Levy is at it again. And again.

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, August 29, 2016.

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  1. I am just a little bit worried when Posh talked about the imporatance of strength up our team to be prepared to compete in CL this year. We have brought in Wanyama and Janssen (two reasonable good players) but at the same time it seems like we will loose Bentleb, Mason, Son and Chadli (which are also reasonable good players).

    I can not see that we have strength up our team so far, infact it seems like we have got a weaker bench than last year, just my feelings :-(

    /Spur Fan From Sweden
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  2. Big fran Guest

    Got to give it to Levy on this one. Sells chadli not deemed good enuf and manages to turn a profit. Then tries to sign his replacement for some 3m less and still haggling over the price some 3 wks into season. Can't make it up!
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Same old played out routine from Ming.

    Last year we looked slim on options and after some penny pinching we look even slimmer on options.

    What are we gonna do play the same 11 all season and give cameos to Winks n Carroll who look like if they held a 1st teamers hand theyd pass easily as a pre match mascot?

    Its ridiculous, we needed to improve the squad not sell off the more experienced squad members.
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  4. johnnyhrvat Guest

    If Kevin is learning from Jan, Kevin's missus must be happy because Jan has his hands all over anyone he meets.

    Still not sure about this desperate hunger to buy players - any players. Neither Chadli nor Son have been any better than Townsend and certainly not better than Pritchard could have been, but because we paid good money for them we seem to think that they are better. Many fans would be happy paying a fortune for Son II and Chadli II as long as they have exotic names.
  5. klhotspur Guest

    Its simple with the spurs.
    Which is more important? A new stadium or a trophy?
    Success in balancing the book or on the field?
    If ever there's a premier league for the best run club according to fans, we'll win it hands down..
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  6. MacSpurs Guest

    Jeez.. it seems our season is over already. And apparently we are going to struggle against relegation!
    Unbeaten so far ... Cover in all positions across the back 4 ( no we don't need Mangala thanks) AND Vorm rocks in with a great performance v Lpool!
    Moussa back soon ... Wanayama solid as and Janssen looks like he'll be fine.
    Yes we do need a class option in attack midfield... No Eriksen isn't suddenly rubbish just off form at the moment... A pacy clever wing option... Is it D'zouko? Hope so.
    We are a bit jaded but 10 players worked hard over the summer in the Euros which was always going to interfere with pre season prep.
    We will be fine ... But don't expect to improve over last season... This is a long term plan!
    In Poch we believe COYS
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  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    If your not improving your standing still
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  8. Nomadico Well-Known Member

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    If Levy thinks improving is buying Zaha then we really are going backwards!!not standing still..
    The debate around Eriksen will continue untill his contract is sorted during this time he should be on the bench,this would be the prefered option but now we have sold most of the bench we had so no one to take his place,I fear we will end up getting cheap dross as backup to the 1st eleven,Levy fill's his wallet and picks up a wage bonus for profit made,in the mean time the team struggle to get CL we have been here so many time's before,when will Levy learn..COYS
  9. peterg123 Guest

    I know it`s hard for you, but think back to 3 games into last season.....you were all posting the same **** as this year:

    Levy hasn`t put his hand in his pocket / Why haven`t we bought loads of players like Liverpool & Man U / Our squad isn`t good enough

    Why do you all think going out and spending 50 million would guarantee a good season - have you not learned anything from last year?
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  10. Chris T Guest

    The player we need to get is Coric. He is the perfect replacement for Eriksen. Arguably better in many respects. At £15m, he is a steal. I hope he doesn't slip through our fingers.
  11. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Chadli and Mason now gone so that's £23 million quid plus what we got for Pritchard in Mings pockets.
    What's the betting we bid for 4 or 5 players and sign none?!
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  12. Nomadico Well-Known Member

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    He will blow the lot on Zaha, I just hope this story has no legs..
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  13. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    According to reports we are not going to bid on him any further.
    Ming will just pocket it.
  14. Nomadico Well-Known Member

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    NO Zaha,,Now that is good reading,I have a feeling Levy will pull a master stroke may be Isco,It is good to see Son staying he needs to have a run to prove what he can do,I also think we have the wideman in Koudou now just a play maker,a contract for Eriksen,and we are sorted..COYS
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  15. Big fran Guest

    Mason 13m chadli 13m Pritchard 8m yedlin 5m and spent a combined 28m on janssen and wanyama.. Nice little 11m profit that!
    Not a great effort to consolidate a regular top four spot/another title tilt tho!
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  16. Sam Grande Guest

    To be honest, not to sad see who has gone apart from Chadli think yourh coming through is going to be used a lot more this year, from what has gone out, looks like a deal for the Spanish under 21 keeper is nearly a done deal also let's hope the winger deal goes through that had been going what looks to be like a year on going !!! with what has gone out there has to be at least one more after that which fingers crossed will be a big one the only problem is don't think it Will be Isco but fingers crossed it will a biggy If not Levy must be the man who is blamed how ever much he loves the club as a supporter all the talk about the money spent at Man Utd wouldn't do anything for them this year, they are flying look really strong we need to push on from last Season and move forward not two steps back again!!!COYS
  17. SuperSteve Guest

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  18. Dan Guest

    The problem has been the same since bale left, no width. I think we have done unbelievable at building a squad apart from the 3 behind a striker and it has been neglected so bad and every year we sign more and more central midfielders.
    Apart from the 3 behind striker we have a team as good as anyone else. Lloris in top 3 keepers. Walker and rose as good full back pair that's in the league. Same for centre backs. So out back 5 could walk into any team. Centre mid of dier and demebele is also as good as any other team. If the top clubs knew Kane wouldn't cost 70m+ then they probably would have tried to get him already. Would would in any team bar city. But Ali, Eriksen, Lamela could so easily be replaced. Yes Ali is good and is a star but his best position is cam so Eriksen is wasted. Imagine what mane would of done to that 3. Even Bolasie! We just need pace, power and width. I'm fed up with watching Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool buy up all the decent attackers and watching us with chadli, son etc. I rate son but he's another player that naturally comes inside. So frustrating
  19. Serge Guest

    We need Isco, Ante Coric quick time, WE MUST DO EVERYTHING TO GET THESE TWO TOP TOP QUALITY. We will go the next level the Isco and with Nkodou speed on the wing should put fear in most teams.
  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Bang on, has been since we moved to a permanent 4231.
    The 3 behind are not mobile enough or have enough cutting edge.
    Ideally the 2 either side should be pacey with a trick or goal in them and the central needs to be a player with class vision.
    The 1st team would be complete if this was actually aquired.

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