22+ Years of Abject Failure

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, August 1, 2023.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    For all the great business man talk its staggering just how wrong on almost everything Levy has been.

    The inception of the PL and its meteoric rise gave the biggest of clubs a massive boost financially through TV rights & sponsorship etc.

    Whilst other clubs set about using that money to improve their teams and chase success, we chose to take an alternative route.

    The sell to buy strategy that has guaranteed no success at all other than to build hope before cashing in and trying a scatter gun approach to "rebuild".

    (Rebuild something never built)

    In fairness Levy wasn't too bad at turning a pound note on some very lacklustre poorly scouted and average players and pre 2010 worked pretty well in elevating us a few spots up the league.

    Even that he is now absolutely terrible at when you look at the stockpile of dross we can't flog.

    Meanwhile pocketing all the profits in the guise of "we're saving for a stadium".

    (The great con)

    After years of short changing the managers/team/fans, making plans/scrapping plans/making new 1s, purchasing orders, dodgy fires etc they finally got the green light to build not a football stadium but a multi events centre with a Cockerell on the roof.

    Now not only was this a total change of original plans but as it was constructed it became double the price initially quoted, took longer to build than initially estimated and was paid for not by any of the money saved but a MASSIVE loan in the clubs name.

    Again this was all under the guise this was for the good of the team and so we could financially compete and challenge properly.

    4 n a half years on we've slipped down the league back to mid 2000s levels and with our star player desperately wanting out.

    Currently the 3 'improvements' to the side stand at £46mil net in a time where JWP is valued at £40m alone.

    The club pumped uncontrolled amounts into the stadium on big TVs, lounges, artizan restaurants, retractable pitches etc no expense was spared.

    But in the meantime totally neglected the football team and just as importantly the footballing landscape.

    The money injected by certain owners has inflated the market to obscene levels, so much so top players are fetching £100m price tags such is the thirst for success and the rewards for it.

    At Spurs the ENIC model is to big up things like a training ground/stadium/events even the largest club shop in Europe (despite the death of shops as online shopping took over years ago) etc.

    But what does this mean for success for Spurs?

    A sad fact is that unless money is aggressively pumped in to the 1st team then you're doomed to never win anything ever again.

    Everything ENIC have done has been too slow, behind the trend and now has us floundering directionless again, languishing mid table.

    And what's worse is they've got the nerve to charge the most expensive tickets for 22+ years of abject failure.

    Thanks for the 1 lg cup, the embarrassing transfer sagas, the attempts to cancel the word YID, the ruining of the atmosphere, loosely themed stadium that can turn the inside red at the flick of a switch, the 3 perspex trophy boxes you see on the tour full of footballing success relics from last century, the big TVs, the events merchandise outlet, sainsburys, sky walks, concerts, boxing......


    ITs TIME TO GO !!!!!

    You've wasted 22+ years and we're further away from any success now as we've ever been in 40 years.

    You have outstayed your welcome, haven't kept up with the times or promises and have failed the club miserably.

    ENIC & Levy Out.
  2. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Great post felon thought you had emigrated.one thing I remember about Pochetino was his quote about spurs transfer policy when he said (you can’t keep trying to be clever in the transfer market and expect success) which sums up the money pinching idiot Levy is.I see the Trust has woken up and are preparing to protest at the United game about the season ticket prices surely they should be protesting about more than that but I am afraid they are toothless.did we need a track under the stadium or would the vast amount of money spent on this be better spent on the team.I hope Lewis is found to have been a naughty boy and is forced to sell the club but I won’t hold my breath
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  3. Cheshuntboy Guest

