Defoe set for Lane return

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, January 6, 2015.

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  1. Josh Bolton

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    Whether you view it with sweetness or sourness, Jermain Defoe is looking more and more likely to playing his football at White Hart Lane again this season.

    Defoe, who divides opinion amongst the Spurs fan-base (like many in a lilywhite shirt), is set to leave MLS club Toronto FC this transfer window, after falling out of favour in Canada.

    Loved and unloved

    Despite criticism, Defoe is generally held in good regard by fans of our club. And after the shortcomings of Roberto Soldado and Emmanuel Adebayor, you could argue that the witch-hunt against him during the end of his Spurs career was slightly harsh.

    After a blistering start in the MLS for Toronto, injuries and inconsistent form has blighted his ‘American Dream’. This has led to Defoe feeling unwanted, especially after comments made by Toronto Chairman Tim Leiwieke last September, who questioned the striker’s commitment, saying: “If you don’t want to be here, get the hell out of our way!” Ouch.

    He’ll be wearing blue and white

    So what are the details of his transfer and where will he fit in? Well, the twist of the tale is that Leicester City are favourites to sign Defoe this January, as Nigel Pearson aims to bolster his attacking line-up in his attempts to beat the drop.

    If Defoe completes his switch to the King Power stadium early this window, he could be in line to face ourselves at White Hart Lane as early as the 24th of January, that’s if we beat Burnley in our FA Cup reply next Wednesday.

    In the event of an upset and we crash out to Dyche’s Clarets, a Leicester-bound Defoe could be set for an emotional return to the Lane next on March 21st, when we face the Foxes at home in the league.
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  2. James P Guest

    Sign Defoe.! Bring him back to WHL
  3. No dont sign defoe only scored against mugs never scored twenty in a league season eighteen best one goal every three games not good enough.
  4. Amar Guest

    Get him as backup cos sold ado & ade they're not good enough
  5. STEVEN GRAY Guest

    Defoe is a blinding player we should never have got rid
  6. Steven, defoe was good for five against wigan but never won us a game against arsenal,chelsea,man u,liverpool,man c.
  7. The Fox Guest

    Defoe isnt a great goalscorer but who would you like to see on the bench especially when we play two games a week till Easter? We must have cover and JD would be perfect.
  8. butler Guest

    Bring him back he is still better than soldado and adeybayor
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  9. MBY Guest

    Did any of you *****s read the article? He is going to Leicester and will play at The Lane for them against us. We are not interested in signing him again.
  10. patnevin Guest

    Defoe was a good striker for Tottenham. Given the choice out of Ade, Soldado or Defoe i'd take JD without hesitation. He might not have had a 20 goal season but he sure as hell looked like he was trying to more than the other two mentioned!
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  11. Spurssince80 Guest

    Why in God's name would anyone want him back? He wasn't good enough when he was at the Lane.
    Kane and Soldado will do for now with a reserve striker in the Jan window - that actually is worth it.
  12. A Yid Guest

    I have much respect for Defoe. He has a massive reputation on the pitch as well as off it. He will do well @ Leicester City. Good luck to him. He will always be a Spurs Legend!!
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  13. Yider Guest

    If he hadn't of cheated on his partners i'd take him back right now. But cos of that that **** the rat.
  14. topspur Guest

    the sl#ts deserved to get cheated on
  15. marttheyid Guest

    Only yesterday Defoe was ready to answer Liverpool striker crisis,so it's only natural for us now to be linked.

    It seems that Us and Liverfool have to be jointly linked to every piece of transfer speculation.

    And is anyone else sick of the Schneiderlein saga?
  16. big fran Guest

    Good luck to him wherever he lands. Personally I think he just fell short of being a world class forward. Maybe a bit more work rate and got involved in general play could have excelled him. Still for me a spurs modern day legend and I would have him bk in a heart beat if he could accept being a squad player but unfortunately he wouldn't. People can say what they like but JD always wanted to play which is rare amongst current day mercenaries and wage thieves ie ekotto n Ade!
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  17. Bill Guest

    Defoe is a natural epl goalscorer.......soldado is not
    defoe would partner kane on rebounds etc in box
    defoe would score more than soldado in a

    defoe was not under potch who would have used him well

    i like soldado .but .....goals ?

    The money spent on replacing defoe?

    who will get....goals
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  18. ritchy Guest

    Oh yeah.
  19. Baz Guest

    Don't be silly.Do you think he has grown a few inches since being in Canada?If he isn't good enough for Toronto why should he be good enough for us.Think positive and with ambition.
  20. Dopey Guest


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