transfers and think about staying out of it.
    So we will get someone who just wants the kudos of being Spurs manager... rather than someone capable of taking Levy on to build a top squad.
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  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Ten Hag extends Ajax contract , that's another off the list........

    Naglesmann X
    Rodgers X
    Ten Hag X

  14. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Please god none of the 5 you mentioned Felon.Levy really had f***** us this time
  15. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Alistair Gold who is a journo who is close to Tottenham has been saying that there is concerns about the general fitness of the players which would explain the number of points dropped late on in games.This seems to back up the first impression of Solskar who said the United players were unfit when he took over from Mourino.It looks as if the training methods of Mourino and his staff forgot about fitness which was a strength under Pochetino
  16. Guesty Guest

    I'd take Benitez before any of those 5
  17. THFC Guest

    Allegri and potentially Lopetegui if we could convince either?

    Otherwise Potter might be worth a punt

  18. THFC Guest

    Apparently Hansi Flick is strongly linked too

  19. Guesty Guest

    to be honest I only remember him from 'Allo' Allo!
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  20. THFC Guest

    Haha...I have no idea if he is any good or not really but he has a decent reputation apparently and seems to have done a decent job at Bayern


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