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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, January 13, 2019.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    The mind boggles Fran mate.

    Jannssen much more more mobile and always showed the correct attitude/work ethic imo.
    Never been given a fair crack and when he did get a run out the play never altered to suit him , watching his highlight reels he feeds off quick crosses and quick movement not ponderous hope Kane n Son can manufacture something style.
    In this shortage of players moment you'd think he'd be brought back in from the cold and told to prove himself.

    I think he should've been loaned out to a championship side to get him used to English football last season then he could've played a part this year for us or once again if he's not in the plans at all sell him FFS and get someone in that is.

    Jesus Christ being a Spurs fan is worse for u than smoking 40 a day !!!!!!
  2. Big fran Guest

    My understanding is that he had a bad attitude in training and also pissed the club off refusing to go to Brighton on loan. I agree he has all the attributes etc.. In such times I think poch is cutting his nose of to spite his face. How many chances did sissoko get along the way. Lamela?
    Must be a better option right now even if its just for the next two games or so. The likelihood is that he is not going to get a chance so if we are to sell surely surely a replacement will come in otherwise keep him.
  3. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I always thought Janssen was a shrewd buy. He was doing really well back in his home league. If it is ttrue that he refused a loan to Brighton then he was poorly advised or just very arrogant.
    Brighton would have been a great place to show his worth
    I would like it if he could have a second chance, although I don’t think he did much on loan last year in turkey or was he injured lots?
  4. palmover Active Member

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    MP has stated for whatever reasons Janssen is no longer in his plans that is why spurs have llorente.
    Personally i would have given Janssen one more season and never understood why spurs bought llorente, that's a combined transfer fee of 32m wasted.
    Just looking to the next game i would go with llorente and play to his strengths. I have seen kane, son and janssen miss sitters and i have seen kane score an own goal so i won't judge llorente on those criterion.
    What other options do spurs have for Thursdays game? Coys. Llorente to score 1-1.
  5. Big fran Guest

    I'd go with a 3 4 1 2. Eriksen in behind lamela and moura pressing high up the pitch. Full of mistakes under pressure there centre halfs and alonsk. Winks and dier holding.
  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    If u add GNK to that total your looking at a 44mil top player we couldve had and then made more room for academy players
  7. Big fran Guest

    And 30m for nobby soldado
  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    So Alli is confirmed out til march at
    the earliest

    Where have all the we didn't need to buy anyone supporters gone?
  9. P reed Guest

    Funny how all the detractors of felon 82 have gone quiet as his predictions have come true and those idiots who said we did not need signings including our manager and the ******** Levy are now seeing that shortsighted ness will always get you in trouble eventually. I still believe we can put out a competetive team if pochetino can motivate and get selection right.I would go with Gazzinga walker peters vertongan alderwereld sanchez Dier winks Ericsson moura Lorente with lamela on the bench.I would pick Lorente and play to his strengths because Chelsea are not great in the air.unfortunately pochetino will pick trippier and Hazard will run him ragged
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  10. P reed Guest

    I forgot Rose at left back in my previous post
  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    They don't like the truth because to accept it would mean waking up from their happy clap stupor.
  12. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Well I’m one of them and I’m still here :)

    We have been incredibly unlucky with injuries this year and no it’s not from overplaying as there has been lots of rotation (admittedly often forced). Probably only Harry has been overplayed and he would have played regardless unless we get a back up like aguero etc but that ain’t happening!

    The main gripes of buying in the summer were
    A) to replace Alderweireld- but he didn’t actually go and that was a much better deal
    B) reenforce thw midfield- this is where we have had injury after injury and who would have known sissy was actually worth keeping- everyone, me included, would have sold him but I wouldn’t now
    C) backup for Harry- very difficult as nobody wants to play second fiddle so would we have found an upgrade on Jansen and Llorente that easily. Both of those were reasoned buys
    D) get a fast winger etc- Moura has stepped up to this role

    There is also the fact that if you had replaced players there is no guarantee that they wouldn’t be injured now as well. At the moment the main issue is ali and Kane injures- we would have been ok if Son wasn’t in the Asian games but ...Amd I know nobody likes to hear it, for all the doom and gloom ,we are still in all competitions, in champions league place and still haven’t played one home game this season

