A Trophy will not Change Us

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, April 21, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    A Trophy will not Change Us

    And of course the continuation of not Winning Trophies is the polar opposite right?

    This had failure written all over it from the minute our Leader played it down like it was a mere distraction of no worth from the off.

    We actually surprisingly started off quite well , probably the best we've started since Chelsea , even got a goal as reward. Great .....

    Then we did what we do far too much in these scenarios we just became sooo predictable and flat , I'm sooo tired of hearing about this Project/Learning Curve which delivers the same errors time and time again.

    Where are the Leaders?
    Where are the Big players standing up and being counted?
    Where is the game plan/reaction?
    Where was the 2nd striker to help/replace Kane?
    What exactly are we supposed to be learning or have learnt?

    Even at 2-1 down with 10 to go there was no resemblance of throwing the Kitchen sink at them, no up in tempo, no loading the box up or putting it in the danger areas.
    What we had were short free kicks, sidewards passing, rigid formation, predictable snail pace movement on and off the ball, was DeGea even made to make a save?

    Eriksen was probably our best player today but can anyone really Name 1 player that wanted that today? That left everything out there?

    Because I'm scratching my head as to what it is they're expecting to achieve with this pathetic defeatest attitude.

    'To Dare is to Do'

    How Dare Poch be so Arrogant to say the Cup doesn't matter, how Dare the players just coast through a semi final with such little want!
    It was appalling.

    (What's the money on letting 4th go now?)

    There is No Trophy Thirsty Drive from Board Down, and until us FANS (not the Business Analyst's) Start demanding more this trend will just continue.

    Pochettino wants to Talk up the League and CL but doesn't have a 2nd Striker of any quality in his Squad (that he's happy wit) , he's got absolutely no in game management , talks about Learning from defeats then gets defeated in exactly the same manner as previous, what was different from the Juve game to the Utd 1 today???
    Talking of being interested in the big prizes only is akin to us normal people saying I don't want a house I want a mansion but I'm not going to pay for it.

    Our 1 dimensional approach to everything may spank mid to lower table fodder and it may be able to pull off the odd win over big sides but it isn't the be all/end all of how to play Football and desperately needs some options and some thinking outside the box more.

    Bitterly Disappointed again, quit the Excuses Spurs!
    Board/Manager/Players take some responsibility.

    You let the Fans down Big Time Today.
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  3. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Active Member

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    Well cheesed again Felon - but have to say not totally unexpected (see Half-Full Glass mentioned in previous posts). You're on the money with the precarious 4th spot comment too - I've thought that since the Man City game and Brighton certainly didn't help.
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  4. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Just back. Absolutely shattered. Poor performance.

    Poch needs to take stick over this, big time, for all the reasons Felon states. Talking the FA Cup down is an insult to Spurs fans everywhere.

    Slow to react to going 2-1 down. Lucas apart, no game changers on the bench. Dier, Eriksen Trippier and Jan did okay. Nobody else turned up.

    H looks weary, short of pace and confidence.

    Look at yourselves lads. You now have four games to save your and our season. Get your Rses in gear.
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  5. Neil Guest

    Great points again as usual from Felon summed up in a nutshell....Really gutted after today's limp performance and it seems that when it comes down to the crunch of getting to a higher level or progressing we always seem to be lacking somehow or have zero motivation to kick on??? did we have a game plan or just go out there headless to try to win the game? the Leicester league win when we had a chance to win it springs to mind! not sure what is going on? i still think we lack a winning mentality especially when the gaffer says this trophy is irrelevant to our progress! wtf....winning a trophy surely breeds confidence and a feeling to want to win more and shows that you can go to the end of the line and carry it through and pick up that trophy and become winners....if a lower midlands team can win the prem with lesser players why can't we? is it arrogance that we believe our own hype that we are superior to others and expect to win by just turning up? maybe that's our downfall! btw for all Eriksen's plaudits he is supposed to be our creative player so why does he not take a risk and pass the ball forward instead of picking the safe option of passing back and to the sides to a more defensive player? seems like today was an exercise to try to keep the ball more than the opposition rather than trying to have some kind of urgency and desire to penetrate and go for it and at least test their goalie! De Gea had the deckchair out smoking a massive cigar today, btw where is our quality 2nd striker that we can bring on? haha thats funny we haven't got one! Man U had 4 strikers.
  6. 71yid

