Levy is at it again. And again.

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, August 29, 2016.

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  1. Serge Guest

    We have a good team but need depth of quality, cmon Mr Levy get Isco and Coric you will sell enough shirts to recoup your investment. Pay the £15m for Coric and £25m-£30m for Isco pls get get it done make it happen.✌️
  2. Dan Guest

    Signing Isco and Coric will do absolutely nothing because they play cam too. Liverpool had firminho, lallana and coutinho last year and done nothing because they are all too similar, you watch, without mane they won't be much this year again but with him they are a force. Not saying mane is the very best out there and probably not worth 35m but the balance he brings to the Liverpool team is vital
  3. Will Guest

    Lloris Vorm
    Walker Trippier
    Rose Davies
    Alderweireld Carter-Vickers
    Vertonghen Wimmer
    Dier Wanyama
    Lamella Son
    Eriksen Onomah / Carroll
    Kane Janssen

    Personally I don't see how that is weak. I'd agree that we could do with some pace up front. We looked a little languid against Liverpool - probably due to the Euros. If we sign N'Koudou, that gives us some pace and we should be okay. Obviously Isco would be a real coup, but Coric would be a promising addition too. I really have a lot of faith in this squad - it's young, hungry and there is quality cover in every position providing we sign the winger and the playmaker.
    If we've sold the other players, as hard as it sounds, there is a reason - they're not good enough ( and if we're being honest, they're not ). You could see that Mason, Townsend, Chadli ( to a lesser extent ), Pritchard weren't dominating at Premiership level, so better to move them on.
    I don't understand the negativity some fans have regarding Levy. He's clearly not a fool, drives a hard bargain and acts with the club's best interests. I'd rather have him than a foolish chairman throwing money at average players. We will soon have a new stadium ( and state of the art training facilities ) and I see that as a reason why most of these players will want to stay.
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  4. Dan Guest

    im certainly not debating that chadli, mason etc aren't good enough.
    It is the strongest squad we've ever had in my 31 years but the balance of the 3 isn't right.
    Yes all the players you listed on paper are great but that's not the issue. De bryune and David silva would be great for Liverpool but would that of been a wise move when they have coutinho, lallana etc. Not saying KDB or silva are realistic but just trying to give an example.
    Lamela, Ali and Eriksen all great players but all naturally want to play CAM. We need people that want to be wide and not an up and coming player but someone who can do it it now. Mane was that player. I don't even know who else, even if we had 40m I still wouldn't know who to buy.
  5. Will Guest

    I think that's a good point Dan - and I'd agree with you.

    Although Eriksen, Alli and Lamella are more central, they are still different types of players. I see Eriksen as a playmaker, Alli as more of an attacking midfielder and Lamella as a bit of an enigma really - not quick enough to be a winger, not creative enough to be a playmaker, lacking the timing of runs to be an attacking midfielder, but has some elements of all three and is still a good player !

    Pace and width is required to stretch defences - I can remember under Jol when we only had Lennon - teams quickly learned to mark him as he was our outlet.
    I'm not sure about Zaha, I don't think he is top quality. He is young enough to improve, but to my mind he's not good enough to justify £15mil plus ( do I sound enough like our chairman ?! )
    Hopefully N'Koudou is as promising as the reports I've read. If he is then that will at least give us some pace and natural width. I still think we aren't too far away and if we can get another winger, we'll really be in business.
  6. Foz Guest

    Business done . Sales £40m Purchases £40m...books balanced...just check back over the last 5/6 seasons--same thing. The only activity tomorrow will be a loan(s). Just hope all the money saved over the last few seasons goes towards the new stadium .
  7. Richo Guest

    The usual negative comments from so called fans that think they know more than the manager and chairman. The season is 3 games old and already doom and gloom. Fact is the manager knows who he wants and clubs are holding out for the best prices. Newly promoted clubs and struggling teams are paying big dollars to survive. I would also be disappointed if having sold and loaned out Chadli, Yedlin, Mason, Bentaleb, Pritchard & Fazio we do not bring in a pacy attacking player to complete us. Whether N’Koudou and Clinton N’Jie going out on loan is a big improvement and perhaps one more signing in the next 24 hours. As we know the final hours of the window is when a lot of business is done. COYS
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  8. Hamish Guest

    Is this Harry Hotspur's site? Never seen such absolute ill-informed nonsensical idiocy.

    Firstly. Take a look. Everyone is still buying players yet still we have supporters believing Levy is dragging his feet. We get this EVERY window and it's simply NOT TRUE.

    Secondly. The fallacy that big figure signings equals big league improvements. Have you any idea how much more Liverpool have spent than Spurs over the last... let's say five seasons? Masses. Tons. Millions!!! Yet have they been anywhere near as consistent as us? No. City? Chelsea? Utd? There is no guarantee. GET IT IN YOUR HEADS!

    We have the youngest squad in the league. Last season they were one result from 2nd. Yet now, despite two acute signings (and more on the way) the squad is threadbare. Think about it. Do we not trust the players we have to mature and get better? Why do you only improve if you buy new players?Someone just made an argument for our central midfield being woefully light and left out Dier, Onomah and Winks FFS.

