A Brave New World ...... Really?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, June 14, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    So after finally doing the right thing and paying Kane nearer his market value at least strengthening our position of keeping him for a while longer where is the brave risks that Pochettino spoke of?

    Shopping in the Championship?

    For a totally uninspiring Grealish and offering way under Villas valuation hoping to play on their poor financial position, I'm sorry but imo this whole scenario has Levy posturing all over it for what would seem a signing solely based around saving money again and will not improve the team a single bit.

    Poch talking about trophies next step - oh of course he's only talking about the Big 1s League and Champions League trophies because the domestic trophies he and this team can't be arsed or have the character to win are below them and our pedigree for League and European Cups is so high it's there for everyone to see.

    There are a few things that need to happen if we are to improve to be serious about next level , the dead wood/sub standard/perennial failures all need shifting, they also all need replacing with players that are solid/consistent at worst and the 1st team out put needs to be improved with more options that can actually regularly influence games.

    Dreamers who think that this core of players will some how improve more and evolve into winners without serious investment are just that dreamers.

    We didn't improve last year as much as some want to dress it up, less goals , more conceded , squeezed into top4 with a game to go , won nothing again.

    Poch wanted signings done before the WC , little did we know he was talking about his Book sales in Barcelona because unless my watch is Broken it Kicks off Today!

    The Stadium looks to not be completed in the time scale set (done incredibly well to get where it is currently by the way) so at least the Happy Clappers support can get their excuses in early as to why we couldn't keep pace.

    So this Brave New World so far is low balling a struggling side for a player that is never gonna improve our first team and being prepared to wait it out .......

    Ground Hog Summer again.
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  2. Dan Guest

    not impressed if its true we are after Grealish. Just another David Bentley type who will do nothing to improve the team. Probably no better than Winks.
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  3. Wow, you must be fun at parties.
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  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Tell me what parts wrong?

    Or is this all you can contribute
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  5. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Kane's new contract MAY be the start of a new era, or it might just be an exception for an exceptional player, but the way it's been greeted in some circles shows how desperate we are for anything that could be termed good news. Surely the fact that a contract means absolutely nothing, if an in-demand player wants out, must have penetrated the skulls of even the most blinkered of Levy's numerous admirers, and whether Spurs are ultimately going to benefit from the protracted sagas of Alderweireld, Rose and Dembele's possible departures, for which Levy's hardball tactics are presumably responsible, remains to be seen - will it produce a £100 million plus boost to the coffers, or leave us with three unhappy and injury-prone additions to the deadwood collection? At the moment this transfer window hasn't even produced a false dawn - there's been no sign of any sunshine at all!
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  6. Big fran Guest

    Totally agree. Not too fussed about the stadium the first two games are favourable fixtures. Liverpool will be a big test.
    The only player you woukd take from the championship is Maddison whos record far surpasses that of Grealish the only difference being cost.
    We go into the summer now with Toby and Dembele giving it I'll decide after the world Cup whether to stick around or not. How's about this. We, the club will decide. A line in the sand with a deadline and fee should have been set and if not they both stay. We don't need this kind of turmoil with two key players down the spine of the side..
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  7. TommyHarmer New Member

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    Yes he's almost as bad as that guy Dele Ali we bought from Milton Keynes Dons. Everyone said HE was useless and that they ought to aim higher and, of course, they were right!

    Weren't they?

    In Poch we should trust ..........
  8. Stu Guest

    We all thought the "you must be fun at parties" comment was hilarious

    What's wrong with the article you ask?

    The Jack Grealish nonsense for a start, akin to the Pochettino to Madrid article. Don't believe all sources of football news, the club will anounce our signings as and when they come ...

    We have the best manager at Spurs we've had for years, possibly the best stadium in the land being built, some of the best supporters .. do they deserve to be called happy clappers by someone who would divide us with divisive articles? I watched Spurs in the old division 2 ... if you think we aren't already punching above our weight there's little chance you'll ever be fulfilled as a Spurs fan don't you think?
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  9. I can give you more if you like.
    You're opinion of what we are doing transfer wise seems very much based on rumours and tit-tat. You're unhappy because News Now aren't giving us much right now, apart from Grealish, so you think that's all we're doing.
    Back here in the real world, Tottenham, and Levy especially, don't discuss possible transfer dealings in the press. So as much as we'd all like to know exactly what is going on and who are our targets, I'm afraid you are just going to have to wait until we get official news.
    Or you could continue to speculate on rumours, if you wish. It's your blood pressure, after all.
  10. benm Guest

    Looks like someone has caught the Harry Hotspur (Nancy Notspur) bug.
  11. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Is there a law or rule or regulation that EVERY Spurs site has to be run by 'In Levy/ENIC/Pochettino We Trust' self-appointed 'loyalists', who band together to drown out any dissent from their unquestioning faith? Are they really so uncertain, so in need of reassurance, that no movement from the party line can be tolerated? If they're right about Spurs in general and the current regime in particular, they'll be able to crow when the PL and the CL (the only trophies that matter, apparently) come our way in the very near future, and their unwavering belief that Levy knows best will be vindicated, ten trophy-less years (and counting) notwithstanding. Or are they not quite as confident as they claim?
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  12. hootspur New Member

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    This reminds me of a game I was at where the guy behind me had nothing good to say about any of our players or the manager for that matter. Harry Kane had just come back and was rusty but the first cry to "get him the f**** off" came within 10 minutes and that set the tone for the rest of the game. Of course this guy was still at the bar after half time and missed Harry score.

