I love this Spurs team so f**king much

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Socrates, January 24, 2016.

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  1. Socrates

    Socrates Member

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    A couple of seasons ago, I wanted to stab Danny Rose. I wouldn’t have minded stabbing a lot of our squad, to be frank. “Spursy,” “typical Tottenham,” “fragile,” call it what you like – the football was turgid, the manager (or managers) as incompetent as they come.

    White Hart Lane was wreathed in a miasma of despair, as we were subjected to another Suarez goal to make it 0-4, not forgetting the time City hit us for 5, or Ravel Morrison cutting through a defence that was spread wider than a 19-year-old Essex girl on a Friday night. There was, to my recollection, nought worth celebrating. Not a single noteworthy performance. Not one piece of individual brilliance from a talented player. Attending games felt like a chore, an obligation, as I half-heartedly applauded Paulinho’s name being read out pre-match – “we are so f**ked” I would think.

    Fast-forward a couple seasons, and it’s mostly changed. Sure, we’ve yet to completely iron out those disappointing home defeats to lower opposition, but I can’t help but love this Spurs side. It’s young, tenacious, it plays good football, and, perhaps for the first time in my lifetime, it has balls. Whether it’s watching Harry Kane run lengths to put in a tackle, or seeing Alderweireld clench his fists with joy at the mere act of blocking a shot, there’s just so much to love.

    But perhaps the most exciting thing about this Spurs side is how far it can yet go. Sure, we’re doing well, but there’s that sense that we can do so much better. Dele Alli is far from the finished article, as good as he may be, Eriksen is having a sub-standard season, while still producing decent results, and Kane still has room to grow. And they’ll need to grow too, in order to avoid this joining the seemingly endless list of false dawns at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. But I won’t worry about that for now.

    What’s important is that the half-hearted applause is gone. Dreading games is no longer a thing. The lack of belief that was shared by both fans and players alike is all but gone. Replaced instead by hope and optimism, the belief that we’ll get where we want to be, even if may not be this season.

    I’ll admit that I couldn’t help but let my head sink when Vertonghen diverted into his own net at Selhurst Park; I’m yet to shake that feeling that we’re liable to capitulate at any moment, I’ve just seen too much Spurs in the Premier League era to believe that we’ve completely changed our colours, but the players continue to prove me so very wrong.

    In the words of Mauricio Pochettino: “I am very habby, is true.”
  2. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    I can relate to this expression. Well done. Thanks.
    My only concern is depth required for desired accomplishments. Verts injury is of deep concern, as it might be the start of the test that might be coming. Spurs can do w/o extra striker, not so much for CB.
    Hope it is not. COYS!!
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  3. yoshi Guest

    As good as all the players are right now, the difference is Poch - the guy is doing exactly what I hoped he would do. When young players like Onomah and Carroll come into the team on repeated occasions and do better each time, he's clearly doing an amazing job.
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  4. TK spurs Guest

    I couldn't sum up my own feelings any better . I am absolutely loving this Spurs Squad ! A real togetherness I haven't seen in a long time as a Spurs supporter .This team is hungry and the potential is there for all to see . We need a trophy to show for this promise . The giant Tottenham Hotspur is awakening ! COYS !
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  5. John Guest

    I started supporting in 1960 when I was 8!
    Have seen some great nights, exciting players and magic performances over the years as well as unfortunately
    suffering the overbearing smugness of that mob down the road!!
    My greatest wish is that this season I will not need to say to my fellow supporters 'Never mind there is always next season!' This could be the year when , even if we do not win the title, we rid ourselves of that 'nearly men'' label. We will beat Arsenal at The Lane and finish above them in the League, qualify for The Champions League and who knows, perhaps a Cup as well will come our way. COYS
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  6. RDS of Cambs Guest

    Great Article!