    When Levy took over we weren't even where Watford are now. We were Aston Villa. We were Newcastle. Our squad was woeful. Pretty much year on year Levy has improved our squad incrementally. For the last six years he has improved us for an unprecedented net spend of zilch. Nothing. Nada. In that time we've gone from being lower mid-table also-rans to top four. Still some idiots question him for a lack of ambition. In the same period he has built one of Europe's finest training facilities (in case it has escaped anyone's notice we have just made around £40 million this year from academy players) and has organised the construction of what will be the country's greatest stadium. He has also brokered a groundbreaking deal with the NFL which will catapult Spurs to one of the world's best known and lucrative football brands.

    Yet there are still idiots who question what he does in the transfer market because he doesn't chuck stupid money at untried foreign players.

    Grow. The. Frick. Up.
  9. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    I'd like to say that I remain hopeful. Most of the players being let go have had their chance to develop, Mason, Chadli, I'll even add Townsend in there - all are in their mid 20s (25+). I know Pritchard isn't but he doesn't have the quality ( if he did, Poch would have given him the chance). We need to release these mediocre talent, if we aim to be elite. I premise this by say that, now Levy and Poch will show us what their plan is for the future.

    Letting Mason, Chadli, etc. go in order to bring in Isco-like or Munir-like talent as rumors had it, that's the right path to be on, for goodness sake; NOT Zaha....why then get rid of Townsend?

    N'Koudou seems a good buy, finally! Janssen and Wanyama have all been good additions; I like that Levy is allowing Poch to have an influence in whom we bring in as it should be...our biggest and best talent is our coach. Poch has a vision for Tottenham and if Levy's supportive...we can go places!!

    My last comment concerns Bentaleb, this kid is talented and still developing...21 years old is very young. Looks to have had a good debut with Schalke, I do hope we bring him back in after the loan. I think he has the potential to play like Dembele....he doesn't do well in the holding mid position, partnered with the likes of Dier or Wanyama, he can operate well with the ball and distribute as a deep-lying playmaker. Dembele struggled in his first few years as well, I'd hate to see us lose a kid with that much potential...just saying.
  10. Dan Guest

    Not sure if your aiming this at me but if you are then you got the wrong idea from my posts.

    I actually love levy, as you say we was nothing before him and yes maybe we could of done some things quicker but any different and we would of done a Liverpool and wasted ridiculous money on rubbish. Still quite can't believe they got the Benteke money back.

    I'm happy with wan and Jansen. I honestly think we only need one player and that's an amazing winger. We've done well again to get good money for our players. If Bentaleb is permanent then 30m for both him and mason is amazing.

    The problem last year was getting results without dembele and we've done ok so far the only way is up but to compete for title which I think we are capable of doing we need a winger otherwise it's too easy for people to shut up shop.

    I'm not being negative, I love the players we have but reality is everyone needs to tweak slightly every year
  11. Dan Guest

    Agreed but I think he will smash it and they will take up the permanent deal. When he broke into the team i was convinced he was our next big star. Once he cuts out his stupid mistakes he will end up at a big club for 50m+
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  12. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Yes, I believe this loan is best for him and Spurs; after he should be able to break into the first team or Poch will know if he stays or not. He's main competition is Winks for backing up Dembele; and boy that kid looks really good. Bentaleb lost his confidence and started playing timidly afraid of making a mistake, Winks on the other hand is direct and aims to play forward...as a young player that's the best way to approach it; you'll make mistakes but as long as you're being positive the manager will understand and teach. This will give Bentaleb the time he needs to shake off any nerves and get back to being the player who can control a match.

    Our squad is young, but it has lots of promise....these young players will surprise most of us; Onomah, Winks, Vickers, Harrison, and Walkes all show lots of potential. Rather than give 15-20 minutes of game time to Chadli or Mason...I'd rather see one of them get the opportunity.
  13. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Poch and Levy are slowly building the team up. Our defense used to be horrendous; Toby, Wimmer as well as Trippier and Davies to compete with Walker and Rose have all solidified our defense. We were lackluster with our strikers, tried Ade & Soldado....both fails but Poch helped develop Kane and now Janssen...looks a good buy. Next, our deep lying midfield is settled as well with Wanyama, Dier, Dembele, Winks.

    All this process takes time, we tried buying for the sake of buying with the money we got from Bale. That didn't work, we have a good squad with great chemistry....can't just bring in anyone. As fans, I believe we've found the right manager. Best thing Levy has done is bring in Poch, now that most other aspects of the team are solid...he can tackle our attacking midfield.

    Eriksen, Alli (who is still developing, this season may even be better than last) and now Lamela is starting to show his quality. I for one believe players need more than just one season to determine if they fit or not, Son has loads of quality...he ought to stay. N'koudou and hopefully a playmaker like Isco, even if it's just a loan can help us greatly this season. Real Madrid should comply, we did sell them Modric and Bale; it was my understanding that we signed some kid of partnership deal?

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