Culmination of all memories and experiences

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Craig Emanuel, May 31, 2019.

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  1. Craig Emanuel Member

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    What are we all but a collection of memories and experiences? We all go on different journeys, we all see the world through our own eyes and make sense of it in our own way – shaped by previous experiences and the emotions we felt at those times.

    And supporting a football team is no different. As a collective we’re shaped by the same narrative, but the relationship we have with our football clubs is deeply personal. Certain moments – like Gazza’s free kick, Ricky Villa’s dribble or, more recently, the Lucas Moura winner at Ajax – those moments are etched into the fabric of the club, cemented into Tottenham folklore. Those moments will live with all of us. But it’s the less significant memories – those that happen both on and off the football field – good and bad, that are perhaps more integral to giving us that deep-rooted love for our club.

    The first time we went to a Spurs game for example – the epiphany we experienced in stepping out from the concourse at the old White Hart Lane to catch first sight of the glistening bright green turf. I think we all had that experience but at different times across different eras, when we attended our first match.

    There are moments in my Spurs supporting life that seem as vivid to me now as they did when they first happened. As vivid as that bright green turf.

    I remember screaming at the Spurs defence to pick up Emmanuel Petit as he strode through what seemed like acres of space through the centre of our defence to score in 1999. I think I saw him a good 10 seconds before any of our defenders did and, alas, my screams from the Paxton upper were to no avail.

    I remember phoning a few of my uni mates at half time, asking them to come and join me in The White Hart pub in Bristol as we were battering Manchester City 3-0 and they were down to 10 men. They obliged. 45 minutes later, to their amusement, I was storming out of the emergency exit of the pub as we somehow contrived to lose 4-3.

    I remember watching Didier Drogba score the penalty that won Chelsea a scarcely deserved European Cup in 2012 to steal our top 4 place in the Champions League. I turned the telly off as the ball hit the net, went to get some fresh air and slumped to the floor in my garden, absolutely desolate, only to hear the sound of jubilant Chelsea fans beeping their car horns.

    Funnily enough, I find that the majority of my most vivid memories are of moments of despair. But there are good moments as well.

    I remember my visit to Chigwell Lodge in the late 90s and meeting my idols face to face – David Ginola being a particular highlight. Ramon Vega less so.

    I remember my sister and I face painting each other before going to Selhurst Park to watch the semi final second leg of the Worthington Cup (now the Carabao Cup) against Wimbledon in 1999.

    I remember that, following the melee of over-exuberant celebrations at Wembley, I somehow found myself 3 rows back from my seat after Dele had made it 2-2 against Chelsea in the FA Cup semi final in 2017.

    And there’s the mundane routines that all have done significance. Having a half time coffee from the thermos flask my dad used to bring to every game when I was growing up, along with a biscuit each. On special occasions we might get a bag of chips from the chippy just by White Hart Lane station on the way home. And more recently, going for a pint in the Beehive on my way down to the ground from Seven Sisters. Or, for those evening games where I’m heading to the ground straight from work, getting a McDonalds at Liverpool Street station and eating it in First Class on the train to Northumberland Park.

    You will note that none of these memories are really about the games themselves – they’re more about me – what I did or how I reacted at the time. This is my journey. We all have our own one.

    We might all consume our football in different ways – some attend games home and away, some watch on TV at home, some watch in pubs, bars and the supporters clubs across the globe with their mates. But we’re all Tottenham Hotspur. And we all have chosen to go on our own rollercoaster journey with them.

    And that brings me to the game tomorrow night. The European Cup final. The European Cup final that our Spurs are unbelievably, somehow competing in.

    For many of us, tomorrow night feels like a culmination of all of those memories and experiences throughout our lives. Hopefully the apotheosis of it all. Of course life will go on, win or lose, and we will continue to support Tottenham next season through the ups and downs. But something about tomorrow night feels seminal.

    Supporting Spurs over the last 25 or so years has felt like an unintentional form of self harm. Perennial underachievers. Countless false dawns and disappointments. Some more brutal than others. But maybe that was just the journey we all had to go on. Every dog has their day and maybe tomorrow will be ours.

    Our outlook is shaped by the mindset that something will always go wrong, no matter how many goals ahead we are and how few minutes are left on the clock. The eternal pessimists. But in a funny way the opposite must also be true. Inside all of us there is an optimist. For every devil on one shoulder casting doubt, there is an angel on the other telling us “but what if…?” If there wasn’t, then we would have given up on Tottenham years ago. It’s the hope that kills you. But it’s also the hope that makes it all worthwhile. That galvanises us at the start of each season. That keeps us going through the darkest days.

    If it doesn’t work out the way we all want it to tomorrow night then it won’t change my relationship with this wonderful football club. Either way this is just another step of my journey.

    But if ever there was a time to cast the doubts aside, now is that time. Now is the time for our angels to rise up. For us to beam with pride as the Champions League music booms out tomorrow night. To believe. And to dream of the “what ifs”.

    Come. On. You. Spurs!!!
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  2. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Well here we are , the eve of one of , if not the biggest game in our history .
    Personally I haven't paid too much attention to the hype and build up , I've left that to my Liverpool buddy's of which there are quiet a few . I have to say they can't hear of defeat here, we might as well not turn up , lol . In fairness , they're a serious outfit at the moment and have every right to be more then hopeful they can get the job done here but we all know things are never that black and white in life itself never mind in sport .
    For ourselves , well we're a serious side in our own right and are capable of beating anyone on our day . We've shown that many times over the last 2 or 3 years but the truth is , this has been a struggle of a season for us and we haven't been ourselves for long periods for all sorts of reasons but amazingly here we are on the verge of achieving something not many taught was possible.
    But all that is irrelevant now , the clocks have been reset , it looks like the squad have more or less a clean bill of health , they've had 3 weeks to recharge the batteries and be ready to perform to the absolute best of their abilities in a one off game where legends are made . This is the biggest game of their lives and who knows if they'll ever have an opportunity like this again ..

