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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, January 13, 2019.

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  1. P reed Guest

    Most important game so far and Sanchez Rose and Moura on bench nothing surprises me any more from poshetino a law unto himself .Is he saving the players for palace?
  2. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Biggest worry with that line-up for me is starting the mindless fire cracker Lamela . He could easily have seen red numerous times already this season in far more passive games then the firey contests these wankers produce when they see the Cockeral . For me he's a short price to get his marching orders in this one . Of course fire in the belly is a must in these games but it must be controlled , something Lamela doesn't seem to grasp along with a lot of other things unfortunately ......
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Well 2-0 HT, got absolutely nothing going forward.
    Let's see apparently ''hes magic you know" well he needs to start pulling rabbits out of hats right now!
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I'm just waiting for the 'how proud' we are posts......
  5. Peter reed Guest

    Predictable result although we improved in second half mainly due to Davies getting injured and our best attacker rose coming on which wouldn't have happened if left to pochetino.I know Lorente scored but my god he is painful to watch and is so slow that we could not get forward until Rose came on.Why was Sanchez on bench we did not appear to think about protecting our lead at least for the first half .I am beginning to think pochetino does not have more than one way to play despite all the Rose coloured spectacles types on this website.
  6. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    If Mora scored from Gazza's pass everyone would feel different. Or Llorente from Eriksen. Is Llorente a striker? Really?
    Why away goal is ignored by the new rules is strange... Tough loss.
  7. guesty Guest

    Llorente from Eriksen...............
    how does Llorente not see that he has enough time to control that rather than lash at it
  8. palmover Active Member

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    Didn't watch the match, however i have never had faith in MP to deliver in these situations. MP does not have what it takes to be a serial winner, he may pick up a trophy or two by the time he finishes coaching but i doubt he will win 10 trophies or more like the top mangers.
    MP has taken spurs from a 5th place team to a 3rd place team mainly by beating the poor teams and getting the odd win against the top sides. However, in cup games you are going to meet good teams, and this is where MP cannot inspire his team to make that next step. Mp has lost 3 semi's and 1 final, it's becoming a bad habit.
    I had a look at how spurs amass there epl wins. Spurs have won 2 out of 6 against top6 sides, 3 out of 9 against top8 sides and 5 out of 11 against top 10.
    Spurs have won 12 out of 12 against bottom 10. Mp's top4 formula is based around beating the **** teams, however, he hasn't worked out how to beat the good teams especially when it matters.
    Between 1981 - 1998 spurs won 3 facups, 1 uefa cup and a league cup. Since 2001 - to present day spurs have won 1 league cup.
    I preffered the days when spurs actually won stuff. Coys
  9. P reed Guest

    Just listened to a program on talk sport radio saying why does pochetino never get criticised after losing his third semi final both for his team selection and tactics but if Chelsea had lost Sarri would have been crucified.It was suggested he is the darling of the press.why do pochetino lovers not see the stats that palmover had produced showing that Spurs point come from the bottom 10 teams and our record against the top 10 is mediocre to say the least.the panel which did include an ex gunner also questioned his assertion that our squad was strong enough and pointed out that man city have aguero but still got a recognised striker as back up as they have in all positions and don't rely on 11players to stay fit all season.I think Man united will think twice before replacing Solskar with pochetino
  10. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    - Okay we lost another semi, but shite pens by players who absolutely should have done getter are not the manager's fault,Dier's was dire....

    - I went for 4 at the back, which was very wrong. Poch did, changed it at half time and if Moura and/or Llorente had done better.....

    - Take Hazard, Kante and another top player you care to mention out of the Chelski side they might struggle. We started with none of our top 4 goal scorers, none.

