Would Levy really Kane it for cash....again?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, March 26, 2015.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    With one of our own Harry Kane filling nearly every column inch of the papers, the Internet and topping the goal scoring charts just like a former number 18 of ours, it is hardly surprising that his name is also being linked to big money transfers.

    The latest team to be Linked with 'our' Harry is Juventus who are rumoured to be sending scouts to watch him in Turin next week.
    Now, while I don't believe Harry will leave, and certainly not to Juventus, I keep getting this niggling feeling that we have been here before.

    Harry has scored 29 times this season and let's not forget that he didn't really start playing in the league until November!!! Tottenham's future must be built around Harry Kane and I am sure Poch will be planning his targets to complement our new main man.

    The niggling feeling is that Harry has caught the eye of the Worlds media. He has already scored more goals than Gareth Bale did in his final season. So does that mean we can expect £80 million pound bids this summer?
    I hope not but this is a money based business and there will be teams out there who will start bidding as soon as the window opens, just to make the summer for Spurs fans as worrying as ever.

    So, the question is, can levy keep his head and remember that the future is Spurs the football club rather than levy the money maker? History suggests that levy will state that Kane is going nowhere.
    That is what we want to hear of course, but we have heard this many times before only for the following season to see our best players leave.

    Kane comes across as level headed, but like all footballers he has an agent and sadly they can turn a players head.
    Kane himself has said he wants to spend his entire career at Spurs and I believe him. I trust him and Spurs can achieve big things if they keep him at the core of the squad.

    Sadly, I don't trust Daniel Levy and I still fear he may be tempted to cash in to cover the new stadium.

    Please let me be wrong. Please.
  2. ultrapunch Guest

    You're wrong Matt. Whether Kane stays at Spurs, or goes to a bigger club, will be Kane's decision, NOT Levy's and will be dictated by the kind of money he is offered.

    If Kane is offered £200k+ per week by a bigger club and all Spurs can afford is to pay him is £100k per week he'd be a fool not to grab the money with both hands, IMO.

    Anyway he is under a long term contract and Levy can refuse to let him leave. However if he is only 2 years away from the end of his contract and doesn't want to sign another one then Spurs would be foolish not to cash in.

    All hypothetical speculation at the moment, just like your article!!
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  3. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Of course the article is hypothetical!!!
  4. burnt Guest

    One major diff here is the player wants to stay .. What can any chairman do when they don't .. levy did all he could to keep Modric and Bale and Berbatov before them , i know a lot of people here don't like Levy but implying it was his decision to sell the above 3 is just wrong ...
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  5. josh_b

    josh_b Active Member

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    Completely agree with above. The offivial statement said along the lines of, Bale was solved because he wouldn't be focused enough on our season, eg he saw money and titles at Madrid and went. Same with Berba and Modric. For all Levy's faults, this isn't one of them. If Kane wants to stay at Spurs he will.
  6. Jonesy Guest

    Have faith; he will want to stay as long as the club goes in the right direction and shows signs of progress etc. Let's hope Levy doesn't buckle, channels his energy into shifting the dead wood in the summer and invests accordingly! COYS
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  7. Big Mal Guest

    'We've heard it many times before'. Have we? Surely, we've heard it once when Bale left and he was staying until Real came in with an offer that he and the club could not refuse. We made Modric stay another season unitl Real came in for him. Berba refused to train and we got £32M. So, bearing in mind we don't get in the Champions League, we have done brilliantly at keeping our plays and when they leave making almost £120M profit on the 3 players above. So, no Kane is not leaving.
  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Buy some Quality players to take us forward and we wont have to do this every summer as our best players will have more of a reason to stay.
    Where we sit at the moment failing to achieve anything other than a never serious about anything position then what hope is there?
    Top players are top players because they have a burning desire to win not come second or fall short, but as football is a team game you need winners around you to achieve this. We currently have centre halves that dont attack a ball in the air, full backs that have no positional sense, inept wingers, limited midfielders, you cant keep Top players at the club carrying these bums around we need more quality to keep quality and achieve!
    Were stuck in land of limbo doing the same things over and over going nowhere, club needs change of policy re transfers, stop stock piling mediocre players and kids the balance is all wrong too many weak links not enough reliable and end product players.
  9. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    All hypothetical but we will have to get used to it. Harry is hot property or should I say hotspur property. He's a smart young player enjoying a breakthrough season at his boyhood club and has come out and said that he wants to stay. He already has a fantastic connection with the fans who love to sing his name. He's not going anywhere, not just yet anyway.
  10. silverspur

