Archway step up plans to block stadium

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, October 3, 2014.

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  1. Iver Biggen Guest

    As if they have to advertise. Archway is the biggest, one and only kebab machines as well as catering equipment manufacturer. In a town kebab shops popping up like daisies on a daily basis they will hardly need any further publicity.

    a family of w.ankers..nothing else
  2. Iver Biggen Guest

    any person who is prepared to push this to the wire as a principal and lose money is not a good business man and definitely not a guy who could last 50 years plus in a competitive environment managing to stay alive despite 3 huge recessions..therefore correct me if im wrong you are talking absolute bol locks. But I personally think Josif family are w.ankers..SIMPLES EH??
  3. Paxton Guest

    Tottenham Hotspur from Tottenham (the clue is in the name) been there since 1882 and that is far, far longer than the greedy josifs who originally come from the Archway.
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  4. Lee2105 Guest

    Was the CPO not granted in favour Haringey, against Archway ? With ENIC benefiting as development partners ?

    If not; why should ENIC be blackmailed into paying Archway more than all the other businesses that have already moved on. If the majority is happy with the settlements received, while is the minority of one having such a voice against the rest ?

    & If ENIC caved in and gave Archway more then what other businesses got, how would that be justice ? I don't see any of this being about "poor little Archway" it's clear and obvious what benefits Tottenham more and it's not a metal works.

    The other side of the debate is about trust in ENIC. Do we / do we not trust them. I'd say personally I don't. 12 years since we heard How we needed 44.000 seats. And all this stadium delay is happening at a time when the demand for match day tickets is fairly low ( look at the £17 tickets for sale for tomorrow ) we won't sell out 55,000 nor 44,000 most of the time, not when the product on offer is so appalling ( which it currently is ) makes me think this Archway stuff is a shield for ENIC to hide behind. Sadly, I think the time has passed and we will never get where we needed to be. If it was going to happen it would have been 2010 period. Not now. We could very soon be London's 4/5 team once the spammers move.
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  5. Iver Biggen Guest

    It could well be that Josif is his family name:):)
  6. Lee2105 Guest

    PS. Can someone with Facebook or similar start a petition that demands Archway move as soon as possible !

    It does not need to be a one way street. We should also picket outside their poxy business every possible minute we can. No nasty stuff clearly but they need to think on a bit I feel.
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  7. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    No, it isn't. I am against their trying to block the stadium for goodness sake! maybe we should get a petition against them but it must be done properly and not be in an aggressive way. On some forums, people have been vile and abusive and that gets us nowhere. They won't win anyway, but, as lee has said, there are still issues about whether we are being told the whole truth.

    By the way, they have really started to throw their toys out of the pram on Facebook now. I mean really throw them out.
  8. Iver Biggen Guest

    Why should I care about the truth blah blah and blah? You show me anything that The UK government is involved and tell public the truth..In this day and age there are so many hidden agendas in every walk of life if you demand the very truth your life time will not be enough to do so.All im interested in is a new Spurs ground and a bunch of greedy people demanding £25 million to leave should be dealt in an exactly the same way as their greed deserves.
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  9. Sweeney Guest

    Levy knows its just a waiting game otherwise he wudnt of granted a company the 50m infastructure deal.archway will adventually have to us sticks & move but i do have sympathy with them.

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