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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, October 28, 2019.

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  1. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I'm getting seriously worried - only a few weeks ago, there was someone posting on here calling himself 'Spurporter' and telling us all how great the team and its manager were, and now there's someone using the same name who's agreeing that Spurs as a club, along with the entire staff (including Levy?), are far too small to challenge for trophies, and the fans are deluded to expect success! It's either a clear case of identity theft or 'Spurporter' is suffering from a split-personality - either way, I think the authorities should be informed at once, before he runs amok!
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  2. Big fran Guest

    Small club that is in the top 10 or so rich list. Just posted world record turnovers and profits bk to bk yrs. Filling 62000 seats a week top dollar not to mention corporates. Any one thinking that red star Belgrade away is a game for CE needs their heads read.
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  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    For Flawless & Spurporter

    Without high standards and expectations how does anyone seriously compete for anything ?
    It sums up the loser Psyche/Mentality that is entrenched in the fan base and club.

    Think low and you won't be disappointed, don't hope to be any good and itl be alright.

    It's such a pathetic mindset it's embarrassing.

    This whole ENIC charade was to make us more competitive even the playing field yet they've completely neglected the side and Pochettino has been entirely complicit.
    Now that both Board & Manager have been exposed for the sheer negligence we are supposed to what ?
    Be patient , clap harder , not expect too much ?
    It's almost been 20 years of this ownership.
    5 years of this current project.
    Not a trophy in sight.
    A ran into the ground small 1st team that is on the verge of 4/5 of its most experienced players walking on frees and talk of bringing Skipp through is supposed to be us leveling the playing field ?

    It's a complete farce.
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  4. P Reed Guest

    Amazing how spurporter suddenly comes to life when he gets the idea that someone agrees with him.He says that de celso can’t replace Ericson as when he watched him he thought he was a wide player.Well I wished I had seen him play as as far as i know he has only had about 2 short sub appearances which doesn’t give anybodytime to judge him,.Both spurporter and Lawless seem to think that we are a medium strength club with limited resources and should not expect to challenge for the top honours.Why then did we build the best stadium in Europe .?z??To play championship football?z.?? It is this resignation to accept mediocrity that allows levy to continue to making money for the owner and not worrying to much as long as we stay in the premiership We pay one of the top prices to watch football and are expected to be happy with mediocrity.I really do think some supporters need to wake up and smell the coffee
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  5. Flawless Guest

    Tottenham is a private self-sustained company working on a limited resources - stadium expenses and loan unlikely to change the situation in the near future.

    Every fan wants to win every week. Every fans wants a trophy. But it is irrelevant. What you expect or not is your problem.
    Ownership consistently failed your expectations. What is your logic behind expecting even more? Why there should be a sudden success after many years of failure? Are you a masochist?

    60000 paying top dollar to watch this dross every week. It looks like there is demand or they have more realistic approach.
  6. Cheshuntboy Guest

    You asked me a few posts back what I was on, and I have to return the question - why are you wasting your time, and that of everyone who responds to you, in posting on here if your basic thesis is that Spurs are achieving all that they're capable of, and we won't get anyone better to manage or play for us, and we ought to just accept it and stop complaining? It's an opinion to which you're perfectly entitled, but what's it got to do with hope, or glory, or any of the things that sport is supposed to be about? Why not find something else to take an interest-in, if you're so deterministic about Spurs and, presumably, football in general?
  7. P Reed Guest

    Flawless don’t you read as spurs have just posted record profits for 2 years in a row .Not bad for a limited company with restricted spending.Your opinions are from the Alan Sugar era and believe me Spurs have not always been scared to spend to win.The great double team was not cheap and the year after spurs broke the transfer fee recordwhen buying the great Jimmy Greaves.Spurs have always had good supporters even when things have not been great but that doesn’t justify the contempt that levy treats us with.I believe that if there is not an improvement then the 62000 will soon be 40000 then spurs will be restricted .It has always been a risk spending big but without it we are going nowhere and I do not want to be like you with no aspirations to get better
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  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Because the whole thing has been built on a premise from the club that we are building to start winning things , the whole point of all the austerity , the sell to buy strategy , feeder club mentality etc that's plagued the the club pre Pochettino.
    We are currently now in a worse position with more problems than when Pochettino took over.
    It's not good enough to be told we shouldn't expect success what are we supposed to be supporting if it's not striving for and setting the bar at Silverware?
    It's such a bizarre mentality to have as a fan that u just accept and appreciate mediocrity.
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  9. Flawless Guest

    Never said that. Actually, Ndombele and Lo Celso are superb signings...... but only to replace Eriksen and Dembele.
    As to hope... as I said, you can hope for whatever you want - it is your problem. You dream about Mourinho and I dream about Guardiola.
    "We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. "

    Yes, not bad. I assume you expect these profits pumped back to the team...? Break the wage bill again....? LOL

    I do NOT accept and appreciate mediocrity. However, given the current state of things - we are where we are. No interested parties to buy the club and Levy doesn't seem to change his careful spending habit. I accept this as a fact - and set my expectations accordingly.
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  10. P reed Guest

    What a crying shame that people like flawless support our great club . No dreams or hope for the future just blind acceptance of mediocrity.Can you imagine a scouser saying this even when they have not won the championship for years but their support still believed and now are being rewarded..Do Chelsea accept mid table because of the transfer ban .No they do not. It’s called Believing.
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  11. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    What an excellent point. I am ready to print it, frame it and hang it over my bed!
    Man (or woman?), please do not leave this swamp! Those lost soles have driven out everyone who makes sense...
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  12. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    I stand by my posts, all of them. The unexpected happened. It is very easy to play genius predicting a downturn, it happens sooner or later and those "doom-n-gloom" are always right because of such a nature of football. Myself and, I am sure, many more, including Poch and Levy, did believe that the team had another season in them. It doesn't seem that way. So what do you do? You enjoy your "prediction", your perceived ability to foresee the upcoming crash? I will not accept your view up until it would be obvious that Spurs are unable to get out of that condition that they somehow got into. Let's wait and see. I believe in turnaround still. I don't think it will make Spurs as good as they were, but they might be able to get through season without the turmoil a new manager inevitably brings.