    silverspur New Member

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    I believe Harry Kane will stay but whether he does or not I think we have to realise that the club is trying to move in a new, more progressive direction. Younger players, younger manager, new head of recruitment, new training ground and plans for a new stadium. Bearing all this in mind, the two things that we die hards need to extend is time and patience. The sleeping giant that resembles Rip Van Winkle is about to be roused and its name is Spurs. We've believed in this club for most of our lives and it looks as though, finally, there is a long term plan being put in place that will allow us to compete with any and everybody. Harry Kane, great as he is, is just our current hero. We had Bale, Modric, VDV, Berbatov....... We have had and made star players for years and we'll continue to do so. It won't be long before we'll be able to hold on to those players and add to them.
    Levy won't always sell players because he won't have to. He sells players that we want to keep because they want to leave but players that we develop like Kane won't be so keen to leave. The presence of player him and Erikson added to the clubs progression will prove attractive to younger stars. Successis just around the corner we just have to be a patient a little while longer.
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  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    We are 3 players from being relegation fodder, take Kane & Eriksens goals away then the heroics of Lloris and were in the mire.
    The sale of any of these 3 would have massive implications.
    No one could have forseen the rise of Kane this season but just for a second imagine where wed be if he hadnt had such a meteoric improvement?
    This patience mantra wears thin on fans after decades of basically nothing but its the patience of Top players thats the main factor here.
    Im sure Hugo enjoys picking the ball out the net twice a game while doing his 1 man defence show, im sure Eriksen loves playing a pass to Townsend so he can run down a blind alley and give the ball away, Kane undoubtedly will see himself as the star of the Nohoper league for seasons to come.
    We still dont have an actual date for the Mythical Stadium weve been paying off, we dont have a confirmed venue for the building period, we have more dead wood at the club than even average standard players let alone good ones.
    And those that think the Stadium is the answer to everything should look at Newcastle Utd who have the 3rd largest club stadium in England what is it that they do every season? Sunderland 4th biggest etc others have big stadiums, but if money isnt invested into the 1st team with a quench for success it doesnt mean a jot.
  12. coys8888 Guest

    Felon 82...when the going gets tough..the tough get going. You have the attitude of a wimp!
    Look at our league positions for the last few years and compare it to decades of mid season mediocrity, despite sometimes on paper having great entertaining players to watch. You can't handle the pressure/ expectations of being so near yet so far from the over rated CL that only 2 or 3 teams will win in the foreseeable future. Stop moaning and support the club like Silverlight!
  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    You must be joking, the attitude of a wimp is someone thats happy losing and not achieving. Not someone that aspires to more.
    You might be happy with player sagas every summer and trundling along in 6th but im not and anyone with a winning mentality doesnt either.
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  14. Big Mal Guest