    Picking a team is not an easy task here i.m.o and for many ultimately only the final result will determine whether Poch gets it right or wrong . Lloris , Toby , Verts , Rose , Sissoko , Erikson will all definitely start i.m.o . The formation will determine who plays in other positions , especially up top but they can't all start .
    Surely Winks starts in the middle if ready and for me Kane also starts if ready . If he's ready to play a part then he's ready to start i.m.o , he can always come off at some stage if he can't last the 90 . That's 8 starters , 3 left . Who starts right back , Aurier or Tripps , ouch this is not easy . Liverpools full backs need serious watching and this is going to be one of the key areas of this contest . Tripps is having an absolute mare this year and I'm really struggling to put him in here but Aurier can also be an absolute liability so I really don't know what to do . I think I'd side with Aurier , his pace probably swings it for me but , but , but .....
    So that's 9 for me , now another conundrum , one of Ali , Son or Moura doesn't start . It's a tough one and as I said already the formation will determine this to a degree but for me Sonny starts , that leaves one and it really is a difficult call and it will be really tough on whoever's left out . I personally would start Moura , how can you leave him out after the semi . Also I think his pace could be vital . Tough on Ali but ultimately i.m.o he's just been too wishy / washy overall to justify his inclusion over any of the others mentioned . That could easily be said of Moura but for the semi final , but the semi final did happen and that ultimately swings it for me .
    So for me it's , Lloris , Aurier , Toby , Jan , Rose , Sissoko , Winks , Eriksen , Son , Moura and Kane alternating between , 4.3.3 & 4.4.2 at different times ..

    When all's said and done the one thing I hope for is that we give it absolutely s everything no matter who starts , which I'm sure they will like they always do and the game is not decided by a calamitous mistake by one of our players or by an official . I'm expecting thunder from the Scousers so we better be ready for that and if we can break even in that department then we have a more then fair chance of pulling this off ....
    Wow , what an occasion to be involved in but this is sport and ultimately winning is everything .. C.O.Y.S ..
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    If ever a Club & Fan base deserved a Trophy it's us.

    So I'm praying that just once , just once they pull it out the bag.

    We can do this - BELIEVE!

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  4. palmover Active Member

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    Spurs players have a chance to make history and there is enough quality in the team to beat Pool.
    The league games were decided by goalkeeper mistakes and Mp getting the setup wrong.
    Playing son and Moura in the wide areas will give the pool Fb's something to think about and slow them up. Kane starts for me. I have always thought that dele and CE should be fighting for one place (am) and think the team would be better balanced if only one of them were selected. I do think MP will start them both and have moura on the bench. Personally Ce would be on the bench as he hasn't signed a new contract and i think that being 100% committed to spurs is important. Coys
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  5. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Hard to leave Erikson out i.m.o , he's a vital player in this team for all his sh1tness over the last year .. He might give the ball away umpteen times but that one quality ball would more then likely come from him as always . Like yourself I think Poch will likely start both of them . It will be interesting to see who gets left out instead . Also Poch is likely to start with an extra defender or holding midfielder . Again if this happens it will be interesting to see who will be sacrificed . Surely he can't start Dele , C/E and that extra defender/Holding mid tho , it's difficult to see how he could manage this without maybe leaving out Winks and putting one of C/E or Ali in the centre . I wouldn't be a fan of that idea at all . All round like I said in the earlier post it's a difficult job to get this right ... C.O.Y.S ...
  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    1st half customary early goal typically spurs.
    Need a massive improvement 2nd half , poor all round so far.
    Kane shudnt of started , Moura shudv and brought Kane on later imo.
    Poch big team talk needed , lose to a better team ok but whimper out with the shite on display this far is unforgivable.

    Sort it out!
  7. P reed Guest

    first half usual rubbish no shots on goal.Kane and Erickson totally missing Ali can't pass to another Spurs playerHas no one told them that this is the biggest game of their lives.moura on now before it's too late.Cant believe Liverpool are so poor tonight we ma never get a better chance
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  8. burnt Well-Known Member

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    In hindsight the 3 week break didn't look to do either side any good but it's awful disappointing that we didn't at least make them earn it .. Sickener ...
  9. P reed Guest

    Surely that must go down as one ot the most aenemic attempts to win the European cup no drive or passion no idea.what does poch do about Ali and Erickson who were both useless and seem to think fancy flicks are playing football.why was Kane left on field and Winks taken off. Now the big clear out should start Erickson out Trippier out Davies out Lorente out lamely out and good quality in although if they were watching tonight we might be lucky.We need to change our way of playing so we actually get shots on goal
  10. Guesty Guest

    The sooner big money takes Kane away the better. Son must hate him in the team.
    Lets take his big money and build a team not an individual
  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    F@#£ Journeys and whatever bollocks wet fans like to comfort themselves with or hide behind that 'performance' was an utter disgrace .
    There's not a single player out there last night that deserves praise they were an embarrassment to the shirt.

    Biggest game of the club's history and literally I've seen more passion and invention at the Local GOALS on a Thursday evening.

    What has this team learnt?
    How have they improved?

    Fluked top 4 and Fluked to a CL final never earned or deserved .

    Huge papering over of cracks.

    Until the fan base wake up and put pressure on the board to back the team then this perpetual cycle will continue forever , not a single proper winner at the club , pitiful!

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