He's Magic ... er noooo

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, August 26, 2019.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    In the prem last year neither notched a single assist , winks scored 1 goal and Dier scored 3 , winks played 26 games Dier 20.

    I'm not really sure what or why Winks gets a game in our 1st 11 in all honesty another 1 of Pochs faves that flatter to decieve, he's hardly a box to box , combative, physical presence CDM and he's not a playmaking , scheming , lock picker either.

    He's just a lightweight slightly better carol.
    (Another product of the famed academy from the best training facility in the world)

    Only problem is Dier is out injured yet again and hasn't really nailed down a spot in the side anyway.
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  2. Thomas Guest

    Though not great admirers of Bentaleb and Mason, I think they are better than Winks.
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    He's Tom Carrol +
    Basically on his best day is average
  4. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Cheshunt boy, The idea of these forums is to have debate. I don’t think it is helpful to use that sort of rhetoric. We all support Spurs and have differing opinions of the team management etc and although nobody is as optimistic as Spurporter, I would guess also English isn’t his mother tongue (apologies if it is ) he still should be allowed to voice his opinions.

    Getting back to the football. I think this transfer season has screwed us short term more than the not doing any business did, because of the uncertainty still around numerous players. I don’t think we will really have an idea of where we are at until a couple of games after the European deadlines have passed

    And if CE is leaving , it would be nice to bow out with a hat trick tomorrow
  5. Thomas Guest

    Didn't really compare Winks to Tom Carrol as I hardly have any impression of the latter to benchmark against. Carrol wasn't in our starting 11 unlike Bentaleb and Mason who were subsequently surpassed by Dembele and Wanyama

    Anyway, the idea is he's just average. Can hardly see any glimpse of Xavi in him. Nice for Pochettino to pay compliments to his player but let's now overdo it.
  6. P reed Guest

    While I agree Winks is not a world beater I do think some of the criticism a bit harsh.He does at least give 90 minutes of effort unlike some of the so called big names ie Kane and Ericson.Wouldnt it be nice to see Kane put himself about a bit more like the Liverpool front 3.Talking about Liverpool has any one noticed that Klopp is out of his seat all the time encouraging his players even when they are 3 nil up unlike our motionless leader.Really dreading tomorrow especially as the rest of my relatives support the scum.See Leicester are doing well under Brendan Rogers which is no surprise as he is very underrated.
  7. Cheshuntboy Guest

    You're probably right that my comments to Spurporter were OTT, but I tried to make it clear in my second post that I've no wish to shut him up completely, just to get him to modify his increasingly hyperbolic claims about Spurs' progress under the current regime. Perhaps it's because I've had plenty of experience of being labelled a closet gooner or secret chav because I've never been a fan of Levy, that I take umbrage at the high moral tone adopted by the ultra loyalists (of whom Spurporter is certainly one) who believe themselves to be the good guys in opposition to people like me who supposedly wish to do Spurs down, but in reality want more for the club than the current regime is offering. I don't think I've ever denied anyone's right to an opinion, but have plenty of times had my right to one challenged, I can assure you.
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  8. Big fran. Guest

    Winks sissoko not good enough
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  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Once again 2 things lost us the result today .

    1 Pochettinos complete inability to see what's unfolding and react or even pro actively change the set up.

    2 no proper leaders within the side to marshall the side through a rocky spell effectively.

    Not new problems but still nothing that either will ever be fixed.

    From 2-0 up clinging to a draw is simply not good enough and the frailty is always there in our DNA , no serious or sane Spurs fan wouldve felt comfortable at 2-0 to see the game out because you know they'll just blow it and they couldn't even see it out to half time.

    As wave after wave , every single 50/50 , every second ball was being dominated by Scum Poch just stood there clueless, the Midfield had absolutely no bite no leadership no clue.
    Sanchez at RB shows just what a wank window we really had and how neglected that position has been, please let that be the only experiment.

    We saw the Jeckyll Hide of lloris today some great saves followed by some suicidal kicking.

    Strange feeling from being gutted to give up 2 points to relief at getting 1.

    2 draws away to top 6 sides is about the only positive I can draw from what looks like a start the poor work through the summer and neglect previous this regime deserves.
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  10. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Well-Known Member

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    At 0-2 I was never confident, although if we could have managed to hold that lead for another 10-15 minutes (playing time) we may have clung on, but once again we give away silly possession after seeing a corner cleared. Danny Rose - What WERE you doing to lose the ball there - if in trouble hoof it man, especially with the Goons crowding our half, and give someone a race after it and let the opposition worry about who gets there first. Then, second half another calamitous bit of defending, letting Aubameyang get between two defenders to score a goal not dissimilar to Newcastle's last week. We don't seem to learn. And finally, below par as we were, a few exceptions aside, a couple of words on Martin Atkinson - dreadful again.
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  11. P reed Guest

