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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Jesper, November 2, 2021.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Don't think you have the jurisdiction to tell someone to support another team, I was there last night were you?

    If your only judgement of improvement is from 10 games under Nuno when we had Alli Ndombele LoCelso Gil etc stinking up the place n the players weren't trying you're clutching.

    Conceding less? As I said with 2 games to go we've conceded 5 less than last season and we've scored 5 less than last.

    We're only in a top 4 conversation because of how bad other teams are/have been compared to last.

    Nothing I've said isn't factual it's basically the same as last season which you & others screamed was unacceptable but are now pretending is a vast improvement.
    We've only just gone ahead of last seasons points tally and are a whole 2 league positions higher.

    I'm not saying they're **** but at the same time I didn't say we were brilliant last season I've just kept the same standards throughout.
  2. THFC Guest

    I didn’t tell you to support another team and as you rightly say, I have absolutely no jurisdiction to do so.

    If you read it again, I suggested you consider supporting another team because if you can’t get behind the team that you do support with 2 games to go and 1 point from CL then maybe nothing they do will make you happy

  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Winning Silverware would make me happy, CL qualification is a business objective not a sporting achievement.
  4. THFC Guest

    How about the enjoyment of decent performances and entertaining matches with the excitement of battling for a spot in the CL while being part of the toughest league in the world? I absolutely disagree that CL qualification is a business objective. To be part of European competition, against the very best sides in Europe is 100% a sporting achievement…hence why all of the players are so desperate to play in it.

  5. voiceofreason Active Member

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    At least you are consistent Felon. You do make me laugh! Why do you try so hard to find the negative in everything?
    It’s not necessarily about improving individual players but the team as a whole, which he has! However he has also improved some players, Dier, whether you will admit it or not is one of the top centre backs in the league now. Hojbjerg was being touted by you as just a squad player and not worth keeping, , Davies is outperforming his skill level, probably due to a new mental belief, installed by Conte

    But it’s the whole team and mentality that has changed. We are in the mix for4th , something you repeatedly said was beyond us, oops sorry it’s obviously because the other teams are no good!

    According to your agenda it’s either the league is **** that’s why we are pushing for 4th or we are **** that’s why we are never going to make 4th! Yet the general consensus is that the 2 best teams in Europe are in the premier league!

    Come on, we beat Arsenal and played with spirit and passion and now have a chance of getting champions league or have at least given it a good go Either way, get behind your team and prove that you actually want us to win rather than becoming the laughing stock of this forum!
  6. Big fran Guest

    What I will say is this. Its a massive improvement from what Nuno served up for sure it's like night and day. However its not much different to the brand of Jose football is it really. Conte lauded a genius(which he is) and Jose a flop(never given a chance by fans from day one despite a better cv and both coming from Chelsea).
    The difference being Conte has been given the benefit of levys mistake in not letting Jose have full control of team matters. Conte has been allowed to remove dross/trouble makers the main one Dele on a free, given better quality signings and a top class defender that mourinho was refused and got given Rodon who the current manager has barely used. Hardly a level playing field really eh?
    But to conte credit the team spirit is back and the system has definately improved the performances of dier in particular, Davies, PEH and more recently sessegnon which cannot be denied. It's not swashbuckling football but I'm loving it nonetheless and hoping conte is backed further with money given the success of bentancur and kulu.
  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Thank you Fran someone else that's willing to tell the truth.
  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I'm consistent coz nothing I've said is untrue, basing improvements against nunos 10 game stint is clutching desperately.
    It's like when people use the 90s to big up ENIC and Levy.
    Just saying Eric Dier is 1 of the best CBs in the league is an opinion not fact I guarantee you that if a poll was held outside the Tottenham bubble Eric Dier wouldn't even make the top 10.
    And that's the problem here most of you live in a bubble with blinkers on.
    And then have the audacity to tell others who n how to support.
    Like I say I was there Thursday under the E of Dream I was supporting my team vs the scum.
    Doesn't mean I have to blindly clap or talk up mediocrity because as much as you lot want to it won't get us anywhere.
    Coz we're miles off a City & Liverpool n that's exactly where we should be aiming for aggressively not more of this'll do nonsense.
  9. THFC Guest

    We don’t have the resources of City & Liverpool so you are on another planet if you are hoping for that. How can you genuinely think that 3rd or 4th are mediocrity and this’ll do especially given the position we were in prior to Contes arrival.