    - When Poch says the squad is strong enough, imo that is Levy talking. I guess he knows more of the finance situation than he can ever let out, so has to tow the party line, even if he doesn't believe it.
  11. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Poch didn't lose. Spurs did. Poch got draw on aggregate. As a coach he did just fine under circumstances. Penalties is a lottery that has nothing to do with him, not sure, if penalties have anything to do with football being a new invention from those who doesn't know sport. That loss only affects supporters, like myself and you.. So stop criticizing Poch. Who is better? Guardiola? Klopp? Those are equal. Poch different philosophy is simple. He is known for winning without spending. That is the reason he is wanted by all and any club in Europe. He is unique in that, but given the market conditions the demand for such coaches will skyrocket. Value what you got and do not complain. Real Madrid and Manchester United would trade their coaches for ours in a moment. Those are much larger and more prominent clubs last time I checked.
    Last edited: January 25, 2019
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  12. P reed Guest

    does spurporter really believe that Man U would fall over themselves to get pochetino when Solskar has gone played8 won8 including beating Spurs.Uunfornutately while you believe this rubbish we will continue to be second class
  13. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    The thing is how good a job do we want Ole to do or not do. Carry on as he is and there is a danger he might finish above us. Do less well and they will pursue Poch. Perhaps a cup win for Manure and say a close 6th might just get him the job...
  14. P reed Guest

    Has anyone still any doubts that pochetino is insulting the supporters. With his team selection for today midfield Dier and Skipp Nkoudou just behind the useless Lorente Ericson and alderwereld not even on bench and best attacker Rose on bench.It is fairly obvious that he doesn't want to progress in the FA cup and even allowing for injuries this is a joke selection.I have supported Spurs for over 50 years and have been at Wembley for a few cup triumphs and believe me you can't beat the feeling of winning a final.What has happened to our cup tradition.I for one am totally fed up with attitude from poshetino and won't be sorry if Man U poach him and let's see if they will let him treat the competition with contempt.Would Harry with all his faults have done this..?
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  15. P reed Guest

    Further to my previous post team of fit players Lloris aurier verts aldy rose lamela Ericson moura winks son Lorente might have been good enough to see palace off but pochetino insults our intelligence please rose coloured brigade come on here and convince me this is what you want in future because it's all you are going to get under this administration
  16. Genevaspurs Guest

    Lamela was abyssmal. Trippier is catastrophic for 2 months. Skipp is a good player for the future but he does not have the shoulders for 90 minutes of a match like this one... Dier is out of shape and totally lacks confidence. Pochettino is not responsible for the performances of his players but he is responsible for putting them on the field or not! It is also normal to have eriksen and alderweireld left at home because they have to recover! Like for Son... we do not have the quality and the bench to play all the competitions and there we will be able to concentrate on the championship and the champions league. The season begin now again we have to support our les a ! COYS
  17. P reed Guest

    I'm afraid Genevaspurs if you think we have any chance in the champions league or the title then dream on our only chance of silverware has been blown away by pochetino today I am fed up with the lack of criticism he gets and he has managed for 10 years and never won a thing.–Would I swap him for Klopp you bet
  18. Genevaspurs Guest

    I understand your disapointment but klopp has already received significant financial support to buy a top goalkeeper a top central defender and a top central midfielder + a very good joker (shaquiri). Apart of Lucas we have no very good addition since August 2017. And we cannot forget that we are very unlucky with the injuries these last 3 weeks. I have no hope to win the league or the champions league but we have to be fully concentrate on both competitions ! I just hope that MP will play the most competitive team and To put trippier + dier + lamela + davies (when fit) definitely on the bench !
  19. P reed Guest

    klopp got what he wanted because I suspect Liverpool knew he would walk if not .This does not seem to worry levy and I suspect pochetino is not strong enough to to go against him .
  20. P reed Guest

    Cant believe how quiet the regulars are today after the weekend fiasco which has now been made worse by pochetinos comments that winning a cup only boosts egos.Does this man not know tottenhams history in the fa cup.It should now be obvious that his team selection was designed to lose especially selecting Nkoudou who he never plays.Any player worth his salt will see these comments and think if I want to end my career with some trophys I had better move on.Dont see united and city and Chelsea doing this.I suspect that Ericson now won't sign new contract and will be followed by others and who would want to join a club who write off 2 competitions before the season even starts.We will have a great new stadium but a team not good enough to play in it.It is now obvious to me that pochetino has not won anything because he only wants the title or European championship and that is a major job against the money clubs

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