    I have said before that Sanchez is a bad accident waiting to happen and we paid a fortune for him.Why was Aurier not playing instead of being on the bench.Once again it shows up our lack of a proper transfer window.please tell me is Kane now just a penalty taker or is he soon becoming mobile.Once again Pochettino can’t get the tactics right when we come under pressure .Please. can someone teach sissokoto shoot and pass and we would have a player.Well at least the idiot Merson has to eat humble pie
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  12. palmover Active Member

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    This is spurs level, forget about closing the gap, city and pool are on a different level.
    Last season spurs lost this fixture 4-2 so a 2-2 draw is ok. Arse were the better team, however, they didn't deserve to win and neither did spurs so a draw is a fair result.
    Looking at the amount of Am's spurs have i think it's another season of chaos theory, sometimes it works.
    Top4 and a small cup, would make me happy, however, Mp's track record means no cup but possibly a top4. Hopefully Mp can get spurs to play like a team that know what they are doing? after the international break. Coys
  13. Cheshuntboy Guest

    People can disagree about just about everything Spurs-related, but I reckon one thing's indisputable after yesterday's game: Spursiness is back with a vengeance. The days of defensive discipline, briefly evident two or three years ago, have gone, to be replaced with Rose and Sanchez-led panic, and the ice-cool sharp-shooting of the 2016/17 Kane has been transformed into Tom Daleyesque penalty area balletics, the spursiest thing of all being that we've left the Etihad and the Emirates with draws that could as easily have been hammerings - we've got a run of supposedly winnable games after the break, so I wonder what we can do with those?
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  14. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    At the moment? Yes, it is. We went to Emirates, as if last year team did not sign anyone again and on top of that lost Dembele, Trippier, Aurier, Wanyama, Dier. And you can add Dele and Jan to that list, since those two are not fit and should not be used. We also did not have Eriksen against Newcastle. We lost Foyth and KWP and MP, who is not a scientist, promptly failed an experiment playing Sanchez at RB. Kane scored in August, but we all know he is not back until October. And with all this we could have won Sunday. We turned Spursie in the wrong place and in the wrong time and that must be addressed, but we have no adequate personnel not to. Spurs are at this moment thin in quality, not to break down like that.
    We will close the gap. We kept EC and Toby, we will get our signings back and our RB fit and we will talk about the gap later.
  15. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Well-Known Member

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    Well C'boy - we've had two eminently winnable home games, winning only one after major huff-and-puff and losing the other embarrassingly to a Newcastle side that was beaten at home by an almost 3rd string Goons outfit. The more things change the more they stay the same n'est pas? Re Kane - it's generally agreed that any team in any sport plays to instructions, so my take on this is that Poch has told 'Arry to play as a target man. Hence all the hoofing up to him, totally without any positive result so far - he' s being beaten for almost every high ball by everyone; what a sad waste of our major threat. He looks really p*ssed too from his expression during his half-time walk to the tunnel on Sunday. Sanchez too, as you say, has been dreadful so far and was certainly picked out as a weak link, how many passes were aimed in his direction, almost every one flying over his head to a waiting Goon? Things are certainly grim and looking grimmer. At least it looks like we're not going to fall on the home straight - we'll be lucky to even be in the leading pack come that time.
  16. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Well-Known Member

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    "Kane not back 'til October" - nonsense, if he' s fit he should be ready from day one, he's had four games and been all but anonymous in every one, even with 2 strikes and a penalty. As for Dembele, Trippier, Aurier, Wanyama & Dier - what are we missing there? Very little I would suggest, and the same applies to Dele - yes, he's been injured but he's NOWHERE near the player he promised to be for his first season and a half. That leaves Verts in your list and there's something murky there. There's far more amiss here than a list of injured players. Downbeat assessment from me? Definitely - I see no reason at all to be happy with what I've seen so far.
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  17. Guesty Guest

    We need to play our best players as much as we can

    Kane turns round and sees Lamela, Moura, Winks, Sissoko and Sanchez.....who are at best mid table team players.
    ....no wonder he looks like that (walking off)

    He wants to see Alli, Son, Eriksen, Ndombele and Verts.
    ......to go with Son, Toby and Lloris.

    Just need better FBs.....

    NB.....I said the 5 above are mid table.....to be fair some of the mid table teams have better players than them
  18. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Spurs did not sell Wanyama and Aurier.
  19. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Well-Known Member

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    I know they haven't been sold - that isn't my point, but now you've mentioned it - I wouldn't be at all worried if they had been.
  20. Genevaspurs Guest

    Lamela, Moura, Winks, Sissoko and Sanchez.....who are at best mid table team players.
    ....no wonder he looks like that (walking off)

    To say that Lucas Moura is at the same level than Lamela proves that you do not know much about football ... The day that lamela scores as much as he did last season by playing so little will be a miracle. And what about his performance in Amsterdam ...? !! Lamela could not have done a quarter of what he did that night!

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