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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, September 18, 2019.

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  1. Thomas Guest

    I think likewise that Pochettino would not last the season. A few weeks ago, he was blaming the transfer speculation for unsettling his players. Now he claims that he didn't say that. Running out of excuses and running out of time.
  2. P reed Guest

    Not my favourite player but surely Dier is more capable of pressing in the later stages than Ericson or Wanyama .I don’t think Pochettino knows his best team or formation and he seems incapable of changing the way we play.Any other club would have tried different ways of playing especially away from home where we have been unable to win for months.Most good sides have at least 9 regular players and that’s how you develop a team.The teams that tinker every week usually finish in the bottom half.How can the pundits keep saying spurs will finish third.I just can’t wait for Celso to get fit so we can forget Ericson and maybe get some creativity.Leicester showed how to speed up play when needed unlike our pedestrian side to side rubbish.I am really hoping Real Madrid get rid of their manager just to see if Pochettino can really do it although I don’t think he would last a season there
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    People have built Pochettino up into something he's clearly not , the nucleus of a good side is there just needs new stewardship and someone with new ideas/fresh approach.
    Levy came out saying there was more money available for transfers in the window it's just Pochettino doesn't have a clue how to improve or who to buy.
    His grumpy demeanor mixed with his politicians waffle is just getting worse.
    He had a 1 season purple patch where it all clicked and was unlucky to find a Chelsea side that was just that bit better but other than that his 'achievements' were hugely down to how bad other teams have been during this period.
    Anyone that wants to cling to this we got to the CL final- it was a freak accident!

    There's been nothing from him to suggest he's improved anything since we peaked 16/17 , players haven't improved they've got worse , squad hasn't improved , the style has gotten so Boring AVB wouldn't even accept it and the sloppy defensive errors which plagued him in his 1st season has crept back in since mid way last season 5/6 years in.
    We look like we've done a full circle and Mr chop change has just completely lost it.
    Just for once I'd like to see him take some blame or responsibility instead of his constant BS and deflection , fed up with it!
    Hes failed, the jig is up and he has no one to blame but himself.
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  4. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    I agree. Spurs played well against the organized opposition. The result is harsh.
  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    5 wins in last 18 pl games

    Haven't won an away game in 8 months

    Wake up to the reality
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  6. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Spurs played to win. Kane scored the best goal of his career to date. When VAR takes goal away, it takes the wind out of team sales. Team mentality is still fragile. In that regard Spurs were weaker than Foxes. Poch was wrong when he played to win when they had to play not to lose after equalizer. But it was a great game, if not for bad result.
  7. Kearyrk New Member

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    It appears Pochettino and the players have now gone stale. We know the signs over the years only too well. There’s too many players under performing at unacceptable levels. Dier, Alli, Rose, Eriksen, Wanyama and Sanchez are nowhere near their performance levels of 2-3 years ago. Even Son, if we’re all honest is either wonderful or poor and nothing inbetween. Now that sounds really harsh but bar the Palace game he has been in awful form since City away in the CL. It now seems that his overall effort and influence wains if Kane starts because he clearly likes that ‘top dog’ status. Lamela is full of effort but his end product after 6 years or so is still poor. Like Son, Moura is either brilliant or awful and we just can’t have players performing like that if we want to seriously challenge. Our high energy, aggressive pressing, quick tempo style has been replaced with a rigid and narrow diamond or flat 4-4-2’s. Passing is now annoyingly laboured, slow, predictable and we really miss a fit, on form Dembele. We’ve never replaced Walker and Rose just isn’t the same player since the injury back in Jan 2017. Trippier was a good back up to Walker but froze in the big games and just wasn’t good enough defensively. The way Pochettino wants to play relies hugely on dynamic full backs but we haven’t found new answers. The fragile mentality is still evident in the club. The players apparently hate the ‘bottlers’ and ‘spursy’ tags but certainly don’t do their utmost to prove all the piss takers wrong. When things go against us we still get beat, if it’s a must win we lose, if we reach a semi-final our record is hopeless and when we get to a huge final our manager and players are just happy to be there taking part. There’s still no hardened winning mentality and an utter refusal to lose. Let’s not kid ourselves that a domestic cup win will suddenly change that either. Liverpool were there for the taking back in June, their players were shattered and none of our players turned up in possibly the biggest game they’ll have in their careers. It was in their hands, they couldn’t handle it, they lost miserably and I think it’s affected the everybody at the football club since.
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  8. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    It was illustrative rather than mathematical Gordon. Also I could'nt remember if all six started, as they were so poor....
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