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Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, September 18, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    The Champions!

    It's back , can you feel it?
    That midweek nerves of a European Night, away to a former Italian Giant Inter Milano.

    Memories of Bale coming of age here after a torrid 1st half seeing us 4-0 and a man down when up stepped Gareth from boy to man with a hatrick and the rest was history.

    This is a very different Spurs side and a very different inter from 2010.

    Recent results and performances don't inspire me with much confidence here, although inter aren't firing on all cylinders anyway but be sure they'll be a big test for us tonight.

    I'm becoming very bemused with Pochettino recently , he is not imo learning or improving as much as he likes to use the phrases for everyone else perhaps he should take some of his own advice.

    His latest press conference was just an embarrassment , if you ask a cow what time a train arrives it cannot tell you.... Must've been on the same meds that made him pick Adebayor as a vice captain or say Sissoko is easy worth 30mil.

    Aside from this shambles, the bravery, the cryptic clues, the lacking in tactics, the falling short, the flatness, running players into the ground, ostracizing etc...

    Pochettino has some big questions to answer tonight because despite 3 wins from the start (3 teams that happened to be worse than us) we've probably at best strung 40minutes of anything resembling decent football together.

    There's been very little balance, cohesion, aggression, pace, movement you name it we've lacked it.

    I don't want to hear about World Cups or difficult transfer windows , everyone else has got on with it and if it was going to be a problem then Pochettino who is not blameless should've plotted provisions to cope. He didn't he just span lies and then made out people were too stupid to understand what he meant.

    Arrogance is not a good trait when you can't back it up and looking at his CV I'd be a bit careful at how far id push it.
    This Summer was Negligence at its finest and now we're reaping what was sewn.

    So now what do we want ?

    I'll tell you what I want from Pochettino is to get out of this self important, superior, self preservating, victim, unaccountability bubble and perch he's put himself on and start prooving he's so good he didn't actually need to buy anyone!

    The performance on Saturday was not one that I'd associate with a Pochettino side , but I can't say it hasn't been coming.

    I want to see the team running their socks off tonight for the cause, I want to see them pulling together for the team and manager.

    I want to see Pochettino tactically outsmart his counter part.

    And I want to see a performance we can be proud of.

    Back to basics for this 1 need to stem the tide and get a result.

    Its Back

    1-2 (hopefully)
    1-1 (more likely)
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  3. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Active Member

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    There may be more of the Watford/ Manchester Utd illness before there's less Felon, I'm saying Inter 3-1. Hope I'm badly wrong though.
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    I was trying to be positive , but am more confident with your prediction :(
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  5. Peter reed Guest

    just seen the team for tonight no moura no wanyama but he does include the two people who have made giving the ball away an art form Dier and dembele .I can't guess what formation he is using but I can't see us keeping a clean sheet let's hope Kane decides to play because if he doesn't then he must surely be rested dropped for his own good.i am prepared to eat humble pie if he pulls of a good result but I am not holding my breath
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  6. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    OK lads. 5 mins to KO and I'm bricking it.
    But as ever COYS!!!!
  7. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    Half time. FFS!! What's with the suicide mission.
    GET THE BALL UPFIELD. VARY IT. MIX IT UP. Anything other than the predictability of trying to pass out EVERY TIME. WHY??
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  8. Peter reed Guest

    once again substitutions have cost us why was Kane our best header not on the pitch at the end .why was moura not in the starting team instead of lamella who gave the ball away more often than even Dier even though he was responsible for not staying on the line where he would have cleared the last header. inter were poor and there for that taking by a decent team and Barcelona will probably hit 4or5 past them.I believe that pochetino is now really under pressure to keep the players and that usually means only one thing
  9. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Active Member

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    J*sus - another beating, albeit not deserved but a beating nonetheless. Without playing hugely well against a poor Milan side, who we should be taking 6 points from, we let them snatch a win that never looked likely until we started to spurn chances to take a second and close it up. And what's with all the headed goals we're conceding ? First goal - not much to say other than Icardi, who never got a kick all evening, was totally on his own for the strike. Second goal - Harry Winks, contributing nothing in 20-odd minutes, is sleeping and it's game over: We lose and I'm disappointed but hardly surprised. Qualifying is certainly all uphill from here as I can't see Barcelona or PSV handing many points to Inter like we've just done.
    Last edited: September 18, 2018
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  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    A deflected goal is all we could muster, winning at 84 minutes losing by 92.
    And there's people who reckon Spursy is a thing of the past?