    71yid Member

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    In the past, I would have been demoralised by a semi-final defeat and while I am very disappointed like you guys out there, I'm not terribly surprised either to be brutally honest. We started well, quick to the ball and putting in some decent distribution behind their defence to which we profited..... Just once... then it all fell apart in the second half. The special one got the tactics, from a Utd point of view, spot on. Kane doesn't look sharp at the minute and that may be in part down to the tactics used to constrain him from having any clear cut chances. I am really concerned that this side will break up in the future amidst Poch's exit if we don't deliver trophys soon. The parallels between this team and the one that Pleat put together 30+ years ago are similar. Competing for everything and winning nothing in the end and we know what happened after that...... Years of chopping and changing managers and buying/selling dross players while our lovely neighbors and the rest of the top PL elite, continue to win trophies. Even if we do finish fourth and qualify for the CL, we ain't going to win the damn thing so this cup, treated with so much disdain, remains a must for me. We once held a brief record of having won it 8 times but now remembered for how many semis we have fallen short in by all and sundry. I'm gonna get pissed now and drown my sorrows grrrr!
  7. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    Yep Felon spot on. I want to rage, I want to be angry but honestly I had zero expectations prior to the game. I couldn't even get excited by our goal other than to calmly announce that it was a good'un.
    The only thing that springs to mind at the moment is that little Chilean **** Sanchez is a winner. It takes winners. You can tell winners because by feck do they care. They'll do anything to win. Meanwhile we have a few top players and potential. We buy potential. Our club is at a crossroads I feel. Pay for winners and to keep top talent or this team and Poch will leave. And talking about Poch....this feckin project!!! Projects have a beginning and a delivery. Well our beginning is still beginning.
    I don't know fellow yids.
    We have to buy winners. We have to.
    Ps. I'm really nervous about 4th.
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  8. Stanley Guest

    once again a spursy performance when an important must win game comes around .Pochetino must take some responsibility for the lack of motivation after his comments about the fa cup and let's be honest we were lucky to make the semi because of his team selections.He says that only the league crown or the European cup are important but surely he doesn't think this bunch are capable of winning either.We have show ponies who are not mentally strong enough. No Toby who will be in demand by most premiership teams next year and who made our defence one of the best when he was played in a three which also helped Sanchez .Surely Levy should be questioning why pochetino has let personal feelings ..affect the team.Unfortunately the media love the man and he never gets questioned but if that was a Jose team they would be crucifying him.We need at least 5top players which won't happen and I can see us fighting for top6only next year
  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    What club has ever achieved either of the above with just 1 decent striker on the books?
    I'm afraid Poch Blew his 2 best chances of a League Title last 2 years where literally everything fell into place at the right time yet still was out thought down the stretch.
    Every window he's 'happy wit tha squad' that should mean in his mind he has the tools to do the job.
    For paying Fans it's an insult to charge them to watch if You're not doing all you can to give them what they Crave.
    As the Manager it is your job to deliver Trophies and if you don't care why should the players care? And why should the fans pay?
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  10. Pickleman1967

    Pickleman1967 Member

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    I feel the pain and disappointment with every other Yid tonight, but I always knew this was a "50/50" game. A bit of luck, a break here and there, and one team takes the spoils. There wasn't really that much between the teams, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit an uneasy feeling of Deja vu, watching Spurs fail to deliver in yet another semi final. Jesus, we used to be known as a "good cup side", but not anymore. I'm sure I'm in a minority of Spurs fans when I say I'd rather the team win the FA Cup than finish in the top four if given that stark choice, because for me winning trophies is what football is about. Once a team wins something they can then develop a "winning mentality", they begin to believe. In our case it would have been so sweet to kick off a new season in a new WHL as FA Cup winners. If we get top four (I think we will btw) so what? Contrary to what Wenger used to say top four is not a trophy. Another "good" but largely unremarkable season.

