de Boer fans, look away NOW

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, May 7, 2014.

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  1. Josh Bolton

    Josh Bolton Active Member

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    If you ever find yourself going on a blind date with someone Dutch, you’ll probably be able to tell whether or not they are interested in you within the opening encounter. If Dutchmen Louis van Gaal and Frank de Boer have taught us anything these past few months – it’s that subtlety doesn’t exist in Holland.

    After van Gaal had teased us with the lines “maybe Tottenham are coming but, first, I have to go to Brazil" back in February, de Boer joined the “lets declare interest in the Spurs job” party by stating that he - “preferred the Premier League”, and that “if a club came with an interesting perspective and a good team, I would consider the proposal.”

    Just as one Dutchman’s (van Gaal) projected move to us was stalled by another English club (Manchester United), it seems that history does in fact repeat itself.

    However, this time it is none other than Arsenal who seek to scupper our pursuit for another manager from the Netherlands, or at least – one of their former players.

    The Evening Standard are reporting that our hopes of hiring Frank de Boer have been dented by former Gunner Marc Overmars. Overmars, who is Ajax’s Director of Football at present, made it public that he had taken a call from ourselves regarding de Boer. Although Overmars said it was an official approach, it has now understood that Tottenham were merely checking on the 43-year-old’s contractual situation.

    As a result of this being made public by Overmars, Spurs were forced into making a statement regarding the de Boer rumours last week. Levy & Co, known for the holding of their tongues’, broke their silence to officially announce on the club website that - “Reports that we have made approaches to other clubs regarding coaching staff are wholly inaccurate. We have NOT contacted any club regarding coaching appointments. We regret that a statement such as this is necessary, however, we feel it is important to clarify matters.”

    Although Spurs are still monitoring De Boer’s situation; Overmars’ decision to go public, coupled with a potentially huge compensation demands from Ajax, may have killed any deal. The Evening Standard went to add, that at this stage, De Boer’s representatives have heard nothing more from Spurs, a club who like their managers to be seen and not heard.

    This news from the newspaper has been supplemented by journalist Paul Smith, who tweeted this morning – “Tottenham will not pursue their interest in Ajax's Frank de Boer paving the way for Mauricio Pochettino to become their new boss #THFC
  2. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I can't say I am surprised but I just hope that this isn't going to turn into yet another Spurs pantomime. We must appoint a new man, if indeed we are going to do so within the first 2 weeks of the end of the season. For me that is essential.
  3. spurgatso Guest

    As very little of the problems at Spurs are anything to do with Sherwood,who has done alright.Yes lets get a new manager ,who says hes going to do better,he couild be a lot worse,if you have a crystal ball please tell us next seasons results with the Chosen One.COYSaT
  4. peter Guest

    can anyone tell me why pochettino?

    very poor record when he managed in spain (sacked from his last job) and has just had (considering the players at his disposal) a very average season at southampton

    has won nothing and does not speak english!....if he is the best we able to attract why did we not just stick with avb?
  5. Rossi Guest

    We have become an absolute joke of a club in my opinion. Getting sick of the manergerial circus and voodoo that haunts any player with an ounce of ability. Media loves using and abusing us Yids
  6. Ramos43 Guest

    I have to say that I feel a subtle, sense of satisfaction at the way Frank De Boer, appears, to be DESPERATELY trying to attract the attentions of Tottenham Hotspur FC.

    Wasn't it De Boer after all who rather ARROGANTLY claimed that he had snubbed both Liverpool, and Spurs, in the past because 'he felt he wasn't ready'? Well, fair enough, Franklin, but some opportunities only come around once, my friend, and why you felt it necessary to go public with that sort of information is anyone's guess.

    Add to that his decision to CONTINUOUSLY speak about his interest in 'listening' to a potential Spurs offer, despite already being employed (alla Redknapp with England), and there not being an ACTUAL vacancy at WHL, yet, and I think Levy and co will do well to avoid the Dutchman, at this particular moment in time.