    We have come a hell of a long way in the face of adverse conditions; sure Levy had made a lot of mistakes but has learnt from many of them. Same with Poch.

    But there has always been a streak of fans at Spurs who are never happy and believe ever rumour that they hear. I'm no big fan of Grealish either, and he could be a mistake. But if we got him for £15m that would be a case of speculating to accumulate.

    Would I be happy if that was our only purchase? No of course not. But we have to trust Levy and Poch because we do not see the whole picture. For example we may have replacements for The Moose and Toby lined up subject to their own departure.

    As others have pointed out, we cannot criticise on the basis of rumour. Meantime, stay away from my party! In fact why don't you try a season at the Emirates, might give you a better sense of perspective?
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  13. bobby Guest

    Yea, Poch going off to Madrid and Kane not signing a new contract has really screwed us..... oh wait...

    Yes I am dreamer, Yes I wish for serious investment and want to see the team win some trophies but over the last three season I haven't had such a good time watching this team play with good friends that go to the games since..... Keith Burkinshaw days

    Do you go to games?

    As for the Harry Hotspur comparisons, careful his friends (and foes) are spying on you here and will report back to the great blogger of Newsnow. Having said that he's now on YouTube!! What berk!!

    Stop taking yourself so ****ing seriously!!!

    Ahhhh feel better now I have got that off my chest...

  14. SuperJan5 Guest

    Since when did our fans get so entitled?

    Fans can't be broadenly categorised into 'happy clappers' or 'Levy-outs', but one thing all supporters should have is perspective... we've come far in a short space of time. Of course a trophy would be the icing on the cake.

    If we don't win anything, that's not failure - i'm not saying i'd be happy with winning nothing, but it's still not failure.

    If you think it is, excuse me, but have you been supporting Real Madrid for the past 20 years?
  15. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Well-Known Member

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    Hold up guys - this is supposed to be a forum for discussing the club/ team and relative their merits (or non-merits if you like) and has become a shouting match for those on opposite sides of the arguments. Hardly constructive at all.
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  16. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Pretty sure there is no law that says that!

    However for those of a certain age.. this is the most exciting team and time for spurs in a very long time. The fact that we are even saying that we will only be judged on winning the premier or champions league should make you step back and think!
    Clearly only one team can win either of those but that we are now in a position where that is how we are talked about is amazing progress but the reality is that not all the top teams can win it.
    I agree that if all we end up with is Grealish then that won’t be the best transfer period however one of the above comments mentioning that we may end up having to keep Alds and rose (Dembele is def gone imo) shows we aren’t willing to sell good players for peanuts and if they do stay and recover form we end up with the generally acknowledged best left back and best centre back in the league

    It’s great to have contrasting views but and without meaning to make it too personal, each time a felon post comes on, I sigh before reading as I know it will be full of negativity. Great, give some alternate opinions but don’t keep banging on that we are terrible at this, we did useless at that etc when we have over the last few years been transferred into a club that is talked about in the same breath as Chelsea arsenal Man U Man City and now Liverpool when previously we were very rightly( and it pains me to say it) considered as the tier below that bunch.

    The world cup is about to start and it is packed full of spurs players not as bit players in their teams but often the main players. No we aren’t Barcelona Real Madrid or even Man City but we don’t have their money or unfortunately world reputation but damn over the last few years we have done pretty good and played some brilliant football

  17. Spying? For Harry Hotspur?
    That's incorrect at best, and libellous at worst. ;-D
  18. Borgie Guest

    We're only after Grealish because we can get him for next to nothing, typical Levy signing, not looking for quality class players that will improve the team but bargains that will hopefully turn into players that are worth more than what we paid for them. That's why under Levy we won't win anything.
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  19. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Well-Known Member

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    "Pretty sure there is no law that says that!"

    Probably not Voice, but it would be nice if things were a bit quieter round here. ;) 'cos A doesn't agree with B don't mean the discussion has to fly off, don't you think. An enjoyable site, at times, isn't that at all.
  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    The Levy Loyalists are out in force spouting their ''Never had it so good , enjoy the ride" nonsense.

    Happy Clappers no interest in Winning , attack people that want Tangible success.

    If the Project doesn't kick on which it won't without investment in playing personnel then it will become harder and harder to keep our better players and when this happens you'll all say we're still building it's part of the bigger picture in their psuedo intellectual BS they've been spouting for decades.

    Why so Anti Winning?
    Why so Anti going for proper Quality in the markets?

    Seriously because that's what I'm asking for and yet you seem upset about this ?

    Bizarre it really is
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