    In the words of Jovanotti “penso positivo”. - (one for our Italian spurs fans).
    Think positive, get behind the boys and COYS
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  13. Big fran Guest

    Don't think you will find a football fan in the world who doesn't want new signings. In particular spurs fans. Every spurs fan knows we needed to buy a 2nd striker that's not rocket science. With Dembele leaving and wanyama injury problems it's become clear a Centre mid wouldn't go a miss but that's not necessarily a priority with the emergence of sissoko, winks and dier returning. An upgrade at right bk. Had we addressed them areas it doesn't mean that we would be in a better position now injury wise. Sissoko Kane and alli wanyama would still be injured and Son still would be on international duty. Remember we can only name a 25 man squad so if we had signed 3 or 4 players 3 or 4 would have had to have been moved on to accommodate the numbers to satisfy home grown and overseas player quotas. Unless you are suggesting that Kane Son alli were the ones to be moved on to accommodate we would still be struggling to field a side. The problem now is to bring players in some players is you have to take players out the squad. You cannot name new players in the squad and take them out once the above named return. For my money I'd take what I can for llorente and janssen and bring a CF in ASAP. Piatek would have been a great option for 30m coukd have played all comps and would have meant higuian would have stayed at ac Milan hindering Chelsea. Its just been a horrendous run of injuries all season thats hit tipping point. Nobody could plan for losing your front 3 coukd they. How do Liverpool go on without salah mane firmino all going down in the same week.?
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  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    But Fran youve seen them on here arguing to the contrary, both You & I have had to explain the positives in having more than 1 quality player in 1 position to these planks.

    The minimal rest due to WC duties, Son having 2 separate National duties, HK being ran into the ground game after game and Alli similar with a persistent hamstring problem I'd say isn't as unlucky as it is negligent management.

    Llorente, Jannssen, GNK are either not good enough or not in the proper plans so why are they stockpiled ?
    Big question marks were hanging over the fitness of both Wanyama & Dembele, if as is the case Dembele was to be moved on there was absolutely no point in keeping him for half a season and even worse having no adequate replacement sorted.

    We can't keep harping back to victims of bad luck, you make your own luck by being pro active , organised , hungry , ready

    Our transfer buisness/planning has been anything but
  15. Big fran Guest

    Agree on janssen Gkn llorente all should have gone in the summer but maybe didn't want to move and injured I dunno but I would have swapped all 3 for one proper CF/attacker. Dembele likewise either stays for the season or not at all. Apart from that we have 3 keepers 2 rbks 2 lbks with kwp also who can play either. 3 quality centre halves with also foyth and dier as cover. Centre mid pretty well stocked but now one short as we've covered already. We have good options for the attacking 3 behind Kane. Could we do with better quality in all the above positions yes of course we always need to improve like you say. The downfall is not signing a CF good enough. The argument that its difficult to find one who will play 2nd fiddle to Kane doesn't stand up as any player with aspirations 1 will bk himself 2 will understand that at big clubs you don't start every week and 3 we have played with two strikers most of the season so that argument doesn't stand up to me.
    The problem here lies we have platers we don't want and on big wages and trying to ask ridiculous money for and not offsetting whatever silly wages they are upon. 15m for janssen who has not kicked a ball for spurs near on two years. 10m GKN 26 mins of football before his assist at Fulham. Do me a favour.
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  16. palmover Active Member

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    As many spurs fans have said DL/Enic are penny wise pound foolish.
    DL/enic like obvious bargain players bought for around 10m or less and are now valued at 10 times that value, however, DL/enic are not prepared to buy more expensive players like sane, mane, sallah dare i say VVD who are now worth more than what the club paid for them, however, weren't cheap buys.
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  17. Big fran Guest

    Janssen scores AGAIN... Its a bizarre situation.
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  18. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Exactly...what's to lose....
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  19. Big fran Guest

    Can't see anything other than cheksea progressing tonight I'm afraid. Can't see where the goals come from. Would love us to reach the final but in the grand scheme of things cannot see us getting other than a severe lesson off City unless they rest key players even if we get there with our injuries ...
  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    That's the spirit haha

    I'm genuinely hoping that we can do a Chavs performance tonight and just stink our way through holding onto the goal agg.
    Problem is having come off 2 losses to their London rivals on the bounce I fear wel see a wounded animal approach to tonight's fixture.

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