An ode to (soon-to-be departing) Mousa Dembele

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, June 18, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    (At the risk of being shot haha)

    I've always thought Jonjo Shelvey is a positive player in a similar position.
    He's nowhere near as Technically Good on the ball as the Moose let's get that clear but he is imo much more pro active with his passing range and vision, I believe he would find the type of runs Alli and Kane make regularly.
    He's prem experienced , 26, English and I think there is a lot to be harnessed there for someone like Poch.

    Just saying.
  2. Jam Guest

    Dear old Cheshunt.. clearly a man of keen intellect and impeccable grammar.. yet one equally blighted with the bleakest of dispositions when it comes to anything Tottenham Hotspur

    I would like to make a point here.. and no it is not related to Dembele.. there is already an interminable long thread of multiple opinions and analysis here if there is something that confuses you about your favourite player

    I'm not sure what websites you've been visiting.. but you would do well to make the distinction between those who support the club (the vast majority) and those who support the ownership.. as naive as that might seem to an economist

    I don't doubt there is a pro establishment lobby.. I've yet to see it here

    I.. much like yourself.. have supported Spurs long before ENIC and will support them long after. I.. much like most.. am ambivalent towards the ownership.. they clearly could have done better.. they clearly could have done much worse

    If fans derive some satisfaction from the club present day it's fundamentally because on any given weekend.. or Wednesday mind you.. you can tune in/go to a game and watch a Spurs side that not only plays quality football but more often than not beats up on their opponents.. at the most basic level that is what football is about

    No one is adverse to criticism.. we have all criticised the club at one point or another.. what becomes tiresome is when certain individuals open their mouths all they do is complain.. who wants to listen to such people?

    To answer your conundrums.. Lloris is a very good keeper.. not so much last year.. still has long been spoken of in any conversation about the best keepers in the world.. never considered the best.. Redknapp was a top manager.. wonderfully tactically indifferent.. Levy is not the best chairman in the EPL.. nor is he the worst
  3. Jam Guest

    That would be quite funny.. though I'm not sure how I would really feel about it

    He was the best player on the park when we played them late last season
  4. antony Active Member

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    An there we have it Jam! Its marginal yet yourself and Remy still feel the need to retort with condescending replies!
  5. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Thanks for the kind words scattered among the reproaches; I can assure you that my bleak outlook extends to matters far beyond London N17 (not that you'll be surprised by that admission). I don't know whether blind faith in a football club has grown as religious faith has declined (I'm trying to live up to your intellectual expectations!), but I loath unthinking belief in any context, hence my 'negativity' when logical absurdities like 'this young team can only get better' are wheeled-out, as they have been on this site and elsewhere.
    'Tottenham Live' has been a haven for dissenters from the pro-ENIC party line (which DOES exist - visit 'Dear Mr Levy' if you don't believe it), and I'd hate to see the 'support not criticise' brigade muscle in on it, as they certainly tried to a few articles back; the 'By Far the Greatest Team the World has Ever Seen' mob (are you okay with my capitals, by the way?) certainly make the most noise, but surely us doubters are allowed the odd squeak?
  6. Jam Guest

    I wasn't being condescending Antony.. that was indeed one of the strangest definitions I've ever seen.. so what? it's no big deal

    Your initial reasoning for not considering him world class (ie. 10 a season) was well off.. you posted it twice.. so thought it best to set you straight on that point

    I'm not sure I could have been more respectful.. you seem like a pleasant fellow.. so my apologies if you took it otherwise
  7. antony Active Member

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    Like the Dembele debate Jam....It's marginal!:)
  8. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    We try not to take discussions on here personal, it seemed calling Dembele a water carrier to be really doing a disservice to his performances for our club especially in the last few seasons with Poch. He has been tremendous for us and such an atypical player that we can't really compare him to anyone else. To me at least, things that he does for us; dictating tempo, holding possession under tremendous pressure...that's something you cannot put in stats.

    I took would rate him Very Good, with world class abilities. The lack of not reaching the highest level for me doesn't fall squarely on him. He has been badly managed over time but he still has the potential to help us achieve trophies in the future.
    Last edited: June 28, 2018
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  9. Big fran Guest

    Not sure why it comes down to numbers on the Dembele front given his position. Could we get players who could come in and give a better return numbers wise then yeah I'm sure there are hundreds around Europe who could.. And what??? Shelvey would be one for sure along with many average Premier league players to boot. Jack Cork, Ward Prowse, Granit Xhaka, Mark noble anyone? I think not.
    Im sure kante could post better figures but likewise would never be judged on such stats and most would widely recognise him the be world class despite only two spectacular seasons in his career aged 27 or so. The same stuff got throw around at Carrick from some spurs quarters and some probably still will. Some utd fans too. Fact is once carrick left there was a massive void there the size of Micheal carrick in fact and one that took a considerable time to fill. Briefly for a season by Parker and the rest by modric and then the moose.
    Whether you consider him to be world class or not is irrelevant but to dismiss him as a failure or his time at spurs as a passenger is an insult to the player and football fans with knowledge of the game. One or two have dug an hole for themselves mixing up a very gifted footballer with one who could clearly have gone farther in the game. Again how he could have gone is irrelevant to his talent and had he fulfilled that talent would have been moved on to bigger clubs anyhow.
    I've said on a post somewhere else name me 5 realistic targets that could come in tomorrow and replace him. If Jonjo shelvey is one of them who has never had one full consistent season, been kicked out of one big club already and has massive discipline issues then my oh my we are in big trouble. Jack Corks phone number please !!!!
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  10. Jam Guest

    Ha! you're a funny fellow Cheshunt

    By all means speak your mind.. I would just remind that a vote for the club does not necessitate a vote for ENIC.. at least not here anyway

    What would please me? to see you pleased with your football team.. even if just on the odd occasion

    Not for my benefit of course.. but yours
  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    There you have it Fran , he's never fulfilled that talent.

    No one's come for him, and at 30 being touted at 30 odd mill you'd think the Top clubs would be circling but they're not and you have to ask why? - A ready made critically acclaimed Worldie amazing really perhaps it has something to do with his total lack of substance.
    Carrick I rated much more so than Dembele and he was spotted by a Big Club for what he contributed and went on to achieve his Full Potential unlike Dembele ever will.
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  12. antony Active Member

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    I think this topic has had the arse kicked out of it now, although as a very good player, Dembele played well (World Cup) tonight!:)
  13. Josh Bolton

    Josh Bolton Active Member

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    Or just the beginning... Gary Neville last night on ITV said (pre-match): "Dembele would be the first name on the teamsheet if he played for us [England]";)
    Last edited: June 29, 2018
  14. Jam Guest

    Add Gary to the list..
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  15. antony Active Member

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    Did Gary say he was world class?:)
  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Tell me again - How did Gary do as a Manager?
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  17. Jam Guest

    Elementary my dear Watson
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  18. Jam Guest

    Since you asked.. a helluva lot better than you

    Gary is nobody's fool

    The fact he was able to achieve such an illustrious career with what was frankly a limited ability and athleticism is a testament to his football nous in itself
  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Instead he's the 1st name on the Belgian B Side team sheet
  20. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

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