    Lets face it when it comes to EGOS in football, they don't tend to get much bigger than those of the Dutch...i.e Guillet benching Alan Shearer, LVG baring his testicles to players in a dressing room, and Bolo Zendens inability to allow Gyan his moment, alone, on the 'dance-floor', are just a few examples of this....

    Spurs require a deep thinker, as opposed to a loud speaker, in charge at the moment.... especially given the way Sherwood has handled certain situations since taking over the reigns, as Head coach.

    Quiet authority, EPL experience, tactical awareness, a CLEAR and PROVEN philosophy (at this level) and a good man-manager is what Spurs NEED right now, in my opinion. And there is one manager who ticks ALL of those boxes....and so many more. The FACT that he only has one year remaining on his current contract just makes the decision to appoint Pochettino EVEN more OBVIOUS.

    The qualities/ attributes I have mentioned above are words you could also use to describe both Brendan Rodgers and Roberto Martinez, too....and they haven't done too badly of late, have they now?

    Want to see Lamela and Soldado reach there potential at WHL? Well, this man has as much chance as anybody at extracting their best form....
  7. brian Guest

    Hardly a pantomime - Jol peaked, Ramos was rubbish, Redknapp wanted England job over Spurs, AVB spent £100mil then oversaw a 6-1 and 5-0 defeat with his team and Sherwood lacks experience. Loads of frogs but no prince.....yet.

    Overmars & Co are angling for the Arse job
  8. Chris Guest

    I think Spurs defense has generally looked out of position for a long time. Also, Dawson and Kaboul keep trying those long passes game after game, throwing away balls - even when not under pressure. These are the sort of things that I think a manger should be able to adjust, and over time, get somewhat sorted, but it seems it has been the same story game after game.

    Looking at the points TS has been able to get as head coach, one is inclined to say that he has done very well, but I still think that Spurs defense has been looking too shaky and out of position for too long to make that statement. The general defensive problems need to be sorted, and I dont think TS is the man for the job.
  9. Trigspur Guest

    I have it on good authority that our next manager is.................. Who knows apart from blofeld and his cat. On another note why is it every time I post I have to name the tottenham chairman before I gain access. I know who he bloody is! He's that emotionless **** who sits high up in the west stand next to the man with no name working out ways of getting soldado and lamela to earn their keep!! Well Daniel it can't have failed to have escaped your attention that there will be job opportunities at sainsbury's where you could perhaps loan them to and at the same time let them adapt to the British way of life!! Maybe soldado could score from open foreplay with Sharon from produce!! Tottenham till I die!!!
  10. stoner Guest

    I don't rate Pocchetino as a top class winning manager - I think we should avoid De Boer like the plague, if we want a manager with plenty of PL experience we could do no harm than approaching Napoli about the availability of Rafa Benitez. But I still wouldn't be surprised if Levy went for the cheap option as usual - which would be the man he wanted when Redknapp was sacked, basically one Scotsman who he would'nt have to pay any compensation for as he is a free agent - namely that man is David Moyes (as I've said before -- WATCH THIS SPACE !!!).
  11. Ian Guest

    Why do we bite when the gutter press starts throwing names of managers we are after, super young talent that we are courting etc.etc.etc. For us to become a force in British and European football what we need, is in fact new ownership. Whilst the likes of Levy and the invisible man are in control we have more chance of winning an egg sucking contest.

    We shafted AVB by giving him talent that was pushed upon him by Baldini, not one of whom were on his personal shopping list and did not fit into the style of play he wanted, no wonder he aged 10 years in his last 3 months with us.

    In comes Tim, whilst he may be good at working with young talent, when it comes to playing with the big boys he didn't have a plan A let alone a B or C. He's a nice honest guy but at this moment out of his depth.

