Going Backwards

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, December 16, 2017.

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  1. bruski

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    My sentiments (and time reference) precisely GMc

  2. bruski

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    Agree with most comments here. We are all so frustrated at getting so close to what we have all been dreaming of for years, only to see it falling apart in the most humiliating way. Not just City, but against the lesser teams of the PL. As already mentioned, the City score was inevitable if you remember some of our lack luster performances this season. We've been getting away with games in the PL. Levy has built a glass palace of a team on sand. Very shiny and impressive when it was new, but as time passes the sand beneath it is shifting and cracks are appearing. It is not too late to shore things up, but as we all know, it is more challenging to rectify a problem than to do it right in the first place. So at the very least Daniel, please, spend good money now before our beautiful palace collapses around our feet.
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  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Thing is how long did the delusional think this would last?

    An established top 4/5 collapse?

    A failure to Win anything during this spell seen as a roaring success by many.

    How long can you keep a bunch of players performing way beyond their counterparts on relative peanuts in comparison with no inhouse competition for their places?

    Complacency is inevitable and now prevelant!

    Doesnt take a genius to forsee/work this out if people take these delusional rose tinted specs off, completely sucked in by a decade of spin from ENIC with nothing but a 'Project' tag line to hide behind or show for it!
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  4. GARY benanav Guest

    In the car driving back to Barnet we were all a bit lost for words as to how Spurs looked so totally outclassed. Had it not been for City's errors the score could have a dammed sight worse.
    It is no good us all coming up with the same old lame excuses year after year. We need to start again. Poch has to go. Bring in a winner: a proven top manager who knows how to to get his hands on league titles and the Champions League. Sell Alli for whatever we can get. He is reckless and fickle. Buy Sanchez from Arsenal ( heresy: but a top player). Go after and get Coutinho. Get Hazard from Chelsea. Okay, so they will want tonnes of dosh. So what? How much have we spent on **** since our last league title win?
  5. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I noticed that you'd posted on the 'Dear Mr Levy' site earlier tonight - if there's another Spurs site more infested with rose-tinted happy clappy Levy lovery I'd hate to find it, so I wish you well in stirring up that particular hornets nest (before I gave up masochism, I used to do battle with the blind self-proclaimed 'loyalists' on there regularly, but the endless concerted abuse of anyone critical of ENIC/Levy/AVB or our current incumbent became too wearing - stick to this site, where most posters seem happy to exchange opinions civilly, and you're not a closet gooner just because you don't think the sun shines out of Pochettino's fundament!).
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  6. Jam Guest

    A lot of unnecessary hand-wringing and reactionary bedwetting going on here. Wasn't pretty the other night but fact is this City side may go down as the EPL's greatest ever when all is said and done.. and there is absolutely NOTHING we could have done this offseason to avert this. Sure we shouldn't have sold them Walker.. but that in itself is not the difference.

    Spurs have been the best side in England the last two years and have been unlucky not to have won the league. They've also been the youngest side in this time and as is natural the players will continue to improve going forward.. there is still a lot of potential in the squad left to be unlocked and still a helluva lot for supporters to be optimistic about.

    What has transpired in the league so far this season can be attributed to a number of factors.. Wembley was always going to be problematic, perhaps Rose did hit a raw nerve, a couple of key injuries etc.

    But for me the main reason for the downturn has been motivation. Spurs had one intent coming into this season and that was to win the league.. rightfully so. Anyone who witnessed the home opener where we absolutely battered the champions yet somehow contrived to lose the game would have realised that regardless of the result we meant business.

    Unfortunately what quickly became obvious to the team was that there was no winning the league this year.. City are clearly too good. After valiantly chasing two lost causes to no avail in recent years the realisation has no doubt been considerably more demoralising to Spurs than any other club.

    The problem now is that the understandable letdown has suddenly placed the club in danger of missing the top 4. Recent form suggests the players are finally coming to terms with the fact that qualifying for the Champions League is still a considerable achievement. I wouldn't read too much into the last match.. City were obviously well up for it and I've no doubt that any other of the big six would have taken a similar battering the other night against what is a magnificent team.

    The top 4 is still attainable and personally I think that the team is still too good to miss out. Whether that's enough for some is doubtful but the fact is the club is slowly turning into a perennial powerhouse and that has never been the case in the long time I've been following the team. So take a deep breath and relax.. the future is still bright.
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  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    I note how some want to justify the performance by waxin about how great City are , but what is the excuse for 1 win in 18 away games to the entire top 5 - who may i add have been relatively p;ss poor last 3/4 seasons?

    Why is there a NEED to excuse/protect/sweep this under the carpet? It needs addressing!
    Along with the minnows putting 10 men behind the ball and our inability to penetrate it.

