Further costly set backs

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, August 14, 2018.

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  1. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    There will be an NFL team based in London. Levy is a THFC supporter, but owning an NFL team is something that is very much lucrative. Liverpool is what they are because the owners own the baseball team in Boston. MCFC owners are sovereigns with oil revenues. Chelsea will run out of money soon and will become a middle table team. Abramovich model is not sustainable. They will have their trophies from the past, but will not be able to spend eventually.
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  2. palmover Active Member

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    The Abramovich model has delivered 5 prem titles and a champs league's and it's still able to buy the worlds most expensive GK. How do you know it's not sustainable? The chavs were nobody before Abramovich took over, now they are the biggest supported club where i live taking over from Man.u and Arsenal, now that's worth a lot of money. The Enic model will make money through the property sales as that is what they want.
  3. Feri Guest

    I visited this blog after a while.
    The same negative and pessimistic opinion as before.
    For god sake open your eyes. This is a huge building project that always pron to some difficulty.
    Can you for one look at the bright side of life
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Of course years of austerity pre and post build , that's currently haemorrhaging money now and for the foreseeable for a long term goal of an extra 28mil a season in ticket prices/hikes, the extras put into tailoring it for an NFL deal that contributed 10mil to the build and at best case scenario will make a whopping 2 mil extra a year over 10 years.
    No players bought in the window, 1 lg cup in 18yrs.
    What's not to be happy about
  5. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Unlike 10-15 years ago, football itself can no longer support financially a club wining ambitions. Not enough profit to spend, in other words. You need to a have a negative balance on your books just to be a midtable team. Or you have to have a source of money other than football. Therefore, those who are, like Abramovich, in retirement and do not have any other huge source of income will eventually stop being competitive. That is based on current situation in football. There may be changes that will work against a free spending owners in order to balance the league competiveness or otherwise the transfer market will come down , but as it is now Chelsea may be in trouble soon or Abramovich will deplete his fortune, which is already taking place. No one buys a club to get a free premium seats at the stadium. If it costs a lot of money, they sell. The next owner will make money, but will not win much for Chelsea supporters. Spurs are making money.
    The reason why Chelsea won that much is not the Abramovich model, but Roman himself. He may find an unordinary way to keep Chelsea, but the ordinary way is to get a source of wealth.
    The other way to obtain wealth is to run the Academy and sell the players it produces. Chelsea is good at that, yet Spurs are being better as of late. It is very important, but not good to cover for everything.
    Owning an NFL franchise is that source of extra free money that could put Spurs on par with other big boys. Stadium should serve that purpose. In the larger scheme of things its opening delay is negligible.
    If NFL engagement will end up with a few NFL matches played scarcely, the money put in dual pitch will be wasted.
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  6. Big fran Guest

    Heard it here first but our first home game will be in January vs man utd...
  7. antony Active Member

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    Various opinions on the money side of things and our lack of "investment" this past window.

    But honestly, If we are unable to have a structure/plan in place months (4-5) before the window even opens or worse still unable to afford to invest a further 100mill + after recouping 60-70mill in departures (all pre planned for) then the worrying question for me is have we gone as far as we can go!
  8. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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