Lloris: "Arsene can say what he wants, but this is the club I will stay with"

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by GarethMcKnight, March 13, 2015.

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  1. GarethMcKnight

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    Tottenham fans can rejoice at Hugo Lloris’ latest comments, with the French international goalkeeper dispelling rumours that he could leave the club this summer.

    With the former Lyon star evolving into one of the world’s best goalkeepers at White Hart Lane, rumours have been rife that Lloris could leave this summer if we don’t qualify for the Champions League.

    With French champions Paris Saint-Germain said to have made him a real transfer priority, many of the Spurs faithful were worried that we could lose our top-drawer custodian this summer.

    However, despite Arsene Wenger’s unsettling comments that Lloris is too good for Spurs, the goalkeeper has committed to Tottenham.

    “Arsene can say what he wants, but this is the club I will stay with. I love the spirit, the philosophy and the people.

    “That’s very important to me. Spurs play the football I love – exciting and entertaining.”

    For Spurs, keeping Lloris and Christian Eriksen this summer will be the two biggest challenges given that the pair have been some of the best performers in their respective positions in the Premier League this term.

    Tottenham have lost the likes of Luka Modric and Gareth Bale in recent summers, with the club struggling to find suitable replacements and struggling to progress as a result.

    However, with Lloris now saying he is staying at White Hart Lane, other in-demand stars may well be convinced to do the same and Spurs can come back stronger next season as a result.

    Despite the importance of adding a couple of new faces this summer, keeping the exciting young group of players we already have at the club is even more of a priority.

    Lloris has been a match winner this season on countless occasions for Tottenham and with the race for the top four set to go right down to the wire, the assured custodians repeated excellent saves could well be the difference between Champions League football or narrowly missing out.
  2. bobc New Member

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    what a good day - Lloris stating he intends to stay at Tottenham and Archway dropping their challenge to the CPO. ( a lucky Friday 13th then )
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  3. silverspur

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    With this statement, Hugo has reinforced his position as a Tottenham hero. I was sure he'd go to PSG in the summer but for him to come out and say that he loves the club and the football we play is music. More players that love the shirt please.
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  4. Martin Guest

    Hugo is a winner and a leader and I have no doubt he will be club and team captain next season.
  5. victor New Member

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    The professor is good at mind games.
    Lloris is no fool, don't forget is also a very educated man also.
    If U R Happy, got a great bunch of highly talented players, your Family has settled and Happy, got your mates around.
    Lloris is loved by SPURS FANS Worldwide.
    Come On Ye Spurs.

    Victor Moy, Fan Malaysia.
  6. steven field Guest

    haven't seen a better keeper, Arsen Wenger? ....do I detect a bit of envy, need I say jealousy,.....Love Loris, his temperament & now saying the right things = HERO!...soon to be LEGEND
  7. Jonesy Guest

    Great to see! Lloris is such a class act, has a great attitude and the club should ensure they retain his services for the future. MoPo must be allowed to build the team around him, Eriksen and Kane... fingers crossed for 3 points tomorrow - COYS!
  8. feenix New Member

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    I think Lloris is worried that if he did go to the gooners he would end up like Wojciech Szczęsny...a fecking idiot. Did you also know that the Arsenal keeper, whose name nobody can spell, got his name because his mum used to work on the Polish version of Countdown plus his name is (in Polish) an anagram of "I'm a dick".
  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Sanchez is to good for Scum, swings and round abouts.

    Great news from Lloris, but show Levy the money and hel sell.

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