    And sound bites of a permanent learning curve where the main objective is never actually Learned is not the answer!
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  8. guesty Guest

    I've read it all now
  9. Big fran Guest

    RE: JAM

    It's not just about city Jam. On its own most of us could have wiped our chin's n moved on. They are an exceptional side. Nowhere near the best ever for now but miles ahead of the chasing pack for sure. Problem is we are struggling to get into that chasing pack.
    I'm not into sacking Poch he has took us on leaps n bounds with the limited tools he has and as felon says handicapped by our wage cap. However he needs to toughen up. This rotating of full bks is a cop out- pick your best pair and stick with it. The last few years our foundation has been our backline and a notable spine if not a default 11 that get results. Ok we've been hit with injury etc so when a said player is out you put in his understudy until said player is fit. DON'T rotate on top of the situation. Go back over the last 12 month if asked to predict spurs line up for the forthcoming Saturday we pretty much to a man would all come up with the same 11 almost. Another cop out leaving Alli out for one game rather than a proper kick up the ass of two or three. Had lamela started as he should have would he of offered more protection rather than eriksen. Would eriksen have then played in his best position no 10. You know the old chestnut of playing your best players in their best position especially your most creative player!!!
    The squad clearly is not as strong and has lost depth in that time there has been a lack of investment again.
    We have been so close in recent years it's heartbreaking to see it all fall to pieces when had levy bolstered the squad in the January when Leicester won it we more than likely would have taken the three points at the lane when we dominated the game only to fall to a late winner from Huth.
    Were Salah and mane really out of our reach? Hazard martial aubamayang all stated they were close to joining but fell down due to money. Instead we buy cheap and inevitably buy twice. In our case with Janssen llorente probably three times!
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  10. Bazza47

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    If I reflect back on these past few years, since Bale left us for Madrid, we've achieved stunning results without any real success in the transfer market.

    Sure Dele and Eriksen are exceptions and for me Sonny also, with Sanchez also looking a prospect. The rest have been just a waste of loadsa money.

    So you fail in the transfer market, and you pay low wages, relative to the top few, and materially so.

    We know we've needed pace, but threw away money on Njie and NKD. We've cried out for a back up striker...then buy Soldado, Janssen and LLorente. We beefed up midfield, literally, with Sissoko and Pamela. They come to around £130m. I'm sure we could have got two quality players for the money we've spunked on these guys, and still had some money left to boost wages in key places.

    I'm starting to feel a little nervous. A spiralling new build cost at WHL, some unrest from the Walker and Rose situation, and our confidence levels seem shot to pieces. Add to that the key unresolved contract issue with Toby and you can talk yourself into a depression, for sure.

    But at the end of the day we are where we are. Will Levy spend in January - not big is my sense, without offloading players. The Rose money will fund the Sessingnon twins perhaps. Sell a few players, albeit at distressed prices, and we might be able to add a few players - a right sided paceman and a creative midfielder perhaps....but I won't be betting on it.

    In the meantime I'd go 4-2-3-1....Play Aurier, Sanchez, Verts, Davies, Dier, Dele (like we did with him last term at times), Son left, Eriksen middle, probably start Sissoko, Kane. We always knew the squad was thin, and now it shows.

    A professional reaction from Manager and Players is needed. Nothing less will do on Saturday. All of a sudden Burnley are our rivals...sad but true. Only a win is good enough, as Chelski and Manure ride off into the distance. It's us, the Scousers or the Arse N Al for 4th this term. Here's hoping!!

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  11. Jam Guest

    Mourinho has the worst away record against top clubs since 2015.. is there a better paid manager in the EPL?

    And what of Poch's home record against the big teams? Perhaps not quite as brilliant as his away record is dire but impressive nevertheless.

    There are anomalies in football that defy explanation.. such as Arsenal finishing above Spurs for 20 odd years.. despite Spurs finishing above everyone else of note in that time.. and everyone else of note finishing above Arsenal.. I wouldn't get caught up too much in such oddities.

    There's no denying City's historical brilliance this term.. just as there's no denying Tottenham Hotspur's current ascendancy as a football club.. it began in earnest with Redknapp and continues to this day.

    But unless Spurs starting drilling for oil wells then as a club we're going to do it the hard way.. the honest way.. I respect that because pound for pound there is no better club.

    Relax.. after years of deserved ridicule Spurs are finally a legitimate force year in year out.. enjoy
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  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Is there a higher decorated Manager in the Premier League?
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  13. Jam Guest

    I agree that we could have done more in the past.. how much more I don't know.. perhaps the core of this squad has missed it's opportunity to win the league.. Leicester were certainly charmed two seasons back.. time will tell I guess.

    Couldn't agree more on the fullback situation though.. Aurier and Rose going forward is my preference.
  14. Jam Guest

    Read my post bro.. it answers all your concerns.

    Seems like you're clutching at straws if only for the sake of being a contrarian.
  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Ok Jam , 2nd to 7th and players looking like heads have dropped/turned is that a club in ascendancy?

    A legitimate force? For what exactly? The Biggest Club to not win anything every season and it be deemed totally acceptable?

    Every Big Team would fancy beating us in any BIG meaningful game because we dont as a club fear losing, we accept/expect 2nd best.
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  16. Jam Guest

    Seriously Felon why are you blogging here? Do you have any sense of perspective? How long have you been following Spurs?
  17. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Getting on for 28 years with very little to show for hope/dedication.

    Why arent you blogging here?
  18. Jam Guest

    Well after 28 years of hopelessness I'm more than a little surprised that you can't appreciate the considerable merits of this side.

    As for blogging here myself.. maybe I should.. far too much negativity here regarding the best Spurs team in decades.
  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Feel free Jam , you can explain all the positives to take from a 4-1 whooping to us negative minded people.
  20. Jam Guest

    You obviously lack any sense of perspective.. even after 28 years of self-admitted suffering you're still no closer to seeing the bigger picture of what is taking place at the club presently.

    That you're incapable of following a logical argument has already been established.. that you'd prefer to talk nonsense for the sake of your own ego is a given.

    Personally I'd prefer to hear more from the level minded fellows on here such as Fran and Bazza.. this blog has no future with you driving it's discourse.

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