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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, September 18, 2019.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Our 1st appearance in the Champions League since the semi final last season....

    Olympiacos away in the opening group match of a favourable draw for us.

    With both Chelsea & Liverpool falling to opening day losses we have the chance to put another unrecognised accolade in the no one cares cabinet of being the 1st English side to get a win in this seasons competition, what a time to be alive.

    Now we love a struggle at Spurs so after our 1st decent performance in a while on the weekend expect a pointless juggle round and an attitude that turning up will be more than enough to give this tie the Spursy struggle it deserves....

    (Happy to be wrong with this of course)

    But as with all competitions it's essential you get off to a good start which doesn't just help in the 1 competition it helps with being able to prioritise and juggle in others.

    On paper this should be 3 points , application and game plan will determine the outcome.

    Let's get off to a good start please.

    It's Back !

  2. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Be interesting to see if CE and others play. I think once they have played in cl for one club, they can’t play for another. If correct, this may determine whether he leaves in January or not?
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Interesting indeed hadn't thought of that but would be a worrying indicator for sure.
  4. palmover Active Member

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    The CL brings back bad memories of a final where Spurs didn't turn up, neither did pool but they still won 2-0.
    Mp made Klopp, if spurs had won i think Klopp would have left pool.

    Win your home games draw your away games and you are through to the next round. Cl only gets exciting in the latter stages of group games and the knock outs.

    I hope to see spurs play well and at least get a point, the Greeks are pretty good at home so it should be a fairly tough game. Coys
  5. P reed Guest

    What team will he pick tonight..??? Aurier had his best game against palace and is rewarded by not being in the squad.I do hope he doesn’t tinker and bring in Sanchez and moura and leave Son on bench.After last years terrible start surely he wants to start with a win. Which won’t happen if he makes his usual 8 or 9 changes and I for one will fear a repeat of last years fade away if he does.THE GREEK SIDE ARE NO PUSHOVERS. AT HOME
  6. Thomas Guest

    Team to play Olympiakos: Lloris, Alderweireld, Sanchez, Vertonghen, Davies, Winks, Ndombele, Eriksen, Dele, Lucas, Kane

    Sanchez at RB again? Pochettino back to his stubborn self?
  7. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I reckon Alderweireld will be right back
  8. Thomas Guest

    Wouldn't be surprised if Pochettino is trying to prove that Sanchez can player at RB.
  9. Big fran Guest

    Been awful as has Davies.
  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    It's gonna be another long gruelling season this is not getting better n better or learning from past experience.
    Same old Spursy ****
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  11. P reed Guest

    Am I the only person who is fed up with the dross being turned out by Tottenham at the moment.Team selection awful no drive from the players and Pochettino becoming the original tinker man.Why oh why Sanchez at full back it seems poch will get him in the team at all costs to justify the over the top transfer fee.Ericson absolutely awful stays on the pitch and is responsible for their second goal.who else makes 5 changes after winning 4 -0 is it any wonder the players seem totally confused.Only player to earn credit Winks head and shoulders above the rest.last Saturday spurs best players were Son and Aurier and their reward one on bench the other not in squad.I for one would not be heart broken if a change was made as I think the players need a big kick and some home truths and a manager who knows what his best side is .Does Klopp tinker every game no no no.

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  12. Thomas Guest

    Pochettino's right back choice is really confusing. It seems to me that the pecking order now is 1. Foyth 2. Sanchez 3. KWP 4. Aurier

    What's going on in his head? I think he's under stress and can't think properly now. Kane, CE and Ali are players who stays on the pitch even when they are not playing well. Son is the one who normally makes way. He keeps faith in them regardless of their performance and hope they come up with something. So much for game management.

