Defoe set for Lane return

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, January 6, 2015.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Whether JD is coming back or not he is 100 times better than Soldado who after costing 26 million managed 3 Epl goals in a calender year.

    Soldado- Waste of time, Waste of Money
  2. M.R. Guest

    Defoe is popular with many Spurs fans because he's a London lad.

    I'm a Spurs fan who is not impressed. In 86 matches wearing Spurs kit Defoe has scored only 14 goals total against United, City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal. All clubs we need to defeat to finish in the Top 4.

    He has scored 10 goals against Wigan.

    That is the kind of player he is. Useless against "Big Clubs."

    And at age 32 he's not going to get any better.
  3. teacher Guest

    Defoe is inconsistant. He will score a few goals for a number of games and the go AWOL. I believe if he gets him for free it would be good. But he us older and injury prone. Spurs need to get a young striker to grow with the team not a player who is over the hill
  4. teacher Guest

    Why are spurs holding on to saldardo. I been a support of spurs for over 40 years and he is absolute rubbishs. Should have sold him last season. ade I would keep for his prformance last season. If are had perform like saldado. He would have been out a long time ago. Bring back defoe,?. We must keep Townsend and dembele
  5. Mixmaster Guest

    Defoe is going nowhere unless a team stumps up near the £6 million Toronto (TO) paid Spurs for him! He will NOT be loaned out! I have a senior contact at TO who told me the club are furious with him. They paid good money for him, more than tripled his Spurs salary and treated him and his mother like royalty then they both betrayed the club and fans. He had a great start there and scored a bunch of goals, TO were in second place in the MLS and looking at their 1st ever playoff. Suddenly last summer he was back in England trying to wheedle a move to an EPL club and when it didn't happen he feigned an injury and the club without him had a horrible finish and did not make the playoffs. He has 3 years left on his TO contract and my contact says TO will play major hardball with him. He will not be loaned out now in case he is injured and they expect him back in the Summer to honour his contract. If he feigns injury he will be given an insurance medical as TO will want the insurance to pay his wages. If they say he is not injured, and he does not play they will suspend him without pay and there is nothing he can do! TO hold his contract and he honours it or sits and does not get paid! The only way out, as I said before is a sale to another club!
  6. stevethespur Active Member

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    Cant see Defoe rejoining Spurs, again ! Can see him at QPR or Palace, maybe Wet Spam. We need a top player for the lone striker role, think the club will want a younger guy with a resale value, who is anyones guess at the moment. I think we'll probably stick with Kane and Soldado till the summer but am open to a surprise ! Coys
  7. burnt Guest

    If he wasn't good enough when he left a couple of years ago he's no where near good enough now . look the guy was a decent player for spurs for years but he was never good enough for a top side or for any one with ambitions to be a top side .. Some one suggested he was just shy of world class , absolute nonsense he was a million miles from world class at his best . Someone else says he's a natural goal scorer and thats been said by many over the last 20ish years . Again absolute nonsense , 99 times out 100 he blasted it as hard as he could , never seen him roll it or pass it into the corners or flick it over or under the keeper ala Fowler or Owen . Blasting on site is not a natural finisher . If he's a natural then what were the other 2 .. He was a streaky striker all his life , would score for 6 or 7 games in ten but then wouldn't score at all for ten and that was guaranteed every season . Thats the way he was all his career . How much better was he at the end of his career then at the start . Never really progressed at all in my opinion . Good player he was , never great , million miles off world class and never what id call a natural . Personaly i wouldn't want him back if he was mid 20s never mind now in his 30s ..

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