Archway step up plans to block stadium

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, October 3, 2014.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Those of you on Facebook can't have failed to notice that Archway steel have popped a couple of posts on today. First they have put a link on to their petition to stop the compulsory buying order for the land on which they operate. At the moment, they have about 220 signatures. Not much to worry about, but is there something we are not being told.
    I posted some comments on to provoke a reaction, and they certainly did that, but what is really going on?

    Local area

    Archway state that they don't see why they should be uprooted after fifty years of business or why people should lose their homes. They have also posted an article from nearly a year ago, that I remember appearing in the Guardian.
    Both Archway and that article suggest that more people than was originally thought are very much against the idea of the new stadium. So, who is telling the truth?


    Other than Spurs putting money into the local area in the past few years, the stadium is supposed to create jobs and improve the local area. Those of you that live in the area and know it well, what are your thoughts? As a fan, are you happy with the stadium, but as a resident, do you think it will cost jobs and people's homes.
    Archway suggest that, because the public enquiry details have not been released, Tottenham may be hiding something.

    No go...?

    No self respecting Spurs fan could argue that we don't need to increase capacity and revenue. If, and it may be a big if, we are blocked in our redevelopment plans, what happens next? Archway would no doubt celebrate, but Spurs could be in severe trouble. Think about the money already thrown at this project by Spurs.
    We would have to either revise plans, or move out of the area. Surely that would be a disaster to the local economy, but for Tottenham Hotspur, this could be damaging for many years to come.

    Time for honesty Daniel

    I, rather naughtily, suggested that the Josif family are only doing this as they are Arsenal fans, for which one of the family called me pathetic, but I can take that. What this all does though is raise the question as to what is really happening.
    I am only reading between the lines, but it would appear we have a long road ahead of us, and 2017 is nowhere near when we will be in our new stadium. If ever.
    Surely now is the time for Daniel levy and ENIC to be honest and tell us all the extent of how long this saga could last.
    I have a feeling, it could be a very long time. Archway are digging their heels in, so be prepared for a long wait.
  2. Marco Guest

    So the CPO means nothing then? So what was the point of it? When is the Government going to take charge?
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  3. Derek B Guest

    Surely the pending court case is out of the hands of both parties -- the petitioner ARCHWAY and the Defendant (THP FC as well as whomever else ) . The courts will hear the case when THEY want to in their own sweet time. No amount of "badgering" by " our" lawyers will alter that FACT.
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  4. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Of course it is, but I am interested in whether Levy has been hiding things from the fans....again! I am not even sure if a date for the case has been heard yet, and if it has, surely the petition should be irrelevant.
    Never a dull moment for Spurs.
  5. Gilzean Guest

    Surely Archway could easily operate from another site. I really don't understand why a location in the middle of a building site is so important to them.
    Whereas Spurs cannot easily find another site and without Spurs the area goes down the tubes.
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  6. digiyid Guest

    Archway are fighting a lost battle and who needs enemies when a bunch of wankers targeting Spurs instead of a greedy ****s like Josif family demanding £25 million to move. At tge end of the day Harringey Council and Highways agency as well as the Government are workong alongside THFC in order to regenerate the area. Monument way, Broad lane traffic system now have completed.Tottenham Hale bus station is opening very soon. The rest of the regeneration will be about High Road and New Stadium. I don't think courts will give a **** about Archway metal at this point. CPO is already granted and no one with so much political pressure will decide in favour of Archway metal to be honest. **** Josif family..end of.
  7. Marty Guest