    It's amazing that there are STILL people on this site and elsewhere who claim that Levy is a Spurs fan doing his best, and the doubters are responsible for the club's endless struggle for success, because of their negativity - if 62,000 people cheered everything Levy/ENIC have done to Spurs since 2001, we'd apparently be up there with City and Chelsea (and Arsenal, and Liverpool, and now Newcastle) every year, instead of scrapping with Brentford for the coveted 'Third Best Team in London' title.
    Appointing our latest patsy as coach really shows how desperate things have become - there was some sort of logic in appointing Mourinho and Conte - they'd both won the lot elsewhere at the top level, so why not at Spurs? Because we didn't have good enough players and Levy wasn't going to buy the necessary quality to succeed, that's why not, but Postecoglou?
    Mickey Mouse success in Mickey Mouse leagues is all his CV consists of, but all our hopes rest on him succeeding where footballing giants have failed for two decades - it just might happen, but with the Kane saga running-on without resolution, no central defenders signed and the deadwood unshifted, what are the odds?
    Levy and ENIC have always been at the root of our problems, and nothing will change while they remain, sucking the life out of what used to be a great football club, but is now an international byword for failure, 'spursy' to its very core. End of contribution.
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  4. Until levy n enic r away this is how things will be 4-5 th choice players n always the cheapest option levy is a piece if **** simple as that but fans turning up each week r just as much to blame as singing levy or enic out doesn’t work n will never work as all they hink it’s full staduim money in pocket but a massive boycotting of everything spurs will make the needle move it will make them sell up (best case) or it will make them do better only way to get fat cats like levy n co to listen is boycotting but first game will be a sell out with 50 odd thousand folk there to watch another rebuild in 6 years we r the biggest laughing stock in world football even Everton r going more in the right direction now
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  5. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    It is beyond comprehension that we have not signed at least onecentre back while we are being pressed by Barcelona to buy a player they will never play and need off their books because of fair play.I keep hearing Postelogou had a centre back as priority which was the same as Mourino wanted and did not get.Even if Levy knew nothing about football he could not fail to notice that we concede 63 goals last season and this area was the most important to deal with.Imagine starting our first game with Dier at centre half having already had a big say in the failure of the last 3 managers.The continual mess with Kane is not doing us any good and we should sell now for whatever is offered He is 30 and would we pay 100 million for a thirty year old .I will not criticise Poste yet because he deserves time but we need a manager not prepared to put up with the Bull**** from the bald eagle and is prepared to walk if not given the tools he needs.I thought that at least we were not as bad as Everton but we are getting there fast.We have a friendly game on Sunday and the fans should show their displeasure but I don’t suppose it will happen because I hate to say this but Spurs fans are so docile and levy relys on it.just an aside I see the arse are buying Reya as second keeper who we would not pay the money for as first choice which sums up the bargain base ment approach Levy has . That really is the ultimate embarrassment

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  6. You make a good point regarding the timing of the stadium. Traditionally, such an endeavour would be a positive step for any club, but ours has coincided with the league now being well and truly established as the most affluent in the world. As a result, all clubs now have considerable financial clout, and the effects of our new stadium are somewhat muted.

    Nevertheless, the stadium is now generating considerable capital despite the debt. The problem now is, as you say, that the club refuses to invest in the squad to the same lofty standard that it has invested in the facilities, and ownership seems too set in its ways to evolve with that.
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  7. Now would not be the time to be sledging the manager or his credentials. If anything, his considerable success in various lesser leagues where the talent is more evenly shared is only a testament to his quality and ability to do more with less. Further, he is bringing an approach here that fits the club like a glove and will be a welcome relief in itself after the negatively geared football of the last few years. And I wouldn't be concerned about anyone who matters disrespecting him (ie. players/staff). If you have seen anything of the man, then you will know he is not someone to be trifled with.

    Will he be able to achieve the seemingly impossible and actually win something under ENIC? Time will tell, but I don't believe we could have hired anyone who has a better chance. So best we all get behind him.
  8. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Nobody is really criticising the manager yet but he can’t succeed without the tools and if Levy does not provide them then he should show his strength by walking and saving his reputation before the usual suspects bring him down to their level.Bit drastic but what else will shake Levy to do the right thing.This won’t happen of course because you can bet lLevy has a penal clause somewhere in his contract.I am hoping that Poste is as strong as his reputation and does not accept second best
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  9. Guesty Guest

    I don't believe there are many, if any, on here siding with Levy.....
    there are some who would say he uysnt going to bankrupt the club.

    He has always been a sell before you buy..... the problem is buying sh1te that you can't sell. Or at least sell without making too much of a loss.

    I agree with Levy/ENIC out..... and I've been saying for a couple of seasons now that people shouldn't buy a match ticket any club merchandise....... but people with nothing else in their lives will continue to do so.

    So I agree with all the posts above....... but you are all banging am age old drum that the club don't listen to

    I read an article that said Levy will not leave before we get success
    but he won't put the money in to help achieve the success.......
    do expect the same.

    On the plus side we have made some good buys.....so he should get some credit. (just).

    I'm happy with Ange...... let's see what he can do (especially with those that have not been up to scratch)

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