    So what for the future? We have to stick with Poch I say, but that empty trophy cabinet is beginning to loom larger than the proverbial elephant in the room. Sort it out Poch! We are not interested in hearing how you are "appy" with the squad while winning nothing for another season! Today was your chance to make your mark as a potential Spurs legend. Right now you and the team are looking like you will go down in history as "nearly" men. I still believe you are the right man for the job, but by buggery, you seriously need to win a pot of some description. Once more we watch our hated rivals compete for the silverware while we fight for the "Wenger trophy". Bollocks, I'm not expecting the PL and CL titles next season, but you have to start somewhere dude! We need a trophy. COYS.
  11. Spurporter

    Spurporter Active Member

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    I've got to disagree with Felon82 here. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to be stating that Spurs mght play better, but for some reasons could not or didn't. I think lads left it all on the pitch. They played their very best. The goals they conceded were not results of errors or poor judgment or laziness there. The equalized was result of foul against Dembele. 9 ot of 10 times it is free kick Dembele was elbowed. The game winner was Vorm's mistake and he acknowledged that by his reaction. Well, the goaltender position is the weakest at Spurs, there is no world or European class performer in our goal anymore. We have world class player in each position except for goalie. Coach cannot be responsible for goaltender, but the manager is. It is not clear to me what Poch's role now.
  12. Dingleyid Guest

    I'm a big spurs fan but I have to say that Dembele was not fouled by pogba. Dembele stupidly tried to beat pogba by turning inside towards our own goal instead of dribbling the ball forward by the sideline. He was dog poor today along with many others! I try to be positive, but, I honestly knew it in my gut a few minutes into the second half that we were going to lose today. I'm 32 and what kills me most is that even when we now have a good team, we're still not good enough ☹ there is still a lack of true belief when it comes to the crunch and that hurts an awful lot! We completely surrendered after their second goal.
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  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Spurporter that 'performance' barring the 1st 20 odd minutes was appalling.
    As soon as they got their goal our heads dropped, we started strolling about everything about our play was laboured and we never looked like we would rally to win it.
    The 2nd Goal and that was it may as well blown the full-time whistle there and then to save us all the endurance test of watching 11 naive uninventive given up boys pass the ball around like it was a friendly.
    In the end we just whimpered to an inevitable loss.
    That is NOT good enough, but when as we do have a Board/Manager that have no interest in Trophies and a Legion of Brainwashed Pseudo Business Analytical fans that Support it then the Players who lack Conviction in the big games get let off the hook, the Manager is given a Free Pass and The Board is somehow celebrated for Short Changing the Manager/Players and Paying Fans.
    It's the Bizzarest concoction Going!
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  14. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Totally agree about Dembele's responsibility for United's equaliser - he had several options to pass the ball out of defence, but typically chose the worst, and was out-muscled by Pogba fair and square. And the stick Dier or Trippier would have got if either of them had lost the ball like that! As for Pochettino, he's a boy trying to compete with men when it comes to the big games against serial winners like Mourinho and Guardiola, and I think the penny has finally dropped, to judge from his post-match comments.
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  15. Del Guest

    This is probably because I’m frustrated and angry but I say sack poch ! The mans absolutlely clueless with no In game management poor signings and I’ve got to say if there’s any manager who is a specialist in failure well poch can be proud of finishing top of that league! Enough is enough now I mean who buys a 2nd striker as back up to kane and he doesn’t even male the bench???? And as for levy until he gives the players the going rate we are gonna go backwards !
  16. Jam Guest

    Wasn't that pretty much the same lineup that got unceremoniously spanked at the same venue less than a week ago?