    We need someone who knows the Premier League or managed in it before, our league is without doubt the hardest in the world it is not a 2/3 team show as in the most of Europe, he will also need a good back up staff preferably people who have no connection with Spurs, whilst I have the utmost respect of the team in place at the moment, we don't need people harping on about "the Spurs way", Why you may ask, simply it's not working.

    He will need to be a strong man manager someone who will tell our egotistic Prima Donna's who want to move on because we have not made it into the Champions League slots, that they and they alone are the reason we have not qualified because of their gutless capitulation in more games than I wish to remember. It would also be worth reminding them that they are under contract so " go whistle " "man up" and get on with what they are payed to do "play football " and stop bitching. Be a man who makes his own decisions, insist on the removal of the "director of football position" it doesn't work in English football. Be able to run a car boot sale because we've got a lot of rubbish to get rid of, (have a paramedic available for Levy because most of it will be for a loss).

    In the perfect world he would be married to the daughter of a Jewish billionaire who would like to buy his favorite girl a football team for her birthday and be owed a favour by Messi.

    One can only dream! COYS.
  12. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    So much media BS going around at the mo but it does sound like there has been definate contact between Levy and FDB and he has come out and made public statements sounding very open to the idea, almost a come and get me plea. whether or not he's genuinly interested or using spurs to alert bigger clubs to his availability I dont know but he seems to be top of the list at the moment. there are of course concerns that FDB has made to much noise and that this might sour Levy's interest as any ongoing communication between the parties should be a private matter. I dont have a problem with Levy talking to potential candidates now, Tim's time will be up as early as next week and a replacement needs to be installed asap. I like the look of FDB he has the right pedigree and winning mentality to take us foward I just hope he's given time to build a team. Im just not sure about poch at this stage if he can handle a job at spurs and a massive challenge for anyone. fingers crossed for whoever comes in as this next appointment is one that Levy cant afford to get wrong.
  13. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Just checked my crystal ball - Sherwood sacked monday morning.
  14. keith New Member

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    alk of telling truth whats any bodys version of this RICHARD KEYES sky texted saying AVB had lost the dressing room 3-4days before man utd away sent by dim sherwood to keyes and he made a point that it was sent by sherwood couple days later jiggens done a 2 page spread we won 3-2 and players made a point of celebrating along with AVB sherwood was banned from 1st team training
    You look at tim telling the so called truth i look it as deflection time and all the other things follow on from it team selection etc he picks the team then slage off when we play badly which we have done in 19 out of 20 games newcastle exception wba poorly 3-0 down 3-3 cpalace played us off the park first half it keeps happening most games Winners ,honesty,players not good enough ,suddenly players that were perfectly alrite under AVB and sandro one of the best tackling/interception rates in europe while people talk statistics how about this passing 84% shots 87% and he got 6 bookings in 23games wats that % then including subs and thats what he does puts his foot in, under dim tim did anyone of you go to liverpool,chavs,arse cup man city home all these games bentalab played and was lost in the midfield [not his fault]at liverpool his midfield was a joke continually overrun running around lost this has happened time and time again no structure no tactics,no planning players playing in different positions to accommodate other players at the time ,chavs was worse and all he does is a slag players off deflecting away from his ineptitude at picking a balanced side just like redcrapp did
    Finally some more stats for you like for like games under AVB -41pts , highest poss 36pts under sherwood just as a another analogy try under AVB after 17 games try 43pts last season would have been 2nd in league, papers point out tim was 4th and big up tim the papers ,talkshite and sky luv english managers or is it they just redcrapp who people keep pointing got us 4th in 10yrs time if we win a couple cups who will be talking about getting 4th doesnt win you ANY THING!! stats coys!!
  15. Alex in NY Guest

    Could someone outline here 4 to 5 good reasons why Mauricio is better than Tim in Levy's eyes? I can come up with only one: English language command. Pochettino will be seen, but not heard. What else?
  16. josh New Member

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    Well I'm not supriosed by this and I think if not De Boar then Rafa of Mario it is simple and we need them before transfer window

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