Back to the Lane - Spurs V Sunderland

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, September 17, 2016.

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  1. Mattj78

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    Ah, home is where the heart is. And hopefully where Spurs put on a performance to get fans feeling more optimistic about this season.
    Spurs have not excelled yet this season although they were getting back to their best in the second half at Stoke. On Wednesday, Spurs were poor. There is no getting away from that fact. And Pochettino is not intending for the players to forget it any time soon either.

    His anger has been pretty refreshing really. Rather than coming out as he has done sometimes and said we played well when we clearly hadn't, he has come out and blamed himself and his players. We can talk about his team on Wednesday for ever but once those players go over that white line, it is THEIR responsibility to play the game. There was a lack of intensity and effort and I have a feeling that Poch might finally have realised that he needs to change the starting line up. It needs freshening up. The players need a massive rocket up their bums and I have no doubt that they got one on Wednesday , Thursday , Friday and today. He has clearly told his players that that kind of performance is not acceptable. At any time.

    As we return back to our real "home" we welcome Sunderland to White Hart Lane and 3 points are a must. Along with a performance that will testify we are going to have another good season.

    Sunderland appointed David Moyes after Big Sam moved on to further continue the destruction of the national side and I thought it was a good appointment. He wasn't given much of a chance at United and although he had a torrid time in Spain, I still believe he is a decent manager.
    Sadly at Sunderland, he has had little money to spend and has a squad that will once again battle relegation. Defoe will get his usual hero's welcome from the Spurs fans and hopefully that will be about as much attention as he gets in the next day's papers!!

    Intensity and goals are what Spurs need. And a Kane hat trick would be useful.

    I usually put down a predicted team for my match previews but this time I am going to put down the team I would like to see and it's full of changes which I am sure will get some comments about my sanity!'

    Here goes -

    Lloris, Walker, Toby, (Wimmer is anyone finds him), Davies (Rose out for a further week), Dembele, Son, N'Koudou, Alli, Janssen, Kane.

    Eriksen improved at Stoke but was yet again poor at Wembley. Dembele has to start. At Wembley we looked better when he came on. I've gone for N'Koudou simply because I am hoping that he will add pace and width and Son deserves another chance to start in my opinion.
    I'm not anti Lamela like some but I would drop him to the bench with Eriksen and Dier. I lover Dier but he is playing too negatively at present and we need forward thinking players.
    Janssen should be playing with Kane not just as a replacement. He has strength, holds the ball up well and I want to see both together for a full 90 minutes.

    Wimmer seems to have gone missing. I hope he is found quickly because Vertonghen seems to have been reading the David Luiz guide to defending over the summer judging by his recent performances. He shows players onto their favourite feet, his passing goes astray and he needs to be dropped.

    What would your starting 11 be and why?
    I look forward to your replies and as ever , we will all be together tomorrow as we sing, "Come on You Spurs."
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  2. Dunc Guest

    So you're going for a 4 1 5 formation? Is your other name Ossie Ardiles? Dier and Kane probably need a rest. And Vertonghen too. Sissoko deserves a start. I'd go with Lloris, Walker, Toby, Wimmer, Davies, Wanyama, Dembele, Sissoko, Ali, Lamela (or Eriksen), Janssen
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  3. Mick-T Guest

    wow, you would leave Toby out for Jan?? I'm starting to think Jan isn't good enough long term. Toby for me would be first name on the team sheet. Dembele must start against Sunderland and why not throw sissoko in the starting 11 to see what he can do? Whatever team he picks a big performance and big result is a must!!
  4. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Apologies - I did not want to write Vertonghen - I meant Toby!!!
  5. burnt Guest

    This isn't the easiest of calls I.m.o , does he drop the likes of Kane , Erikson or let them play their way into form which in fairness has worked every other season , neither of these two have ever started any season well for some reason but on past evidence they eventually come good ... Now I accept that may have been down to a lack of options in the past so maybe this time he will think differently and maybe a couple of games on the bench will give them a little food for thought and kick-start them into top gear a little quicker , or maybe it will have the opposite effect , dent the confidence a wee bit and it will take even longer for them to find their mojo .... Think personally I'd stick with the guts of our strongest line up for next couple of games and try and get them firing ... Prob stick Victor in instead of Dier , personally think this will become the strongest option in that position as the season plays out , just think he can do everything Dier does but for me Victor has a wee bit more football in him , and it's time for Sissoko to get a start , either tomm or midweek , he could slot in any of the 3 positions behind the Striker ... Can't see the other fella Nkoudou starting yet , he hasn't even made a bench .. I see some calling for Jan to be moved out to left back instead of Davies , can't have that myself , Davies was poor the last night but he's as good a left back as Vertonghen I.m.o , and the last time Jan was put out their in a crisis situation , he got the hump and played like a **** for months ..... Those of us with memories that last longer then a week will not have forgotten that ... Lol .... One thing for sure , if we don't get 3 points against Sunderland and a positive showing , the pressure will go up a notch or two and the forum's will be hopping .... C.O.Y.S .......
  6. Big fran Guest

    Alli and dembele at the axis will not work....
    The system requires one holding mid (dier or wanyama) one box to box(sissoko or dembele) and one attacking mid (eriksen or alli).. That to me is clear from Wednesdays first half. One in command of the game then that can be adjusted the stoke game for example. Alli in time with experience and coaching will become more disciplined to become a box to box. Not yet though the system will become exposed.

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