Irrational hatred and nonsensical bar setting

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, December 29, 2020.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I didn't know James O'Brien was a Spurs fan but here he is serving up word salads to a football forum......

    As I said before a lot of words not a lot of substance.
  2. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Don't surrender just yet

    Spurs are looking like a proper cup team once again
  3. Jesper Active Member

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    Kind of fun to see:
    -a manager who leaves and then his team starts performing better is either (or possibly both):
    1. Good at building teams
    2. Bad at getting performances out of his players
    -a manager who leaves and then his team starts performing worse is either (or possibly both):
    1. Bad at building teams
    2. Good at getting performances out of his current players

    Which kind of manager is preferred for a rebuild?
    Mourinho has done well with building teams and managers taking over after him often do well. There is little data about the manager who preceded him, what little there is might indicate that building teams is not his strength. Due to the scarcity of data that indication might of course be incorrect.

    There are arguments that for players then class is permanent while form is temporary - give them more time. Their form will get better again and they'll get better with experience.
    For managers then it seems to be that they lose their abilities after one or two seasons. Their experience makes them worse.

    I'd have thought that it would be the opposite. That players get worse as they age, their physical abilities decline and that decline is only partially compensated by their experience. But apparently we should have patience with the players who played well three years ago and the manager who did well three years ago is in terminal decline....

    I believe the current team is still in a rebuild, I believe that now even a team such as Brighton might have a better DM and a better play-maker than Spurs. (Bissouma and Gross)
    My fear was never that Spurs would do what Leeds did and collapse, my fear was and is that Spurs would do what Arsenal has been doing and is doing. Bad recruitment which they tried to fix by firing and hiring managers. Hasn't worked yet and I don't think it will work for them nor do I think it would work for Spurs.

    For me then it is about accepting that Spurs is in a rebuild and accepting that rebuilds aren't quick. Going for a quick fix again and again and again might be slower than doing the rebuild. Another transfer-window where the weaknesses are addressed is in my opinion better than going for the spectacular of firing the manager and buying some flair-player while neglecting the boring but necessary.

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