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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, March 31, 2019.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    About 3 decent performances all season, we've basically gotten away with it til now.

    Yet now it's all spiralling out of control, what we are seeing is what I have been warning of for a while.

    Being close is not good enough if you don't achieve and then to not back/build on what you have will only make players question it all and stop performing to their previous levels.

    Familiarity breeds contempt couldn't be any more fitting for what we are watching unravel in front of us.

    Players comfortable in the knowledge no one is challenging them, comfortable that no demands of winning trophies is put on them, certain players disillusioned by it all with heads turned , a coach who's only ever had 1 idea to run out of and that legged it end of last season.

    To think I was arguing with a number of people on this site who believed we couldn't find players to improve us, that we were only going to get better, that we shouldn't buy just for the sake of buying.....

    Where are they all now?

    What we are witnessing is sheer Negligence from Board & Manager, priorities completely skewed, a building and a huge debt to pay off with a promising side running on fumes about to be dismantled but not before aa capitulation of the highest spursy style.

    It's simply not good enough.

    6th is looking highly likely here the circle of ENIC will then be complete.

    If it wasn't so Tragic the "we're only after the League or CL" nonsense would be laughable.

    ENIC OUT , Levy Out

    Until this cancer is removed it'll be ground hog day at this club forever!
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  2. Borgie Guest

    Nobody can defend Lloris or Sissoko, the two of them are clowns. Lloris has to be dropped for Wednesday, we can't afford any more mistakes like that, he's cost us enough this season.
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  3. Peter reed Guest

    How many points have Lloris and Trippier cost us this season I would guess in double figures but you can almost guarantee they will play against Palace.I for one am sorry that man united have appointed their new manager as I really believe we need a change or we need pochetino to impose himself about new buys and stand up to Levy but I wouldn't hold my breath.I would like somebody who gets tactics right First up instead of waiting until we are behind.Today we blew a great chance and too many of our players are not performing particularly Ericson and Ali and please don't stick Rose in midfield again
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  4. Icon Blunter New Member

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    Ground Hog Day again Indeed. This has been coming along time. No composure, No intent, No Courage, passive football for most of the game which sees our back four and our Goalkeeper have the most touches and passes. Many of those stemming from inside the Opposition half! This Manager and this group of players have now peaked and failed, they are under no pressure with many looking elsewhere for their next pay day, which I would add they don't deserve! Eriksen, move him on, Loris Move him on, Trippier, Aurier, Dier, Alderwerald, move them all on! Forget the stadium, it looks great, but its a Year late and means nothing without having a team on the park. We are back to Square One from 5 years ago!. ENIC out and hate to say it Poch should go too!
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  5. Cheshuntboy Guest

    When people were speculating in the previous article on Tottenham's likely points total for this season, virtually everyone was taking games like Brighton and Huddersfield as sure three pointers, but why? We've already lost to the likes of Burnley and Southampton, and there's no guarantee that the new stadium won't galvanise the opposition at least as much as Spurs, so which games are gimmes? None, unless Pochettino abandons his protracted philosophical sulk and does his job, by getting the team and the formation right from the start of each match, and not waiting until we're losing before sorting things out. Redknapp got the sack in 2012 after a serious tilt at the title faded to fourth, but most of us would happily settle for fourth this season - will Levy be satisfied with anything less?
  6. Del Guest

    How is lloris still captain aswell?
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  7. Del Guest

    I’ve said it so i’ll Say it again! I’m a poch fan but I’m also not naive to believe everything he says in the press conferences. It for me goes back to lack of squad investment! Is it levy not giving poch the funds? Is it poch not willing to spend money? Who’s decision was it to let dembele go in jan and not replace him? Why is it the same individuals that keep making mistakes in big games? Is poch too nice to say what we are seeing ie errors in big games and then sugar coating it by saying this is football ? Why does it seem certain players get stage fright when presented with golden opportunity’s to score and kill teams off? In regards to other jobs Man Utd or Real Madrid if poch doesn’t want the jobs why didn’t he just say No when asked instead of giving the media their frenzy’s and saying I’m not talking about rumours? Jst tell the truth ffs ! Personally I think poch is the right coach but there’s players there that should of been replaced in the windows that have passed by... the new stadium is world class but it’s a Shame there’s gonna be a stale playing squad moving in! Top 4 is a must and we need to get back to winning ways ASAP. COYS
  8. Andyspur Guest

