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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, March 31, 2019.

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  1. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    For me there are some short term fixes, like for the next 7 games, medium term - the transfer window and longer term, ownership.

    The last one would require a massive offer, to clear the debt, pay the owners a fair price and have some left over for developing the playing staff. Will not happen in the next 5 years in my humble opinion.

    Medium term - out - all the usual suspects - Lloris, Aurier, Trippier, Toby - still a pity for me, Dier, Eriksen, Janssen, Lamela, Llorente. In - reserve goalie, 2 full backs, a centre back, attacking midfielder, striker, at least. 9 out, 6 in, should be doable.

    Short term. Drop Hugo. Play Moura in the Eriksen role, Sonny starts, Dele/Eriksen - not sure. Right back - Mad Dog if his hamstring will take it, otherwise Dier if he gets fit. 4-5-1, press, pace, crowd to raise the new roof. Win this week, and we're still in with a chance, lose....doesn't bare thinking about.
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  2. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    No 1 is buying a club that doesn't win anything for £2bn + that's before investment in the playing staff is needed.
    It's fantasy stuff.
    Enics greed has actually out priced us of a takeover all at our expense.
    The parasites will be leeching off our club for the foreseeable and because there are so many wet Spurs fans that don't believe in winning they'll get away with it.
  3. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Wow, in diapers I was then... The success always leaves an impression of true dedication. But I do believe you. I wish, though, that Spurs team of today played those Spurs of 60-61, so you may change your opinion. Since I started (just before Ardiles arrived) we haven't been better. No one looks down on us anymore. We no longer have to bring back the past to be relevant today. They still may yell Spurcy at us, but they no longer believe it, like they used to. We can afford to take 1 point out of 15, cause we will get it back.
  4. P reed Guest

    Spurporter you really should be admired for your undying faith in the current squad but to think they can be compared with the great double winning team is stretching your admiration.i know the game has changed but the 60s side were all good footballers and would have adjusted to today's conditions as would greats from other teams like Bobby Moore. and Bobby charlton and the great George Best.Are you telling me that. Garzza and Glen Hoddle wouldn't have adjusted to today's football and would have succumbed to the likes of Dier Sissoko Trippier.i wish I had a pair of your rose coloured specs.I am still hopeful that we can finish in top four as we have 5 home games but this should have been sewn up weeks ago and I for one will blame levy and pochetino if we fail and I would expect repercussions.
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  5. voiceofreason Active Member

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    If you have seen my posts you will know I am on the positive side usually but even I am having trouble getting behind Spurporters take on it

    I agree we are a v good side but you just can’t compare players from that era with today. They were the best against the competition at the time - today’s players maybe technically better and physically better but that’s just a sign of the times , the pitches technology etc

    However I am not actually that worried about the Liverpool result- I would always consider that game to be a loss or a hard fought draw and we definitely held our own

    Our problem was the Burnley, Southampton etc games. Hugo is certainly top drawer or a liability but the person who has probably lost us most games/points is Trippier

    We can still make top 4 - arsenal have to be favourites now but we have a better run in than the others

    Let’s start the new stadium off as we mean to go on!
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  6. Big fran Guest

    Top 4 still very much in our hands but so need a win tnite given man utds slip last night... Top 4 always been the realistic target in my eyes but shame we got ourselves close to a title fight then go out with a whimper.
    A lot of noises coming out of the club in a change in direction and transfer policy but action speak louder than words. Should have done earlier when we maybe needed one or two additions but now appears like more.. Gk, right bk, centre half, centre mid and an attacker . How much does that cost 200m minimum.
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  7. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    So I'm stressed and negative at the moment and in my Minds Eye I see Trippier trying to cope with Zaha then Townsend, chopping and changing their wings....the thing of nightmares.

    Then I see Trippier step up to take a free kick, get it on target for once, and a goal, or two even.

    I know which one I prefer. Sissoko has to cover Tripps if he plays, dropping in behind when he bombs forward.

    It depends who turns up tonight and wants it most. Wroy will be calling on all of his experience, to draw from the atmosphere of the occasion, it will be their Cup Final after all. But then it's ours as well, isn't it!!

  8. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    The thing is Felon, it's a £bn for the ground, the same for the Club, then working capital, so it's ready made for a sheik or oligarch, or US billionaire....given the NFL link....but I'm not sure they'd sell even at that price.
  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    We live in hope , but I just can't see Levy loosening his death grip on the club , the stadium project is literally just a money vacuum that won't be pumped back in the pursuit of Trophies
  10. palmover Active Member

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    Failure to get top4 would mean MP has taken the team full circle, back to where the team started. I still believe MP has enough ability to get the team into CL, however, i am not looking forward to next season as i don't believe spurs will bring in enough quality players to replace the ones leaving. Coys
  11. P reed Guest

    A win.. at last but what hard work again surely the players should have been super up for this but it was the same old faults needing 15 shots to get one on target .Deli was good but Ericson was useless again only saving himself with his goal.why do we go to sleep in last 5 mins .We did it against Liverpool and palace could have scored twice in last 5minutes especially when Saha realised he had Trippier on toast.Hugo went back to making good saves again let's hope he remembers how it's done. I still don't like rose floating in midfield but it looks like Winks is fit againStadium is awesome though
  12. Big fran Guest