    If you set up to play spurs these days you don't have to be a tactical genius to know they're gonna be really inventive from the back with both CBs splitting and standing by the corner flags leaving a gaping hole in the middle, full backs nowhere to be seen, Dier and Dembele playing musical statues, Kane being double marked, and Eriksen/Lamela/Alli wondering around holding hands. Press that cut off the stationary options and you've got a damn good chance of forcing mistakes - Everything we were renowned for !
    Wash rinse repeat.

    When we finally do manage as a unit to go forward then starts the snail pace passing sideways backward snoozefest until we inevitably run out of statues or backward thinking players to pass to.

    I genuinely am concerned that Pochettinos inflexibility and stubbornness actually has much different to offer than this. As I've said when the forward press high energy works/worked we were difficult for anyone , but the slightest bit off that pace and we are found wanting badly, currently we're not slightest bit off we are massively off and Pochettino doesn't look like he's learned anything to counter it.
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  11. Genevaspurs Guest

    I have a lot of esteem for Mauricio Pocchettino but this start of this season is nothing but bullsh.... His choices are close to amateurism ... 3rd match without Lloris and 3rd defeat in a row with vorm. Saturday his tactical was full of fear against pool and when Son and Lamela came on, we feel more offensive solutions. Today with lamela and Son on the fieldthe we were the better team and inter was shi@. At 0-1 to 15 minutes from the end of the match. His decisions to substitute our 3 offensive players that gives back at the same time colors and hope to our opponent! Winks has nothing to do on a premier league or champions league field again. He should never have returned to the field. Exceeded in all areas! Shame on you Mauricio for what you are doing from Saturday to tonight !
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  12. Big fran Guest

    Sickening to lose that after being so close and playing reasonably well. Can't buy a win at present and confidence looks low especially set pieces took 3 players off at 6ft plus for ones at around 5 ft 8 n less which is worrying when we have llorente wanyama available on the bench. Hey Ho onto the weekend we go.
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  13. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    I'm actually starting to think the players are not busting a gut for him anymore. Arguing amongst the backs, such muted celebration after the goal..albeit a lucky one, but nevertheless! The backs seem terrified of possession, fumbling all over the place, etcetera etcetera.
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  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    The selling of Walker, the ostracizing of Rose and Alderwerild, the purchases of Sanchez and Aurier and the deployment of Davies as a wing back have just jumbled up what was a quality solid calm defence.
    Lloris & Vorm neither are imposing either.

    Walker Alderwerild Jan Rose were like a well oiled machine which Lloris was far less erratic behind.
    When 1 wb went a CB wud cover and Dier wud drop in , it worked beautifully so why feck about with it?

    Walker may not have been preventable but for Christ sake buy someone of similar ilk not a clown like Aurier or expect Tripper to do the same.
    Rose had an injury and some issues but Davies is not a Wing Back yet is expected to play that?
    The Alderwerild saga was and is still baffling , Sanchez has been good but it's caused a rift and inconsistencies to a CB pairing that worked wonders.

    Now we can't mark , FBs constantly out of position, CBs getting split far too often, set pieces No1 knows who's doing what.

    Poch needs to get a grip on this shambles B4 anything else.
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  15. Graham Wood. Guest