  10. Big fran Guest

    Certainly have the resources of Liverpool.
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  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    And this is the problem with Spurs as a whole absolutely no drive to be the best happy with the scraps given for the highest ticket prices.
    If you're not setting your bar at the top then what are you even doing as a club or supporting/hoping for, a day trip or a night out.....
    Congratulations get the bunting out for a group game.
  12. THFC Guest

    What are you basing that on?

    According to Forbes, as of April 2021, Tottenham are worth $2.3b with $494m revenue and 39% of value in debt ($897m). Liverpool are worth $4.6b with $639m revenue and 2% of value in debt ($92m)

    That would mean we are worth 50% less than Liverpool with approx 23% less revenue and $805m more in debt.

  13. THFC Guest

    Of course we all want us to be the best and to win as much as possible but we need to balance that with being realistic. Would you prefer to have finished 6th but have won the league or FA cup? We still have a chance to finish 4th and get CL football which sadly, delivers more revenue and better quality players than winning one of the cups will these days. We don’t have City, Chelsea and now Newcastle’s money so straight away we are disadvantaged. We are not as valuable as Utd or Liverpool so there’s another 2 x teams that by rights, should finish above us if success is only based on money. So based on that, finishing 6th each year would be successful however we are pushing for 4th and have one of the best coaches in the world today, playing in one of the best stadiums in the world.
    Would I like to win the league or CL, of course…would either of the domestic cups be good, yes. That being said, I personally am happy with testing ourselves in CL games and pushing the for a top 4 place because despite the lack of silverware, that is a good achievement each season and the revenues that bring gives us a chance to improve for the following season.

  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    The whole need top 4 for better revenue to buy better players doesn't wash, our transfer record when in the CL was absolutely atrocious we never pushed the boat out or sort after proper end product players and even when we announced record profits we'd spent over 500 days without signing anyone.
    6th & a cup would be far better than getting tonked in the CL 7-2 coz that's more realistic of repeating itself than fluking it to the final again.
  15. THFC Guest

    Sorry, one more thing on CL not being a sporting achievement as I am genuinely trying to think through and understand your point of view.

    Asked if he would trade scoring more goals for a Champions League spot, Son said: "Yeah, 100%. Obviously it's a good thing that you are racing, but I have said a few times that it is important to finish in the top four [more] than anything else."

    That must demonstrate how important CL is to players, coaches and the club these days?

    Its a shame because the domestic cups are great but the prize is a place in Europa League which is more of a hinderence due to distances and match days during the season. I’m not convinced any of the big sides are particularly bothered about Europa League/Europa Conference in the same way that domestic cups are overlooked in favour of trying to reach top 4/CL.

  16. THFC Guest

    Didn’t we get new training facilities and a new stadium around that time?

  17. Big fran Guest

    Not talking about how much a club owes or what it's worth. Liverpool always gonna be worth more given thier world audience and heritage and obviously we know where our debt is from. I'd be surprised if there is much difference in profit between the two after tax etc. Spurs have a ridiculous wage to profit ratio and invest little per annum. Liverpool income is massively bloated BT the fact they invested heavily which then led to high finishes, trophy wins, CL qualification and going deep into the competition which then leads to increased revenues in endorsements meaning they can then pass FFP rules. The business models are very similar with being self sufficient rather than rich ownership. VvD and Alison aside they shop in the same bracket as ourselves but recruiting is better and more decisive.
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  18. THFC Guest

    That is very true and a fair point. Hopefully our recruitment is improving as much as it seems to be with Paratici and we will start to see some of the returns you have mentioned and ultimately some success which has been missing for us

  19. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    I have criticised our squad as much as Felon but I will concede that under Conte Dier and Davies have improved and the general desire seems to be back.I still think we need to unload some wage stealers but credit where it’s due because there is hope there
  20. THFC Guest

    The great thing is, it seems as though Conte is fully across which players need to be punted and hopefully the club support him as like you have rightly said, some are atealimg a living.

    If we can shift/swap 6 players, that will be a brilliant result for next season.


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