    Spurs have been painful to watch these days. We have become accustomed to stealing points in games we don't deserve to win or draw and ride our luck.
  13. palmover Active Member

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    Spurs should have won, however, the Greeks were always a threat and were unlucky not score before going 2-0 down. Where were the leaders in the team to see this result out? and verts one of the most experienced players gives away an unnecessary penalty.
    Mp's team selection did not help there may have been a valid reason for playing Sanchez at RB, however, playing dele and Ce together doesn't work as they are both luxury players and are too slow tracking back.
    Mp is failing to get the best out of these players and needs to find a system that doesn't leave spurs open to counter attacks, at the moment it's too easy for teams to get at the back 4.
    A draw is not a bad result, the players need to make a statement in the next game and beat Bayern at home. Coys
  14. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Totally agree that Pochettino seems like a rabbit in the headlights much of the time. Oddly, he seems to stick to players who were already at Spurs when he arrived, but doesn't have faith in those bought on his watch, some of whom never got a look-in (like N'Jie and N'Koudu), while others seem not to be trusted however well they perform, Moura and Son being the obvious examples. Pochettino's in totally alien territory, having to rebuild a clearly declining team when he's previously only been at clubs for a couple of years, and it doesn't look as if he's up to the task - if Real Madrid still want him, it might be best for Spurs if they finally get their way.
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  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Harry comes out saying he understands the managers frustrations they're still making the same mistakes they made when he 1st started.

    That's because it's basically the same team just weakened and older.
    Stubbornness, Neglect & Recruitment all the main factors.

    Pochettino is no longer progressive hes not a manager he's a fitness coach and not a very good one at that seeing as how many semi permanent injured players we have.

    The whole thing is becoming a farce and what's worse is the standard of football is not only sloppy it's painfully dull to watch and has been for some time.
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  16. P reed Guest

    Totally agree with Felon that Pochettino is not a progressive manager and it looks to me he is no longer a motivator either.Three years ago we had a triangle of pure class in Ericson Ali. and Kane now all three are no where near the same standard.We also had the best defence now look at the mess it’s become.He will never convince me that he is tactfully aware and I believe he was lucky initially because Kane was on fire and scored for fun.Where are all the people who last year slated the likes of myself for being critical and said wait until I had to eat my words.Well this has not happened as we are progressively getting worse.This time next year we will probably lose Ericson Kane Ali Vertongan alder and Rose all down to poch and levy’s mismanagement..I for one think it’s time for change painful as it may be as we are going nowhere at the moment.What sort of message is given to players like Walker-Peters and dyer who are both more suited to full back than Sanchez.Come on poch worshipers let’s hear from you about the wonderful job he is doing because you have gone very quiet of late
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  17. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Pain, pain, why do we have to endure such pain.

    1) Wtf did we leave the full backs at home, were they injured. If not that was a massive error Poch.

    2) Who, in their right mind, places Sanchez out right, who ffs?

    3) Eriksen, Dele, Sanchez, Davies, Ndombele, Lamela are you ffs professional footballers at your peak or not? You were total shite.

    4) Who, who MP makes 5 changes and leaves out Aurier, Rse, Sissoko and Son, the four most influential players in the palace game, who ffs?

    An unholy fecking mess, for sure.
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  18. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    I think Poch keeps them for the Foxes. Someone told him PL should be priority.

    That is a good question. KWP had a setback, re-injured? No one knows. But no goal was Sanchez' fault.

    They played not to lose. Repeated NLD. Good result. Entertaining game it was or so pundits say.

    Same as 1). Spurs hoped for easy game in Greece.
  19. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    1) Saved for the Foxes - really! Well he got that wrong didn't he?

    2)Regardless whether Sanchez was directly responsible for a goal, having such a weak link incredibly destabilises the entire set-up.

    3) Played not to lose - really. They were dross, pure and simply, playing to lose says that they controlled things, everything they did fell short of the standards required at this level.

    4) A blind man would have known that putting together such a changed side reveals just how little we knew about the opposition.

    Did anybody watching know what the game plan was, because ffs the players didn't. When was the last time Sanchez, Eriksen, Davies and Dele had a half decent game. Played not to lose. They are simply not that good.
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  20. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    True, they were poor. It's Spurs : From Greatness to Misery in One Little Step.
    Same selection will play Colchester plus a few youngsters, like Parrott, I hope. Those who won against CP will return Saturday. Jan should not be playing until fit.

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