    In all the years I have been a Spurs support I cannot express how proud I am of the improvements under Pouch. To that end Levi and Co must also take credit. I have to 'pinch myself' every so often as I watch this exciting team develop further. So many positives. Yes still some way to go but in safe hands now I do believe. I honestly believe we at Spurs are on the verge of something really big, let's hope we don't self destruct.
  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Levy should take no credit at all, he is a clown who caused endless chaos. People forget quite conveniently his 1st choice was LVG
  8. King_Alli Guest

    Totally agree with this, I think it's the first time in a long time "we" as a team have an identity, we have a style and all the players seem to want and play the same way, even our attacking players don't mind putting there foot in!
    For years now when we've had a few poor results or our big money signings have been poor I've always said give the kids ago atleast they will show heart, passion and that's just what they r doing now plus they have the skill and technical ability too.. Seeing poch get rid of all the deadwood in the summer was brave and it's easy for any manager to come in and buy big signings but poch is creating something special, eg in preseason I think we were all wanting a big money CDM signing but then in a friendly he goes and sticks dier there and I was watching and I thought the man was out of his mind, but what a master stroke that was and I've always liked Carroll but he's always seemed to miss something but under poch wherever it was he was missing he's seemed to of found.. Yes things could still go all wrong and we could still end up 7th or 8th but I think we all see the vision of what's trying to be made and that's what's more exciting the just signing big money signings and hoping for the best.. We have players that make a team, make a squad! Also as much as I like Townsend it just shows if ur not going to stick by what poch wants ur out!
    It's good to see a young team with such drive, hard work, ambition and willingness to work as a team
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  9. Dude Guest

    Many good points but I'm still concerned that we allowed Newcastle back into the game to beat us. Not so concerned about Leicester at home defeat, because Leicester are a class act and we were unlucky. But to go one up at home to Toon and still lose has got me worried. We won't score worldies every week in the manner of our great win at Palace. I think Son could hold the key to us really achieving something because he offers pace, directness and early shooting. Verts injury if bad will affect us because he is top quality but I'm encouraged by Wimmer so far.
  10. spural Guest

    JUST AN APPEAL, no talk of players, no talk of managers, no talk of owners, only talk is to my fellow supporters, what we can add to achieve our dream, our young team are so close to achieving something so remarkable something I could not see coming, the hard work this young team and manager have put in, must be appreciated, there is only one way we can add to this magnificent effort, and that’s from the stands, I’m not knocking our supporters no negatives on this post, I would love to hear the roar an noise from the WHL faithful, help make it a fortress, help the team in the only way we can, help them cross the line that’s so close, F**k be nervous F**k being negative, help make it be our moment, will keep posting this where and wherever I can, SING UP FOR SPURS YOU WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE,

  11. josh_b

    josh_b Active Member

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    I love your little 'defence spread wider than a 19yo Essex girl on a Friday night'. So, so accurate.

    Also, I would love for us to have a properly bouncing atmosphere back at the Lane. It shouldn't be limited to East stand, or the 1882 block for EL games. If you don't wanna sing, that's fine, but book towards the family end pls. I don't want football to be elitist but really it is so so much better from personal experience when the whole ground is rocking, even being on the West stand for Anderlecht at home was something really special, especially screaming my head off with 30,000 other Yids at Dembele's goal. You don't forget nights like that
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  12. Nomadico Well-Known Member

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    Nice to see positive spin from our fan base.What a weekend,wonder goals from Ali,Chadli,and a solid team display;and it was even better later on as the Scum up the road dropped points with a loss at home,things could not be better,Alas the new's about the possible long term injury to Verts has put a damper on things,now it is time to see if Wimmer can step,so remember people please do not climb all over him and slag him down first match he will need a little time to bed in,he did ok when he came on Saturday and can only improve,and like "Josh_b pointed out get behind the team..COYS...
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  13. ShelfSide Guest

    I think that we the fans now need to play their part if we truly want a successful season. The general grumbling and malaise that is present until players lift us needs to go and we need to lift the roof for the remaining home games. Creating the sort of atmosphere present at some Euro night like the Inter game might just give us an edge. A few ref decisions that go our way screamed on by the crowd. To Dare is to Dream but that lets get involved not just sit back. COYS !!!
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  14. Incredible days for us Yids! we were at the bottom of the well..... had many false dawns.... but now we have the 'real' deal! no pun to our 'special' relationship with Madrid!
    MP is the best coach in the world, yes I had my doubts, but after AVB and pretty boy timmy we needed sorting. he offed lennon adybeyor et al.... brilliant!
    What would have he done with the Bale cash? heaven knows?
    I still fear to dream of the title but and a big BUT! I enjoy my team again! we will run and chase till the last second, that I love!
    Believe? I am now really excited! COYS!
  15. John Guest

