Yedlin to join in next 48 hours

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Jack Kennedy, August 12, 2014.

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  1. Jack Kennedy

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    Seattle Sounders head coach, Sigi Schmid has confirmed that right back DeAndre Yedlin was in Europe last week finalising a move to a European club.

    Yedlin returned to Seattle for the club’s match against Houston Dynamo, which he watched from the stands. Yedlin reportedly had a medical with Tottenham the day before.

    After the match, head coach Schmid told the media that Yedlin’s deal was near completion.

    “Yedlin’s deal is very close. Some things are not entirely complete yet, so we didn’t want to play him and have a risk of an injury happening without everything being finalised. Hopefully that will be finalized in the next day or two”

    Reports suggest that Yedlin is to be loaned back to the Sounders for the remainder of the MLS season if he was to join Tottenham. The fee will be around £2.75 million.

    Yedlin impressed at the World Cup with the USA, especially when he came off the bench early on against Belgium. He impressed Spurs even further when he had an excellent game against them in pre season.
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    I noticed in some of the comments on the other threads that people are upset about the fitness levels (or lack thereof to put it better) of some of the players returning from the WC with the Belgians being pointed out as the culprits. And Bentaleb being pinpointed as being in great shape despite his extended summer of football.

    That said, after Yedlin gets to Spurs, expect him to be in great physical shape despite the fact that he has been playing continually since March. If there is one thing that American players are going to bring to the table, its fitness and a relentless work ethic. Clint Dempsey brought this to Spurs, and Brad Friedel continues to defy age with his workout regimen. You will see the same from DeAndre Yedlin. As an American, I'm excited to see what Yedlin can do.
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  3. Charlie X Guest

    As most people I know I was glued to every game during the World Cup. Yedlin was a stand out in a very good American side. Remember thinking blimey this boy ain't bad ! Rumours would soon circulate about where he'd be playing. Personally I'm overjoyed it's us. Welcome to a real London club DeAndre
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  4. Ramos43

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    I like this kid Yedlin too. Looks like he could be a GREAT signing for the club, and at £2.75m a shrewd piece of business.

    Yes, he is raw and inexperienced at this level, but, my word, the kid has some great tools to develop and enhance. Strong, lightning fast, aggressive, attack minded, a great athlete and a good tackler, Yedlin looks like a excellent prospect.

    Americans are renowned for their competitive nature in sporting arenas/events, and Deandre is no different. If Kyle Walker has had an easy ride as Spurs' 1st choice RB since he returned from loan , it is very easy to believe that won't be the case in the not too distant future.

    P.S. dnoll if your referring to my remarks regarding the fitness levels of those returning from the WC, I should probably make clear that I was NOT 'upset'.

    Indeed, my comments were meant more as a token of acknowledgment for the work Nabil Bentaleb has clearly done over the summer to come back to the club in a condition deemed 'good enough' for selection, by a coach like Pochettino who has a reputation for being a bit of a fitness fanatic.

    The Belgian lads can do what they like with their holidays and I don't begrudge them a break, but how many of them played a FULL season for Spurs last season?

    How many played as a regular starter in the WC?

    At a time where I think it could be argued that they ALL have something to prove, especially with a new manager at the helm, it would of been a wonderful sign of their commitment to either:

    • return to pre-season early, to ensure that they are fit and raring to go come the start of the campaign. Or just even to make a favourable impression on Poch.
    • hire a personal trainer on holiday, and return ready at a similar fitness level to the rest of the lads.
    I mean I saw one picture of Chadli, and the guy looked like the only diet plan he had been following, in the off-season, is one consisting of pies and pints!

    Lamela is another one who knew this was a big season coming up for him, and looked what he did.

    All I'm saying is, these boys are in the same boat, in my opinion, and to see them take the importance of their performance into consideration would have served as a GREAT statement of intent.

    Not a big deal though. However, if they find themselves not in Poch's plans this season they may well reflect on that period following the WC as an opportunity missed.
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  5. dnoll5

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    I'm wasn't trying to say that you're upset, I guess the words just came out wrong. It was a point that I thoroughly agree with and that I had never really considered. Kind of mad at myself for not considering it, if I'm really honest with myself.

    Great points all around. And Walker and Yedlin battling it out for games is an intriguing possibility indeed.
  6. stevethespur Active Member

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    Only saw Yedlin via the world cup, he looked good and i hope it works out. My only concerns are that buying players becacase of WC displays is well known to be a dubious way to build a squad as there should be so much moremore involved when aquiring a player. The price is a bargain but it does beg the question of where our priorities lie when we spend so much on other areas when the defence really needs rebuilding.
    Nice piece from Ramos i thought, mostly agreed with his thoughts, liked the ' pint and pies ' line. Good stuff. Coys.

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