    Please answer the following:
    How long have Spurs and Archway been in Tottenham ?
    How many people do Spurs and Archway employ ?
    How much money have Spurs and Archway put back into the community ?
    How many people do Spurs and Archway plan to employ in Tottenham in the future ?
    How much infrastructure do Spurs and Archway plan to put into Tottenham ?
    Who would you rather have in the area a company that brings 50,000 plus visitors to the area every two weeks or a metal works ?
    No arguement really.
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  8. Archway spout some year old stuff that (if it was ever important or crucial) would have been taken into account by Pickles or will be when the appeal is ever heard and you jump to the conclusion that Levy is holding something back (when he could never know what Archway had said to some needy idiot (ie you) on their Facebook page? Get a hobby mate.
  9. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I asked the question as to whether levy was holding something back. I said I was interested to know if he had been. So I haven't jumped to a conclusion and therefore am okay with my current hobbies. In fact, you seem to have jumped to the conclusion that I jumped to a conclusion.
  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    This new Stadium saga is like watching Spurs play, think today is the day its finally gona come good, stats and everything is in our favour, all the right noises are coming out of the club, build up and anticipation, then reality strikes, realisation its never gona happen, frustration, boredam, blame, excuses and no end product!
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  11. Paul Guest

    This is all very convenient for Mr Levy as its Archway that are the Villains in this soap opera....personally I think it stinks and dosent add up....everything points to Levys involvement in cahoots with the Josifs !
  12. ParkLane Guest

    It's very irresponsible to say things such as 'Archway are digging their heels in'. It gives the impression that they've got some other choice. The coverage of Archway metals and the family concerned has already led to some very nasty over reactions from Spurs fans, and could get worse. Although this is only a blog and anyone can write one you should still behave responsibly. Avail yourself of the facts first and write objectively. Archway want the finance to relocate. That's it. Spurs have not offered them that. Spurs have offered a site and planning costs but no building costs. Why should Archway lose out cos Spurs want a new ground. Personally I don't even think Archway have or will affect the building timetable at all. Spurs are using them as a scapegoat to apportion blame for playing elsewhere for a season. The real reason we're playing away a season is that it's cheaper to knock down the stadium in one and complete rather than the bit by bit original idea.
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  13. Paul Guest

    Ive read their facebook page...this firm need to be outed as Arsenal fans something which they don't seem to deny.
    Its seems that are trying to claim in the media they are Spurs fans...maybe afraid of another riot in Tottenham, right outside of their property ?
  14. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    I don't think Josef impedes any of Levy's plans release. Otherwise the settlement would be reached by now. For $25 million they want Spurs can buy a player or two or three. It worth to wait .
  15. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    My article merely asks for opinions. I haven't stated whether I agree or disagree. There are always two sides to every story and everything will be sorted in one way or another. Sooner rather than later would be best for all parties concerned I expect. Archway are digging their heels in, as are spurs, and both have the right to do so.
  16. Ramrod Guest

    Archway Steel do not have a divine right as a 'family business' to remain where they are. As has been previously stated, it all comes down to how much they can get to move on. Unfortunately, with Levy being the bargain-hunter of all bargain-hunters, a fair amount of legal bartering will still be done through the courts unless Little Dan has a sudden epiphany, decides that we need an end to this and puts a fair amount of money up for the Josif family to relocate.

    In the words of WWE's Million Dollar Man "Everyone's got a price".
  17. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Then again, do Spurs have a divine right to stay?
  18. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Its all very convenient for Levy & Enic the longer this drags on imo, that way they can keep coining in the profit while making the excuses 'were paying for a stadium'. If they had any genuine drive this would have been settled long ago.
    Plus the amount of none spendature by the time this stadium is finally built we shouldnt have any debt whatsoever, especially with investors, naming, sponsors etc- IF the none spend has been going towards the build as has been touted.
    But as i have stated before the Stadium is not the be all and end all of success, the revenue helps of course but look at Newcastle Utd they have the 3rd largest stadium in England and have not won a major since 1955, followed by Sunderland with the 4th largest who won their last major in 1973.

    Also can just imagine every Goon, Chav and Iron getting a literate family member to sign this Arch Way petition for them.
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  19. RobinA Guest

    A CPO guarantees Archway will be no better and no worse financially by moving. Perhaps Archway wants to expand and wants the CPO to pay for the expansion as well. It doesn't work like that. Archway should jog on.
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  20. kingyspur Guest

    Archway are getting huge publicity for all of this which will no doubt help business in some way and the more exposure we give them the more noise they can make. Can we gets petition from the people that do want them to move for the stadium and regeneration? I would think that would eclipse their 220.
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