    I can remember the financial debacle that was Scholar and our need to sell Gasgoigne! Alan Sugar took a lot of flak from the supporter base but he saved our club.
    Daniel Levy is now the whipping boy but look where Joe and him have taken the club - don't look at where we are and be constantly unhappy - look at where we have come from, what we are achieving not just in terms of results but also in structure, training facilities, new ground, investment for the future, respect.
    Nobody ever gets everything right first time BUT these Guys are the best hope we have to become a footballing force for the future.
    I wonder how many of the hecklers know how to run a business
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  16. Big Mal Guest

    Don't forget we have Wimmer and Dier - it's easy to forget the latter is a centre half. If Dier were to drop into defence, we have Bentaleb, Mason and Carroll who can play alongside the Mighty Moussa. Having said that Wimmer looks quality to me.
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  17. Big Mal Guest

    LVG was rated as one of the 2 or 3 best managers around hence why the biggest club in England got him. The board (or Levy if you prefer) had a contingency and we got Poch who has been brilliant. There are loads of people who won't give Levy any credit whatsoever. All I know is that Tottenham Hotspur have been completely transformed since ENIC took over. I remember going to training at Mill Hill on a public park with awful facilities many years ago and then the (almost) adequate ground at Chigwell; the training ground now is sensational and a massive reason why we are attracting the best young players around. Would you rather join a club where the Academy train with the first team in Enfield or an average facility in E17 miles from where the first team train? We have signed Toby, Dier, Trippier, Wimmer, Alli recently for next to nothing. Every club in the PL would take Toby, Dier and Alli and we paid under £20m for them. If all the bad things are down to Levy then so are all the good things. Not sure what chaos Levy caused when the club have been punching above their weight and finishing 4th to 6th every year. Basically, THFC is a brilliantly run club that will never outstretch it's means that is getting envious glances from other clubs on 'how to build a football club'. The stadium (about which Levy haters say will never be built) will be (by far) the best stadium in the country with amazing facilities. The vision the board have is coming to fruition and we will have a football club to be incredibly proud of. Some people may say it's taken a long time, but this has been the era of the super rich who have transformed 2 joke clubs into the richest and most successful clubs around. THFC are building a future in the right way. It's not trendy to believe this or even suggest that ENIC, the board (or Levy if you prefer) are doing a good job, but take a trip to the training ground and see for yourself what the atmosphere is like. Watch a U21, friendly or U18 game and see the gaffer, his staff and the players come over to watch. Make no mistake something amazing is happening - jump aboard and enjoy the ride.
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  18. Dee Guest

    I always thought that ENIC have done a brilliant job since taking over - we are constantly in the top 5 every season since Jol, we have NOT broken out of our pay structure (as the other top 4 have), we have filled our stadium on every home game. Now just think - once we get the new stadium finished and attract even more better player (although I have full faith in the Poch to deliver from our academy) - the only way is UP. I watched the games against CP, Lesicester and Sunderland - we are playing a high energy football that not alot of teams can play against. A bit of luck with our shots in the 1st halves of all these games and we would have been cruising way before the halftime whistle. Did you ever see Townsend running back to defend like Son or Lamela do in every game? Have you ever seen Mousa play so well....im not even gonna get to Kane and Alli - it is there for all to see. Now we just have to pray that ManU or any other club do not come calling for the Poch or any of our other players..COYS
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  19. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Gradually, so very gradually we are improving and improving, match by match and with 15 games to go, that is great.
    Saturday was a great all round performance and result for sure, so joy indeed.
    Sunday was even better for me, not only to watch Fabregas boss the midfield against the Gooners, watch Mertesecker f**k up completely, see Costa bury his chance...but to see those great shots of Arsey Wenger with his "do we not like that" head on ........ priceless or what. Thank you Sky.

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  20. josh_b

    josh_b Active Member

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    Another two things for anyone who wants to voice an opinion:

    1) the two games we've lost since United, we've bounced back to get 6/6 (as a minimum, I don't know the stats) from the next two (or more) games.

    2) HITC have said that we should consider a bid for RvP. Would you take him for £5mill given his past, at 32? (I would).
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