    Fully deserved but made it hard work. Missed chances, some god awful crosses(Rose mainly) and poor game management in the end dribbling down back alleys and sloppy ambitious passes. Job done tho. Monkey off the back. Coys.
  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    We got the win which was the main thing , but as others have mentioned what hard work we make of everything.
    I watched the Scum Newcastle game monday and their forward movement pace of passing etc was far superior to the languid turgid manufactured predictable stuff we churn out regularly, this squad needs a serious injection of quality & pace as does Pochs game plan.
  14. Big fran Guest

    Definitely agree about pace in the final third. Both eriksen and alli like to play at thier own pace. Miss a third runner like City n pool have. Still not convinced over Zaha so I'd look elsewhere. Sessagnon could be an option if his price comes down and gives cover down the full left flank.
    Having watched last night I'd defo take wan bissaka and also think van aarnolt better than we have.
  15. Dan Spurs Guest

    does anyone on here know why the attendance was "only" 59K last night and not 62K?
    I read something in the Sun today which said that it's due to the floating pitch which means some rows of seats cannot be used as they would be below pitch level. Does anyone know if this is the case?
    Levy was on sky yesterday specifically talking about capacity and how the 62K target was nothing to do with having more capacity than the scum. He said the target was to have 60K minimum but the architects managed to squeeze in 62K as a bonus.
    Initially I thought it might be due to corporate areas not fully open since every normal seat was obviously taken up i.e. maybe same issue as FA Cup finals at Wembley where the attendance is never the full 90K.
    The report on sky yesterday was talking about how Levy is a perfectionist and wanted to get the seats as close as possible to the pitch with the steepest incline which has been achieved. So surely the capacity being restricted to 59K wouldn't be an oversight on his part?
    I personally would not be impressed if the 62K official capacity could only be reached for NFL games.
    If anyone knows the facts I would appreciate it. cheers
  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Problem is we've let it get to a stage where 2 of our best technically gifted footballers want out , Dembele (arguably) aswell all ready gone , Walker gone and Rose a shadow of his former self needing to be moved on , that's all just to be replaced before we're even talking about the deadwood or improvements.
    This squad needs a ruthless overhaul for us to stay in CL minimum now which even if shopping smart is gonna cost north of £250 million it's not gonna happen.
    And itl be transition/project/build all over again yawn!
  17. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Can I say "a terrible win"? No?
    Anyway, I am very much concerned with this new stadium. Stadium may be great, but it seems players do not know where exactly on the pitch they are. Same was with Wembley, it took time to adjust and find subtle external reference points footballers use to determine in instance their locations. Hence, the impression of heavy laboring, as lads had to spin their heads 360 to figure where particular line is. They need to look, feel hasn't settled yet. Yes, they came home, but the home is so far unfamiliar. So I am very much afraid of Wembley Syndrome when only 6 games left, all away, practically. It would have been a different story, should stadium opened in October. I have to rely on my heavy optimism now. COYS!!!
  18. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    That is exactly what I am telling you, my friend. Those heroes would be dispossessed nowadays time after time before getting close to penalty box. Common, they played 4-2-4 meaning 4 defensemen 4 forwards and 2 halfbacks. We now have 5 midfielders. No one was pressing back then. Free flowing football was then. Nothing is free now. England introduced to the world their new 4-3-3 system at 1966 World Cup.
    Well, those 1960 stars could do now many things that haven't change much. For instance, they could be heading in corner kicks using their undeniable skills. Or play well in other dead ball scenarios, but they would lose. Today game is structured, in other words, beyond their ability to adjust. And I am not going into athletics part...
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  19. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    There is no sugar coating this bad spell we're in. However, theses times are when the supporters need to get behind the players and the manager. I won't/can't defend the ENIC and Daniel Levy.

    However, Poch & the players are really being asked to do too much. Our depth is one of the biggest issues, however average players won't improve our squad. I choose to put my faith in the team and do believe that we'll have champions league football next in 2019-20. Our bench for the most part is weak and uninventive. For the life of me I don't understand why Dembele was sold off, our midfield is riddled with injury prone players and not much in terms of back ups.

    Last point I will make is; the mark of a good manager is one who gets on with the job. I will never critize Poch for refraining to unload dirty laundry in public. We all know what happens when a manage however great they are, starts doing so; Redknapp , Mourinho... it's unbecoming.

    Here's to hoping our new stadium is the charm we needed to get back to winning ways! COYS!
  20. Big fran Guest

    It needs a 200m overhaul in truth. Whether that's going to happen is another matter. I work on the assumption...

    We haven't spent in two windows in which similar size ish clubs have spent around 60m Net. Some of which have not had CL football so that's a Conservative figure.

    Add to that 15m in player sales Dembele, kieanan bennetts, Reo Griffiths and loan fees of GKN, onomah and CCV.

    A reasonable budget for the upcoming summer window before player sales of 50m (again quite a Conservative figure) when you take into account smaller clubs have and will spend more ie Everton West ham and increased sky TV money from the latest deal.

    The money raised from the likely sales of GKN janssen onomah CCV llorente.

    Further sales possibly from other players that maybe have had long enough or lost the trust of the manager so I'm talking lamela wanyama aurier and/or Trippier and even possibly moura which I find unlikely as he's had some good moments. All in all I'd say around 60m low end.

    Right there we are at around 130-140m.
    Then it's increasingly likely that eriksen and Toby bring in a further 100m.

    Dont even get me started on the WORLD RECORD PROFIT AFTER TAX PROFITS.

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