    There are no players at the club that excite me when I watch them. The closest to that is Son, but he has been poor since the return of Kane.

    Of course Kane is a top goal scorer and good passer of the ball, but he doesn't have that spark that gets you off your seat.

    Watching Micky Hazard run the midfield yesterday, with his clever trickery was a reminder of the great footballing entertainers. Now football seems more about functional players and tactics, which can be boring to watch.

    The last special player we had was Berbatov, but that was a long while ago now.
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  9. Ben Brown Guest

  10. Ben Brown Guest

    I totally agree with you that we have been found out. If you watched Spurs this year, we winged it most of the time. Yes a couple of really good games gave us hope, but whenever we had a chance to close the gap to the league leaders, we have bottled it. Just look back at the games that would have either put us within a point of the leaders, or level, we have lost, and to weaker opponents. Ive been a supporter for 46 years and Spurs are still Spurs. Bottlers. This fact stands for the last 5 years when we have been in contention, the one game that would have made a statement, we lose with a whimper.

    Who remembers the game at WHL about 15 years ago in the FA Cup against Man City. 3 up at halt time and playing against 10 men. Remember who won? You may say this was 15 years ago, but that is my point. We are average and have been found out.
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  11. THFC Guest

    I don’t want to be negative but a lot has to change to progress. The game against Liverpool clearly showed why you need to invest big money in a top keeper and centre backs.
    Lloris, as I have said on here before, is either brilliant or terrible with no middle ground.
    Tripper gives nothing at all defensively and is a constant cause of threats down the sides.
    Sissoko has improved so much in the last 12 months however you cannot possibly be a professional footballer and be so timid in front of goal. He always passes/gives the ball away/sky’s it. I applaud his effort but he needs to go.
    Erikson is appalling....we need to sell and replace as soon as possible as he gives/does nothing at all for 80 mins in each game.
    Sanchez is a complete liability....
    Moura tries his hardest but doesn’t do much all game other than run.
    Aurier is just terrible.
    I think we need a clear out of all above then add some funds and sign:
    GK - Oblak
    LB - Chillwell
    RB - Wan Bissaka
    CB - Umtiti
    MF - Ndomble
    MF - Fakir
    MF - Hudson Odoi
    CF - Wilson
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  12. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    So you blame Levy and ENIC for Lloris inability to catch a soft header? Did Levy fail to sign a better goalie? Was Poch erroneous starting Hugo? Weren't we a better team in second period? Did you really expect Spurs to win for the first time since 1992 at LFC? There are true winners and there are lucky ones. Spurs were lucky winners at times. Not this time. Just accept and move on. At this time, unfortunately, we are only the best club in London.
    Last edited: April 1, 2019
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  13. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    You just defined the term "inconsistency". Send him to the bench. Let Gazzaniga grow. Buy G in the summer. I would consider Karius, who can be had cheap, but wouldn't insist on him. Aaron Wan-Bissaka will be sold to ManUnited, I suppose. We need Kyle Walker back ever since he left. I don't see Sanchez as liability and a need for upgrade. The first goal was a poor read from Hugo, who had to fight for the cross and punch it out. Erikson is being guarded, thus not seen as free moving playmaker he usually is. Got to give credit to Klopp, although it is not so difficult to figure out. Also Poch had no holding MF to start and Eriksen was not good replacement for Winks or Wanyama. Once Rose was moved into role in second period the MF performance improved and Eriksen got more effective. Agree with the rest. Thanks for good post.
  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I blame Pochettino for sticking with the error prone mute captain.
    I blame ENIC & Levy for utter contempt for the Manager , Team and fans.