    Unfortunately this season has seen the rise of 'Felon82s'. People need to realise that there are a lot of people who go to football to moan and are only happy when they have something to moan about. There are plenty of City and Chelsea fans moaning non stop and Real Madrid fans are now suicidal. What makes me laugh though is things like 'we are 3 players away from relegation fodder'. This is, of course, utterly ridiculous. Firstly, every team has 3 irreplaceable players; secondly if we sold them we'd probably get around £90m in which case they would be replaced. (Cue: look what happened with the Bale money from the moaners.) When someone makes this type of comment you know they know nothing about football. Then they follow it up with 'let's keep all our best players and buy loads of top ones'. It's obvious that without a billionaire or a massive stadium this is not possible so you have to grow carefully within your means. As for the 'mythical' stadium, moving 70 odd businesses, buying enormous amounts of land and clearing the site does suggest that this might actually happen. The fact that the funding is in place; the naming rights is close will be irrelevant to a Felon82 who will say 'I'll believe that when I see it'. (The new plans are sensational with a feature that will blow everyone away.) The Newcastle and Sunderland argument is the final 'he really hasn't got a clue'. Tottenham's match day income is more than Newcastle even with a capacity of 16,000 less. This is because Tottenham is in a city called London and Newcastle, err, isn't. Having said that if either of these 2 clubs didn't have a large stadium they would probably be in the Championship. A large stadium for Newcastle and Sunderland should keeps them above their rivals - Villa, West Ham, Everton etc. Tottenham need a massive stadium to get to the next level. The training ground is the reason why Tottenham now attract the best kids in the area and blow Arsenal away at youth level. The stadium is the next (and most crucial step) unless we sell out to a billionaire. It will be funded differently to Arsenal and we will reap the benefits quicker, but, heh, it probably won't happen and we'll sell our best players and become relegation fodder.......
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  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Thanks Big Mal for clearing that up but were still no better positionally than when Jol was the manager, and take the Unexpected goal tally from Kane and the heroics from Lloris away and yes we are and would be relegation fodder.
    Ive supported Spurs for 25years and have watched more lows than highs thats for sure, and I like many others are tired of listening to the excuses and want to see results for our dedication and money.
    People like yourself try and make out were not patient and were just moaners, but when theres so many glaring mistakes and surrender tactics from the board on repeat what do you expect singing yer heart out for taking part? Paying through the nose to watch clown defenders 'defending'?
    Happy clappers watching our club being a feeder model and perrenial joke to the clubs around us?
    What great understanding fans you are
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  16. Big Mal Guest

    So Felon82 Kane's goals are unexpected so we are very lucky and without him and Lloris we'd be relegation fodder. I've explained this is utter nonsense so for the hard of learning I'll explain again. Tottenham bought Lloris (for £8.7m). They bought him ahead of every other club because the recruitment is (generally) good. They also bought Eriksen for under £10m when no one else did. They developed Kane carefully and sensibly. The didn't buy Connor Wickham because they knew that Kane was better. (How right we were and what a waste of £12m that would have been.) Kane's goals are not unexpected as he has always scored goals. His development is a credit to everyone at Tottenham and the 2 signings a credit to the recruitment, but, heh, lets take them out of the side and replace them with players who are not quite as good and, guess what, we'd be about, er, 7th. You though believe that all these awful teams below us would suddenly be above us. Who? West Ham? Swansea? Do me a favour. What's more, as I pointed out, every team has 3 key players and if they were sold other players would be bought so your argument is absolute nonsense. These are the players we have; this is how they are performing; with them we are 7th and have got to a final. But we got lucky with Kane is your argument. No we ****ing didn't. We've known about his ability for years. Who are Tottenham a feeder club for? You state the teams around us. Chelsea? Arsenal? Man City? Liverpool? We have sold 3 players who we would have wanted to keep Berba, Modric and Bale for a profit of around £110m. One went to a team 'around us' who were winning everything, offered enormous money and the player went on strike. But, heh, you re-write history to suit yourself. And, a laughing stock? What West Ham fans? Arsenal fans who are obsessed by us? Chelsea with their billionaire owner? Far from being a laughing stock, I hear fans talking about our youth policy; our training ground; our stadium plans; our continual challenge for CL; our exciting football. Poch has seen what he needs to see and will make changes to personnel and tactics. Some of the defending is poor, but young defenders are progressing. Moaning is simple. Knocking players is simply. Coming out with solutions is simple - keep all our good players and buy loads more. What with? Monopoly money? You build a football club or you get a billionaire. Tottenham are doing the former. Tottenham are always talked about because we are a massive club. You have decided we are a laughing stock; I think there are many envious fans who understand what we are doing.
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  17. willt Guest

    Totti never left for the lure of more money or glory.

