Spurs show they have learnt nothing. Liverpool 2 v 0 Spurs

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Mattj78, February 11, 2017.

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  1. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Wow Johnny....take care.....whilst we love them, they aren't worth dying for. Reminds me of the Shankly quote about whether football was a matter of life or death, saying it was much more important than that!

  2. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Continuing my "Reap What You Sow" theme, did anybody notice that Moussa 2 scored another hat trick for Celtic yesterday......To Dare Is To Do....NOT. Grrr
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  3. Jonesy

    Jonesy Well-Known Member

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    And add me to that Felon mate. I wanted Mane and hoped that we would land him; exactly what we needed - strength, skill, pace and will weigh in with 15 goals no problem... Instead, we dilly dally - won't pay the wages, look at Zaha et al and then pay around £30m for Sissoko! Seriously.
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  4. Jonesy

    Jonesy Well-Known Member

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    Arsenal, United, Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Everton, West Brom and Sunderland away? 8 fixtures, 24 points available and NO wins.

    A woeful return of 5 points, that's the reality and certainly not the stuff of champions.

    We HAVE to improve our away form if we are seriously going to compete.
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  5. Tommy Guest

    It's funny how as soon as a Tottenham player starts talking about what we can do we flop massively! Kane saying we can catch Chelsea just makes us look pathetic when we put in a performance like that keep your mouths shut and show it on the pitch! delusions of being better than we are! the problem we had today was that we kept losing and giving away the ball in midfield time after time and one pass through to Mane or there forwards and they were through on goal it was that easy for Liverpool, we had to play faster today to pass our way round there pressing game but as usual we were so slow in possession and kept getting caught time and again, sometimes you have to go long or if you have 3 players running at you pass and move QUICKLY to get around and through them but didn't see anything of that we just kept playing the same way.....we are still 2nd and have quite a decent run in so top 4 is achievable, we have 3 hard games in Woolwich, Man Utd and Wet Spam but the rest are winnable! can we have a decent strong finish for once? i hope so Coys!
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  6. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    i hope you are well on the way to recovery. Spurs tickets should come with defibrilisers as standard issue!
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  7. Norfolk Spur New Member

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    Dier, or should that be DIRE? Enough has already been said about the defence, but the midfield was no better. Son didnt cover back, which left 2nd string Davies totally exposed, and as for that big girls blouse Eriksen, I have not seen him put in a single tackle all season! He drifts around the pitch, desperately trying to keep away from anything physical like tackling and is completely useless most of the time. Yes he did put in a couple of good crosses for Ali to score from against (I think) Chelsea , but his corners and free kicks have been terrible all season, and that coupled with his lack of grit or determination should see him benched and Winks given a decent run in the team. Then there is the Lamela mystery! Is he just a figment of my imagination, or does he still exist? Presumably he is still being paid far more each week than I earn in a year, but he hasn't played for over 3 months! Let some of the home grown youngsters have a go - they will have far more desire than half the overpaid prima Donna's on display yesterday. Another season over I'm afraid.
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  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    There is 2 points in it from 6th to 2nd.

    City, Utd, Arenal & Liverpool have all at times looked poor and gone through 'wobbles' yet are all on par with us the only so called 'challengers'.

    Seems to me once again we're only where we are as matter of circumstance rather than deserving of it.

    1 result in it from 6th to 2nd.

    Our last few performances have been shoddy at best, we are so predictable in game plan Eriksen Alli and Kane seem to have a good game together then dissappear for 4.

    With us collectively scoring less Goals than our rivals, our Defence has been our 1 saving grace but with players missing it is starting to Creek.

    I find it remarkable that this supposed 'high energy forward press' that Poch has supposed to have instilled in the team delivers so little by way of Goals and clear cut chances.

    Kane looks stranded , Alli looks lost working hard but nothing on, Eriksen (part time lord lucan) , then we look at the squad for options where's Coco the rabona clown show pony ? Even if he was available what does he chip in with ? A lot of thoughtless running about.
    Sissoko? Built like a Brick **** house, and about as useful as a disused 1.
    Son- has a goal about him working on percentage that if he shoots everytime he gets the ball eventually 1 will go in.
    Janssen? Put in a shift when he first arrived but has lacked the instinct needed to get goals, also helped by having massive lack of service or enough game time from Poch to adapt/improve.
    N'kodou? Even less game time which has been a shame as bar our full backs criminally he is the only other player in the squad that has any genuine pace.
    Onomah? an academy prospect so good that no one knows what it is he actually does or position he's supposed to be.

    That's it the 'attack' the 'options'.

    It seems we've penny pinched where quality is concerned and then spunked big money on sh;te players.
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  9. Del Guest

    Hahahahahaha class hahahahahaha!!! I say we Spurs fans call a meeting with poch and levy say to them how we feel and what our views are and see if they agree ?????
  10. Dace Member

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    We are sitting in second place, still. Excellent.
    All teams are going to have games like this, ie Liverpool last weekend.
    However, we are interested in Tottenham and are talking about last nights game against Liverpool.

    We were absolutely pathetic.
    Blame lies with Poch, they have struggles against teams that sit back and counter, lower table teams and Chelsea.
    Why he cannot see that and play the first 45 'tight' ?
    Picking Dier in the LCB position is just stupid, either play Wimmer or Davis with a LWB if we have one, perhaps N'Koudou.
    He did buy N'Koudou so Poch must have wanted him at one stage, cannot believe Poch was forced into his purchase.

    Sorry to say but the whole team failed to turn up, has been the same for the last few games, we were lucky against Man City, poor against Sunderland ( just lost 0-4 to Southampton) and Middlesbrough and totally inept and spineless against Liverpool.
    Oh yes, different lineup but woeful against Wycombe !

    We have become more like an AVB team than the Liverpool we have just seen.
    Zero high press or energy, perhaps we are saving that energy for the last three games this year ?
    There appears to be no desire to push forward.

    I at no time thought we would win the PL but wanted a team that would continue this upward trend, no EL, EL, Top 4, Top4 & CL and perhaps start making the Top 4 a rule not an exception.

    We now have the dreaded EL at Wembley and the FA Cup.
    Do not think Poch cares about either of these, think we will bow out of both soon and 'concentrate' on the PL.
    How Poch and the team think they are going to progress in the PLplaying like we have over the last few weeks is beyond me.

    Did not mention the downsides of ALL the players because we all saw them and this post is way too long already !

    However.............way more importantly a message for johnnyhrvat ... Hope you are recovering and manage to see Gent and Stoke. Hope you continue your road of recovery and the Spurs do not cause you any more damage.. COYS
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  11. Spurporter Active Member

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    Awful display of weakness and lack of depth from our Spurs. Levy sold Chadli to help his career?? We needed him against LFC as bad as it gets when your left side is as rotted as it was. Davis was outright scary and beyond bad, while Son should not start, as his form is on decline. Chadly could tackle when out of position, while Son was useless.
    Speaking tactics, MP should have played 4-1-4-1, not anything else. Defensive posture was called for. Wanyama must have been assigned to Mane. You take Mane out and Pool is nothing special upfront. Instead Poch choose to attack. Spurs are not good enough at moment to run-n-gun. They, in fact, were very Spursy. At times is seemed that real Spurs were wearing red, as lilywhite shirts were pressed hard and dispossessed of the ball with ease.
    Last edited: February 13, 2017
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  12. Big fran Guest

    Like felon says mane was the difference. Instigating the high press and his goals. Big bottle job on wages I hear. Pay peanuts you get ... Well .. Sissoko.
    Struggle v teams that high press us at our own game. Liverpool twice and city last week
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