    And I blame both combined for negligence in the windows to kick on.

    Tonight Scum will go above us & by the time we play palace wel be in 5th behind Utd also.

    You can put your fingers in your ears sing lala lala with your rose tints on all you want but we have f_cked this season up now back to Europa after apparently being ahead of schedule.
  15. P reed Guest

    Once again I don't have a clue if Spurporter is just a poch lover or an arsenal fan.Despite the fact we have blown a 13 point gap for the top 3 he still doesn't see anything to be worried about.When we miss the top 4 and then miss any good summer signings then maybe the light will go off and reality will take place
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  16. Dan Spurs Guest

    its painful to watch this slow motion car crash as we click into relegation form out of nowhere (albeit we had not been playing well). Now the scum will overtake us tonight. How did we let this happen? there are a number/combination of factors. These are thoughts I had as a watched the familiar collapse yesterday. Seems to be recurring issues that have not been dealt with and some have lasted for a few seasons.

    Missing open goals/clear chances (sissoko), defenders who cant concentrate for 90+ mins (Trippier/Rose/Sanchez), own goals/unforced errors out of nowhere (Lloris/Trippier/Rose the repeat offenders and now Alderweireld), consistently poor distribution (lloris), players talking in the media about how we must improve and that they don't understand the slump before continuing with similar errors (Lloris, Rose), playing 3 centre backs with rose/Trippier as wingers...terrible formation, chopping and changing the defence week in week out (Poch) , failing to react/waiting too long to change when the formation is not working (Poch),
    Son going from the best player in the league to being left on the bench for Liverpool (how/why? - cant just be down to Kane?), good players either playing superbly or being non-existent (Moura/Eriksen,), Subs who have little/no impact most of the time (any of them), "game changers" not producing often enough (Ali/Eriksen), reliable "non spursy" players suddenly becoming more error prone/less confident (Aldewiereld). Pochettino consistently stating in the media that we are over achieving and shouldn't be challenging Liverpool etc. Surely this negativity/lack of belief can impact the team?, no captain on the pitch to organize/change tactics as required (lloris is no captain), pointless possession football i.e 5 or 6 passes sideways/backward in our half before giving away cheaply, repeating the same tactics every week with no element of surprise for opposition and just hoping something clicks (Poch), going through the motions (half the team).....and on top of all that just plain bad luck.
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  17. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Poch lover, indeed I am. Also an older fan. Here's from 2012 article:
    My point : Spurs are better than ever, although worse than they should be. Relax, it is a long journey. We will get there in due time.
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  18. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Excellent summary of things, it's like watching a man drown
  19. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    We have Stadium opener game on Wednesday. Son will start, as we need to win for club history books. Son traveled all the way from Asia and need to adjust to time change and rest.

    Poch is correct. Our targets are the London clubs. We were beneath them, but no more. No one wins on belief. Players do not need encouragement. They have careers to take care of, unlike some demanding supporters that have nothing to lose, nothing to gain, except for bragging rights.
    This how contemporary football is played. It is not pointless, just, sorry to say, beyond your ability to read it. We played the best team in Premier League, they are not worse that us. They play the same way and they did so. LFS outplayed Spurs in first period, we were better side in second. Draw was the expected and accepted result up until Hugo's blunder. Well, too bad. Move on.
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  20. P reed Guest

    Spurporter you state that you are a poch lover and older supporter so what??I went to every game in the 60to61 double year so I have seen one of the best English teams of all time and players who were legends I'd I'McKay Blanchflower white Smith etc.Not one of the current team apart from Kane would get any where near this team and we had reserves. Like little Tommy Harmer who had more skill than all the current incumbent .Macky and Blanchflower were captains on the pitch and nobody slacked off like our current crop
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