    Hopefully Kane is in the same mould of person
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  18. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Big Mal you can dress it up all you want we sell all our best players, our best players go because they cant see us achieving their goals, we lose top players we rely on so much that big money or not it takes time to rebuild essentially this never ending transition the excusers like to hide behind, where in essence we dont get any better.
    You come on here attacking me because i want us to make improvements in the team with better quality and achieve better league positions and god forbid a trophy? Can you hear yourself?
    People like you encourage Levy etc to pimp the club out for zero return from a fan and end product perspective?
    Your happy with 7th- i am not, you make a lot of excuses and applaud failure- i do not.
    Take the points away Kanes goals have rescued from a number of our inept displays plus the what 10 points at least Hugo has saved us and yes we would be a lot further down the league.

    Furthermore im for keeping our best players and strengthening our case by getting a better standard of player around them to make us a better club to achieve next level what the best players want and you think this is wrong and have felt the need to express this?
  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    All those that want to keep going on about what a success its all been recently how is this for a leveller- in 09/10 we were 4th qualifying for the CL, Southampton were 7th in League 1, fast forward 5 years and after selling off our best players, Southampton doing the same and they currently sit above us in the league, How much have we spent in this time to go backwards, how much have Saints made to go forward?
    Come on Big Mal explain this?
  20. Big Mal Guest

    Oh Felon you are so wonderfully naive. I wondered when the Southampton example would come up. Other clubs are allowed to be successful you know. Are you seriously going to carry on banging on about Lloris and Kane. I've got news for your - THEY PLAY FOR TOTTENHAM. They are allowed to play well; they are allowed to stop goals and score goals, but your pathetic example is that if they weren't play for Tottenham we would be relegation fodder. BUT THEY PLAY FOR TOTTENHAM FFS. Liverpool, Arsenal and Man United don't sell their players do they. Is that Ronaldo's twin I see at Real and Saurez's cousin at Barca; and the whole of the Arsenal side at man City. Of course I am not happy at 7th, but Tottenham are in the top 4 to 7 every year and are building a stadium to push us higher. Bale was on around £60K at Tottenham and is on £300K (almost certainly netto) at Real but you'd manage to persuade him to stay, but I'm coming round to your idea now, yes I've seen the light. We should get Bale back and sign Messi and Ronaldo; get Kompany from City and the Bayern midfield. Let's pay them all £300K per week. Simple. Why the hell didn't we think of that. Oh yeah and Southampton. After years of being absolutely useless they have got it right. Well done to Southampton. What about all the other clubs who got it spectacularly wrong - Portsmouth, Coventry, Sheffield United, Leeds, Derby, Forest, Newcastle, Villa, Everton, Sheffield Wednesday, Wolves, Norwich, Ipswich etc. etc. But no, let's concentrate on Southampton. So Southampton, they have sold a lot of players and re-invested the money and may well end 6th. Where did the players come from that they produced and sold? Would that be their Academy by any chance? Would that be what Tottenham are replicating with the 5 in the first team; the many others coming through; the £16m for Livermore and Caulker. So what are you suggesting? We keep hold of all our players and buy loads more? Or we do what Southampton have done. produce our own then sell them to our rivals for a fortune. No doubt you'll be back on writing some more nonsense about how Man City have gone from tier 3 to winning the league. The trouble with people like you is that you do not have an answer that stacks up because you simply do not understand the finances of football or, indeed, football because anyone who says 'if it hadn't been for these 3 players we'd be relegation fodder hasn't got a clue as you prove with every post. If Messi didn't play for Barc they'd be mid-table oh, hold on a second delete he does play for Barca so that comments irrelevant.
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