    Oh that's right we played our second string goalkeeper.. gee that worked out well.

    If you're going to reward Vorm (who is indeed second string) then how about you reward the others who've helped you get there.. Aldetweireld Sissoko Aurier Lucas.. and I don't want to hear any [censored] [censored] about not being up to standard.. these guys are big game players who have played in MUCH bigger games than this.

    Further to that if you're playing a pure counter-attacking side with an abundance of speed up top.. how about getting some [censored] athleticism in your lines?

    Instead we pretty much played the same lineup (sans the French and club captain) that hit a brick wall at maximum impact less than seven days ago.

    All that said..

    United were not that special.. in fact if I could sum up the difference between the two sides on the day I would say it is epitomised in the managers..

    On one hand you have a cynical fellow.. who will do absolutely anything to win a game of football.. just so he can tell you about it.

    And on the other.. you have a lovely guy.. who only really wants to win when he feels like it.. and will happily sabotage himself just to prove that point.

    Pretty motivating stuff..
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  17. Mick - 1882 Guest

    Must say felon I do sometimes find your articles a touch negative but this one I completely agree with. Not one positive to take from yesterday, just a huge kick in the teeth. Past games aside looking solely at yesterday's match it was a tight game won by a fine margin which it was always going to be. But again it wasn't us. Man U did what juve did and a professional tactical job on us to win the game. Why can't we do this to teams? Why hasn't poch learned his lesson yet that his approach always loses these types of games against this type of opposition. You knew as soon as it went 1-1 who was gonna go on and win it and after their second goal there was no chance of us getting one back. Flat, devoid of ideas, no tactical shake up. What the **** do they work on in training all week? Not good enough at all and it's left a really sour taste in my mouth that we probably won't win anything now under poch, unless we get some serious investment and buy some top players who know how to win things. Bad times
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  18. jim spicer New Member

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    just a couple of thoughts dembele at fault for both goals?first trying to beat pogba on touchline two better options trippier inside or knock it long.second he was standing next to Herrera on half way line and just watched as he ran away from him for the second goal he has this in him every game and I think his time is up.also I hate to criticise harry but surely he could have come short and dragged smalling or jones out so deli could have ran in behind it was all to predictable.and with the managers comments after the game who knows what hes thinking .that's three times in front in three cup competitions three loses somethings wrong somewhere.
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  19. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    So I was wondering whether you can build up an immunity to Depression.

    I think I've worked out how the NHS could save millions that are spent on treating depressed people, by making them Spurs fans. What then happens is when Spurs fail yet again, your immunity to depression gradually builds and builds.

    As I've been a fan for over 60 years, I'm depression free - no meds for me!

    Sure it was always going to be tight, but at this level the game hinges on a few key moments, and sadly Moussa, who I rate, made two big mistakes and failing to track that little gobshite Herrera's run proved to be our final undoing. United were lucky, we were not - Dier hitting the post, Lukaku miscontrolling it only for the ball to run to the gobshite, to fire home through Davies legs. I did notice Davies turned away - if that was a Souness he would have thrown themselves at it.

    I try to jest, as it's the only thing I can do to lay off the feeling of utter despair. Sure I shrugged my shoulders, sure I'm not surprised, but FFS I'm very royally P'd off.

    I feel the fans deserve an apology from Poch, a very public apology, that recognises that his stance on the importance of this match was totally out of order.

    Can't even raise the enthusiasm for a coys.......

    Shattered of Essex.
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  20. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Welcome Jimmy....on the money. Pain. Pain. Such pain.
  21. Jam Guest

    Don't sweat it Baz.. at the very least you're following a good side these days.. albeit a side that still doesn't maximise it's opportunities.

    The manager will learn I'm sure.. there is no way he cannot.

    Now if we bottle 4th? Get back to me on that..
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