    Sad to say many of our worst fears are being realized. Tonight's loss was potentially another nail in the coffin.
    All of us loyal Spurs Fans remain mystified at not only this sudden downturn in form but also at Poch's incredibly bad substitutions, actually his team selection in the first place. I know many amateur Sunday morning coaches who would not make such glaring errors. Sorry Winksy, nice lad but we needed some steel out there tonight, wanyama a better choice when defending a lead. Dembele again off the pace. Leaving out Moura until the 60th minute mark was stupid. He has energy, pace, and can be a lethal weapon, although not all by himself. Harry is tired out and it is showing. Coco is back to giving the ball away and Aurier is a **** shoot, no expectations there. Might have saved the day had Lloris and Dele been playing but for gods sake, rest Harry. This is where the lack of quality reinforcements is showing and it's not even November yet!!
    Dreading this weekend at Brighton and for sure next Championship game with Barcelona.
    We desperately need a sprinkling of "angel dust" to get going or we are going to be the laughing stock of London. In my humble Poch has about eight games left to save his career at Spurs.
    As I warned earlier, Levy's stadium dream with it's huge financial burden is coming close to ruining our club. Mid table and Europa games will not put the bums in the seats. With no signings until (hopefully) January we are in big trouble.
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  16. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Pochettino's ridiculous claim that the journalists who queried his decision to omit Trippier and Alderweireld were being disrespectful to the players was more than merely disingenuous, it was a self-serving lie, and his cuddly Mr Nice Guy image seems to be slipping, as the pressure to turn the season round increases. I've frequently criticised him over the past four years (usually in response to the OTT praise heaped on him by the daft and the desperate), but have still considered him a competent coach, and never thought his job to be at risk, but now I'm beginning to wonder. God knows Levy's got enough on his plate with the stadium debacle, but will he tolerate an exit at the CL group stage (which now seems highly likely, given that the second spot was clearly between us and Inter), as well as capitulation in the PL, all at an absolutely crucial stage in the history of the club? Pochettino's got to prove his worth as a manager NOW if the nightmare scenario of a billion pound stadium with a two-bob team playing in it is to be avoided.
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  17. Big fran Guest

    Remember having a disagreement with the great RAMOS(his words not mine) a couple of year ago.. One of many disagreements but its all good.
    My point at the time was that all the top sides have a very notable spine to the team that barely if ever should be tinkered with and adding to that a default starting 11 that you know that when the chips are down will get you a result or a performance if not both. Our near success when we were up there competing for titles came about exactly due to that. A solid spine of the Belgian centre halves, lloris, Dembele with wanyama/dier and course Kane. Add to that most spurs fans when asked to name their best 11 would pretty much all add walker rose eriksen then two from lamela alli Son(my personal preference) but now we seem to lack either.
    I've always said rotation for rotation sake is the upmost very weakest form of management that is there to appease players and avoid the conflict of clearly preferring one player over another.
    Look at Liverpool for example the team is the same week in and week out having not lost a game and do you think Klopp gives one jot about the lack of minutes for shaqiri sturridge fabinho and lack of starts for lovren and Henderson??? Does he hell. And how can they complain given the start they have had. Likewise Chelsea a default stable 11.
  18. Glint New Member

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    Exactly this ^^^^

    Find me a great team that consistently won silverware by regularly changing key players (the 'spine'). there won't be any.
    Poch is the new 'Tinkerer'. This is a major failing.
    Don't get me wrong I love the guy and think he's been our best manager for the last 20 seasons in terms of galvanising a decent squad of players under constant budget restrictions, but he's got to learn if it ain't broke don't try to fix it. We had the best defence in Europe and whilst there's nothing to be done about Walker leaving (well apart from investing and winning stuff to appease his natural desires for medals) that should have stayed solid.
    Now I fear Poch is digging a hole to defend this flawed policy and the ramifications are clear with recent results.
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  19. Peter reed Guest

    pochs after match comments to the press were an embarrassment and if this had been mourino every one would be on his back.tripier and aldy and moura are in our best eleven but not selected .Can you imagine Liverpool not picking 3of their best eleven in european games? I still can't fathom why the media think poch is the messiah. He is a good manager when every thing is working fine but a complete idiot when things start to go wrong as they will in football just look at his record in Spain.I don't think he can see the problems in a game as would klopp and guardiola .both Liverpool and Man City knew their weaknesses and did something about it poch is not strong enough to go up against levy where al least Harry was

    .klopp identified liverpools weaknessses and persuaded his board to get his men whatever the cost
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  20. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    No CL next season is a massive concern for so many reasons.
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  21. Big fran Guest

    With us sadly lacking form and legs in the middle of the park given wanyama is the quickest, most athletic and physical why hasn't he been more involved. Maybe it's time to look at Skipp or Amos who impressed a great deal who also offer more legs about the centre of midfield...
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