    Mourinho will go to Arsenal. Poch is less likely to be fired than Gooner's boss. Who else?
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  13. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Oh, please... One always accepts imperfections in someone he/she loves. For that reason no one in his right mind would demand his wife to stay sexy and young as she was years ago. Well, you can divorce a woman, but, if you can't stop supporting the football club, then stop for fs demand perfection! Your cry falls on deaf ear anyway, but it is not the point. The point is, if you love your football club, stop demanding the punishment, the torture of the owners, the players and the manager! You cannot crucify them all to satisfy your ego. They all do the best they can. If their best is not enough, they will be replaced in due time. It will happen not because of your demands, but because of the club BUSINESS needs. Only when attendance will go down, the concern could be raised.
  14. Cheshuntboy Guest

    If the 'doom-n-gloom' merchants on here said nothing but 'it's bound to end in tears', you might have a point, but timing in football as in life is everything, and we're not forecasting disaster (by which I don't mean relegation - yet - but certainly missing top four) at some unspecified future date, but NOW, under THIS manager, the one you and your new-found acolyte think is the best we can hope for. New managers don't inevitably bring turmoil; a Redknapp-type restoration of form and belief might be too much to ask, but surely a pragmatic manager willing to work with the players available, instead of the stubborn, dogmatic man-child currently in post isn't an impossibility? I'm optimistic enough to believe that, even if you're too fearful of change to consider it - yet.
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  15. Pickleman1967

    Pickleman1967 Member

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    The thing is as fans we are mushrooms; kept in the dark and fed bullshit. None of us really know what is going on. Has Poch lost the plot and lost the dressing room? He did talk of the need for the club to consider the direction it wanted to take before this season began. He talked about himself as a coach, rather than a manager who gets to choose his transfer targets (hint, hint).

    On the other hand he has made some odd team selections of late that leave a lot of Tottenham fans (including me) scratching their heads. I agree that he seems to stick with some players although their form has fallen off a cliff, while not starting others who are in form (no need to name names right?).

    However, I was pleasantly surprised by the Red Star game, I expected it to be another struggle. The team showed some fight, some of the spirit that characterised the best of the Poch era. That makes me think he hasn't lost the players (okay Rose, Eriksen, and Aurier are definite exceptions).

    My instinct tells me Spurs will finish mid-table this season (forget "saviour" signings in the January window, they just don't happen). If my instinct is right, it means the manager hasn't lost the players but the squad desperately needs refreshing. If so, stick with Poch and rebuild the squad I say. Clear out those who don't want to play for Spurs and give Poch a say in the transfer targets.

    If I'm wrong and we end up in a relegation battle cos the manager has lost the plot then go after a "Tottenham manager", not Mourinho. Brenden Rodgers is my choice, and I was saying that before Leicester's meteoric rise to third place (damn he is getting the best out of that squad). I just feel he would be a great fit for Tottenham. Whatever chaps, COYS.
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  16. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Haven't seen you for a while Pickleman1967...
  17. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    I am not fearful of change. I am not convinced it is necessary. There are big payout money involved, so it is not only football necessity that drives the decision. For such dismissal a desperate situation must develop. I do not see that situation. There is no sense to argue, if you do. The time should show. You may be right, but so could I.
    Last Spurs manager firing in the middle of the season was AVB. It was a bad mistake back then, IMO. As his career showed later on, AVB was quite capable of righting the ship.
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  18. Cheshuntboy Guest

    There are a few people on here who might disagree with your high opinion of AVB - it's funny how often Pochettino's biggest fans were also AVB admirers - stubbly latin-types have never floated my boat, but it obviously takes all sorts. As for your definition of a 'desperate situation', it must be very different to mine, if being in the bottom half of the table after more than a quarter of the season, having been beaten by Colchester, and suffered not only our worst-ever home defeat, but the worst ever suffered by an English club in serious European competition (ignoring the Intertoto Cup, obviously), doesn't constitute 'desperate'. I suppose it's just another example of the willingness of the supporters of the current regime to accept mediocrity, while some of us want and expect better than yet another 'transition' in the nineteen year of the ENIC permanent revolution.
  19. Pickleman1967

    Pickleman1967 Member

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    Yeah, I will make more effort; funny that a club crisis often brings out more fan opinion that success. Let's face it, we haven't had much to moan about under Poch, except for the trophy shaped elephant in the room of course.
    Whatever any Tottenham fan thinks about our current form, I genuinely hope they would all agree that to see Poch turn this around would be brilliant. It would be a sad end to a great journey if he ends up getting sacked this season, ever the optimist I think he can turn it around...COYS
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  20. P reed Guest

    How has AVB suddenly become a good manager according to spurporter.His football was dire and the only mild success he had was when he managed in Russia when money was no object.Where is he now ??? He is now an also ran which I expect will happen to poch in the future when it is known he is a fitness coach not a manager.Does the defeat toBayern not worry the likes of Flawless and spurporter.A 7 -2 defeat at home being the biggest defeat in the champions league by an English club EVER . You expect tough games in the champions league but not one that makes you a laughing stock and then to follow up defeat to a div 2. Struggler in Colchester.Anybody noticed that 4 of the big boys are still ln the second rate cup because they want silverware god forbid
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